Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The New Year's Resolutions On Repeat

The New Year's Resolutions On Repeat

This is the time of year where we can always be a little reflective and start to think about what we want to get sorted for the new year. Resolutions are similar to having a diary at the start of the year, you feel utterly compelled and determined to stick to it, but then life just is an unplanned thing and you find you have already failed half of the resolutions you might have made. What I want to share with you in this post is the same resolutions I have made for about the past few years and still am yet to actually stick to them or accomplish them. Funnily enough I probably would be pretty happy with myself if I did stick to them but for whatever reason that comes my way it prevents me from sticking to these resolutions and then I just tell myself I will do them again for next year. Without further a do here are my new year's resolutions always on repeat until I eventually achieve them.


Monday, 22 December 2014

Books I Loved When I Was A Child

Books I Loved When I Was A Child

Apart from having constant picture and colouring books, when it came to the stage as a child where you could read your own books I went a little crazy for them. I loved to be able to go into the land of the book and fully submerge myself into the story. At break time or reading hours at school I would love to read many different books, so here is a look at some of my favourites when I was a child.


Friday, 19 December 2014

Songs I Wish I Could Sing

Songs I Wish I Could Sing

The title of the post is probably a little misleading because I would not call myself much of a singer at all, in fact I wish I could sing well. Yeah sure when I have had a couple of glasses of wine, using my hairbrush as a microphone or at a karaoke bar I think I am incredible. But the reality is I really am not the best singer and just do it as a bit of fun. Sometimes you look at singers, hear there voices and are blown away that there voice even reaches that high. There are always those few songs which you really wish that you could sing and be able to pull off rather than sounding like an out of tune mess with people either cringing at you or banging the walls telling you to shut up. Without further a do, here are a few songs I wish I could sing.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Movie Playlist

Christmas Movie Playlist

Winter is definitely a time for watching films, unlike summertime when you want to be outside all day and night long, in Winter you usually want to be all snuggled on the sofa or in bed watching a good film. Now as we are 8 nights away from the big 25th December, I am going to let you in on my favourite Christmas films and therefore my most recommended, but chances are you will have seen a great deal of them if you love Christmas as much as I do.


Friday, 12 December 2014

What I Love About Winter

What I Love About Winter

You might have noticed the cold already but Winter actually starts the end of next week. So whilst we enjoy the last month of 2014 and the countdown to Christmas, I wanted to let you know what I love about Winter.


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Films That Make Me Feel At Home

Films That Make Me Feel At Home

You know that cosy warm feeling you get when you arrive home, that is what I feel like with these films. When I first moved away from home to go to University, after a little while of socialising and focusing more on enjoying myself than doing any work, the homesickness suddenly kicked in. I wanted the comfort of home, to be able to snuggle on the sofa with a roaring fire going and be completely relaxed. But as a way of breaking that feeling I decided that there were certain films that made me feel at home and just made me feel safe, if that makes any sense. Another way I felt like this was when I first rented my own flat and suddenly I had a small space to make my home. At first I was on edge and even though I was excited by it all I had doubts and worries about it. But at any chance I could, whether it be just be playing in the background or when I felt a little bit down I would pop one of these films on as a way of feeling like this was home. So here are a small selection of films that make me feel at home.


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Nostalgic Music Part 4

Nostalgic Music Part 4

Old Music Albums always give you a big insight as to who you were when you were younger and what kind of music you enjoyed. Even as I get older I still like a variety of music genres but some of the music I liked when I was younger I would certainly steer clear of nowadays. Here are a few of my music albums that I found, listened to again and my thoughts on them.


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Guilty Pleasures?

The Guilty Pleasures?

We all have them. Those things that we really love but are worried others might think they are really embarrassing or just sad. Whether it is indulging in a whole tub of ice cream to yourself whilst watching America's Next Top Model. Or watching Bridget Jones's Diary for the millionth time just to watch Mark Darcy in his favourite Reindeer Jumper. It is those little things that you love to do but ultimately you have a worry that somebody else might be puzzled by your actions, and for that reason you feel guilty about them. At the end of the day you should never feel guilty about something you enjoy to do and that makes you happy (obviously there are limits). So instead of feeling a little worried that someone might find out or think you are a bit weird, just embrace it as being your little thing that you love to do. Without further a do, here are some of mine.


Monday, 1 December 2014

December To Do List

December To Do List

Pinch Punch First of The Month! Another month been and gone, but December is always a good one to enjoy. Obvious reason being Christmas, still difficult to believe it has been nearly a year since the last one. But now I can enjoy a daily chocolate from my advent calendar on the countdown to it. As with any other month I have a list of things I want to get sorted out, especially now before the new year begins. But first to let you know how I got on from my list for November.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A Little Update

A Little Update

A small layer of dust has gathered on this blog over the past couple of weeks mainly down to me neglecting it a little. I thought rather than just carrying on and publishing a post about something, I would just update you about what I have been doing, like you would do if you had not spoken to somebody for a while. Behind every blog is a person and I wanted to write an update in a post, completely unprepared, with me probably just babbling on about life.


Friday, 7 November 2014

Items I Hoard

Items I Hoard

Please tell me I am not the only person who ends up keeping a big collection of items all with the same purpose? I really differentiate with styles so sometimes I really like to be very minimalistic and have everything looking neat. Other times I like having a lot of colour and bits and bobs to make a homely atmosphere with character. I had a bit of a bright light bulb over my head moment when I realised that I own so many of a particular item that somehow obliviously I have a massive collection I failed to notice. What I mean by this is, as an example your make up collection, you realise when it has become too much either when you do not use half of it or it is spilling into too many storage units labelled with individual make up items. You usually are aware of the collection expanding, but I am talking about those less obvious items, that you might get given, buy, or have different uses for. So that when you actually look you realise you have far too many of that particular object and feel like a mini hoarder. So I present you with my list of items that I unknowingly have hoarded and trust me when I say I am only showing a small amount of the collection in each picture.

Monday, 3 November 2014

November To Do List

The November To Do List

Hard to believe it is November already, and that this time next month I will have already opened 3 of my advent calendar windows on the countdown to Christmas. Equally the inner child in me is really excited for it but still I do not want to be wishing 2014 away. As usual I have a list of things I want to get sorted this month and tick off. But first of all I am going to see how I got on from last months list and what I managed to get sorted.


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Films That Gave Me Nightmares

Films That Gave Me Nightmares

I am not embarrassed to say there are certain films which have totally freaked me out so much that I get nightmares from them. My brain loves to suddenly think of those terrifying moments when I am completely by myself or in pitch darkness before bed. I have no idea why I do that, I am purposely scaring myself and reliving horrible things I wish I could forget. The point is everybody can be scared by different things and in films I think this is even more so. For example in real life I am scared of spiders, nothing else really phases me, but spiders are my one true I am going to scream the house down terrifying fear. But in films I can be scared by music, somebody's laugh, and a more likely one, somebody's face. I guess that is because you get into that film world, you put yourself into the film, into the place you are watching and maybe live through the main character. So if your following the hero walking around an abandoned house with a ghost in it, you suddenly feel the same fear as that character, worried about what is going to be around the corner. That being said some people can be tough as boots watching films and nothing phases them, but personally I have never met someone like this. So I am going to let you in on films that have given me nightmares in the past. Take into account however these films completely range in age restrictions and also that it might not have been the whole film, but a certain scene that has put me off from urging to watch them again.


Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Night

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is an event I really love looking forward to when it turns Autumn. I know a lot of people just view it like any other day but I really enjoy it and think ultimately it is just a bit of fun. Therefore I really like to go all out and make the effort to decorate to get myself in the Halloween spirit. Usually I go for pumpkin decorations and items that are orange and black, I think some decorations are incredibly amazing and scary but I never feel inclined to buy any of those bits (probably because I am just a wimp). So as another Halloween has been and gone, I just wanted to share with you my decorations for the night and my terrible pumpkin carving skills.

Halloween Lights


Friday, 17 October 2014

A Morning Autumn Walk

Morning Autumn Walk

It is no secret that I love Autumn. Living in the countryside I notice a lot when the seasons change, in Spring I see animals being born, Summer I hear loads of children playing down the local park and in Winter I see a skyline of twinkling Christmas lights. Autumn is always so peaceful for me, there seems to be a bit of calm before December begins and everyone is frantic to get everything sorted for the 25th. Now I love going for walks anyway but in Autumn despite the fact that Halloween is at the end of the month, there is a sense of eeriness. Fog tends to flood the landscape, the floor is paved with dead leaves and there is a chill in the air. But I love every bit of it, popping on my coat and boots and going for a morning walk is so refreshing, so I want to bring you with me.

Morning Autumn Walk


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Chocolate & Almond Brownies Recipe

chocolate and almond brownies recipe

Cooking for me is something I always find quite therapeutic, it gives me time to just focus on one job and know that at the end of it I hopefully will have made something good to eat. It is no secret that I love chocolate, but I definitely like it in small doses, a chocolate food baby is not a great feeling for me. So when I am cooking recipes with chocolate I like to have something that serves a lot of people but also can be portioned into small or large pieces. These chocolate and almond brownies are one of my favourite treats to make every so often as a nice dessert after dinner or an afternoon snack with a cup of tea. Before I begin this recipe it is a little different to a standard brownie recipe because it does not contain eggs. Food allergies are always a bit of a pain and for myself I have an egg allergy which I have had all of my life. This therefore means that I have taught myself recipes that contain no eggs but are still equally as edible. The reason I love this recipe is because it can cater to so many dietary requirements, you can make this with or without eggs and it can be easy to make for a vegan diet. 

As with any recipe, You Will Need:

200g Dark Chocolate
3 Tablespoons of Cocoa Powder 
180g Caster Sugar or Golden Caster Sugar
1 Vanilla Pod
220ml Almond or Unsweetened Soya Milk
200g Almonds
Sea Salt
5 Tablespoons of Sunflower Oil (plus a little bit for greasing baking tin)
170g Self Raising Flour

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Nostalgic Music Part 3

Nostalgic Music Part 3

Back down the road to nostalgic music memories in this post. I love looking through my old CD collections and finding hidden musical gems I had forgotten about. Or face palming myself with a feeling of cringe due to what bad music taste I used to have.

P!nk- Missundaztood
Being a rebel was never my strong point, not that I was a goody two-shoes, more that I just never really had the confidence to step out of line. When I first listened to this album I was 11 and it suddenly gave me this weird empowerment that I could do crazy wild things and have a bad ass attitude. P!nk has always been on the more wilder side of life, I admire her honesty and the stories she tells through songs. This is not a woman to sugar coat the dark sides of life, she writes songs about abuse, drugs and life struggles. Back then I never really listened to the lyrics in general and immediately would focus on all of the swear words I had never really heard in music before. Bizarre don't you think how being an 11 year old I used to giggle in shock at a couple of swears when nowadays I just accept them as normal language. This album is one I think has not been forgotten mainly because a few of the songs are still really popular in today's culture, Get The Party Started is probably the most famous. Don't Let Me Get Me, Numb, Just Like A Pill, Respect and Misery are my most listened to, in fact I love every song on the album, they all tell a different story. P!nk has quite an unusual husky tone to her voice which I have always liked and felt like every word she sang was unique. If I am being honest I have listened to her more up to date music, and whilst I still think it is amazing I think this album is one of her best. Also check out her song You Make Me Sick, people who have watched Save The Last Dance will recognise that one.

P!nk Missundaztood Album


Friday, 3 October 2014

October To Do List

October To Do List

October is no different to any other month, I have a list of things I want to get done despite the distraction of it officially being autumn. Last month I wrote down a few things I wanted to complete in September so I am going to look back and see if I achieved any of them before writing down the things I want to do this month.


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Kids Films I Won't Grow Out Of

Films I Won't Grow Out Of- The Princess Diaries, Bee Movie, Chicken Run, 101 Dalmatians, Matilda

Watching a film that had an 18 guidance rating always terrified me when I was really young, I remember I looked at that little red circle thinking that must be a really scary film. Since being an adult, officially six years ago it means I can watch any film I want to. That is great but sometimes when you are watching films that are for adults, you realise a lot of it is filled with downsides of being an adult. Suddenly watching violence and murder is a common occurrence in these films, sex, drugs, alcohol all become familiar to us because we are so used to seeing it, we kind of expect it. These films are all targeted towards adults because we are old enough to understand and be aware of it. But sometimes I just want to go back to being a child and watch a film without hiding under a blanket or cringing at how explicit it is. Therefore I have a few films that I always like to watch and will never grow out of watching.

The Princess Diaries
Anne Hathaway in her finest days of acting if you ask me. I mean it is a pretty solid far-fetched idea of a normal girl called Mia just suddenly finding out she is a princess, but that is why I love it. Watching this young girls life change from being an average kid who gets ignored to suddenly being told she is a princess and her life completely changing. The one reason why I love this film is the comedy in it, I find it so funny and honest. The scene in which she is told she is a princess by her grandmother is one of the funniest, Julie Andrews is the perfect person to play a Queen. Mia's adjustment with her new life and learning how to become a princess feels like an honest performance. It deals with the typical friend issues, boy issues, growing up issues you would expect from any teenager but the concept of it all is just a bit of fun.


Friday, 19 September 2014

Having Fine Hair- Problems and Tips

Having a moan about your hair once in a while is completely understandable, it looks a mess, it is not cooperating when you want to try out a new hairstyle or it simply just looks dull. Granted we all are aware we have different hair types and therefore just have to put up with what we were born with and embrace it. Therefore meaning you need to know what works best for your hair for it to get the desired look you want. I am no different I have massive rants sometimes about my hair being fine and get serious hair envy of people with such long thick hair and think lucky them. Even when I watch the Disney film Tangled  I am so jealous of Rapunzel's long thick blonde locks. But it works vice versa like I said everyone has a moan about there hair, meaning that everyone with different hair types has the occasional irritation with there own hair and wish for someone else's. Calling all fellow fine hair people here are a few little tips/annoyances that I want to share with you.

Dry Shampoo Is Your Best Friend
Inside information into the life of me, I used to wash my hair every single day because I absolutely hated the feeling of second day hair. This always seemed to be incredibly bizarre to my thick haired friends who can literally go nearly a week without washing there's, but fine hair turns into a horrible flat pancake on my head. I understand that apparently that is not great for your hair, you are stripping the hair oils from your head and blah blah blah, but it made me feel gross. You know that amazing fresh feeling you get when you have washed your hair, it is voluminous, bouncy and obviously clean. Next day after me constantly fiddling around with it all day previous due to it slipping down in my face constantly or falling out of the hairstyle it was in, is now kind of verging on greasy. So I would then have flat hair (thanks to sleeping) and greasy hair after one day of it being cleaned. It meant I would have to wash it because it felt disgusting and was completely uncooperative. Nowadays because of dry shampoo I can go 2 possibly 3 days if I am just being lazy with not washing it but no longer (lets not go crazy). I apply it to my roots because that will be the flattest area and kind of massage it into my scalp to get that bounce back. I am currently using a Dove one, but the whole Batiste range is also very good and available in different scents. But in reality fine hair people will suffer more with the greasier it gets because it makes your hair limper and even more flat, a good wash every couple of days really is not that bad for your hair. I also use a product from Living Proof which is a Prime Style Extender, meaning that you can extend the amount of time your hair needs to be washed. I love using this before an event I know I want my hair to stay in a style for a long period of time and it works like a dream.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Walking Up A Mountain On A Saturday Afternoon


I have never been someone who is keen to work out and exercise. At school I usually tried to skip the P.E lessons with a sick note or time of the month problems. Then at the gym I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb because I am so rubbish at working machines and go as red as a tomato after 5 minutes of running. The type of exercise I have always enjoyed is the kind you can do by yourself at your own pace, where you can pop your headphones in and listen to whatever you want, that is why I love walking. Now you might be thinking well most people walk, but a lot of people either get public transport, are working in an office all day or simply just do not have the time. Going for long walks was something I really wanted to make time for, hence why I wanted to walk up a mountain. I cannot just count a shopping day as a healthy walking day, even though it is tiring, it is usually because of the amount of purchases pulling on my arms. So on the weekend I decided to go walking up a mountain and decided to take a few pictures along the way. Let's Go.


Friday, 12 September 2014

A Green Smoothie I Love Recipe

mango, avocado, banana, spinach

For all of you on a health kick, I could not resist posting this up, or just for those who love a good smoothie I thought I would put up this recipe. The simplicity of this smoothie and the fact it gives me a boost of energy is why I constantly want to keep making it. The best bit is it contains 4 ingredients (well 5 if you count water as an ingredient?).

This recipe serves 2 people (or one really thirsty smoothie loving person):

You will need:

1 Avocado
1 Mango
1 Banana
1 Handful of Spinach

So to begin, peel and slice your banana. I use a banana as part of the sweetness for the smoothie, so you do not need to add any sugar. You do not have to use a knife for this, you can always just break the banana up, but I like to think I am some sort of professional chef (definitely am not) who then makes little smiley faces with the fruit.

Then moving onto your avocado. I use avocado because not only do I love the taste, it makes the smoothie thick and creamy. So it basically acts as a thickener making your smoothie really filling, which is great if you want to cure any hunger pains you might be having. Your avocado should be fairly green and soft when it is ripe, any grey bits, get rid. All I do is cut it in half and get rid of the huge round seed/pip inside. Scoop out the green flesh (hate that word) with a spoon.

Then on to the messiest part, cutting up the mango. I must mention always be careful using a knife, I know stop being a fussy old woman, but I do care and would hate anyone to hurt themselves. It is up to you really how you want to cut up a mango, you can peel it first and then slice it up (like my mum does). Or you can cut it in half and then do the cuts in the mango up and down to create a hedgehog effect and then slice the fruit off the skin. Unfortunately with this mango it was so so juicy (which is actually a nice thing) that it was a messy experience, just make sure your careful of the big ass fruit stone in the middle and try to get as much fruit flesh (ugh again that word!) off the stone.

Then for nutritional goodness (and to make the smoothie green) you need a handful of spinach. I just have a small bowlful, which is pretty much half a packets worth. All I do with this is just thoroughly wash it.

Then all you need to do is put all of these ingredients into your food processor, blender, smoothie machine, whatever it is you use to whizz everything up. I use a Nutribullet which is designed for making juices and smoothies, so it gives me a clear guideline of how much water I need to add to the ingredients. But for other machines, I would say about a cup of cold water is how I would prefer it, but you can add more to make it more thinner, just be careful it does not over spill onto your work surface. Nobody wants to clean that mess up, even though just thinking about watching someone else do that would be pretty funny.

Before the blending:

After the blending:

Then all you need to do is pour it into a glass or drinking device of your choice and enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed the post, this is a drink I will make numerous times throughout the week because I love it so much and wanted to share it with you. Obviously you can interpret from it what you want and make your own if you do not like a certain ingredient. I basically just mixed some of my favourite fruits and vegetables together and it created this.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite smoothie is? as I would love to try them out for myself. Are you into this latest juice craze that is going on?

Have an amazing weekend!

Elle x

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

September To Do List

The September To Do List

When a new month starts I feel empowered to get certain things done. It is a feeling of renewal and the fact you can start again, like keeping a resolution. If you are like me you might have a list of certain things you want to get done that month and want to achieve them. I feel like this post is a little memo for me on what I need to get done this month and then ultimately at the end I will be able to know how many (hopefully all) I have ticked off.

Write Blog Posts In Advance
Considering I tell myself I am so organised I always seem to leave writing a blog post to the last minute. Photos I am fairly good with because I know in advance what I want to post about, but when it comes to typing up the post I always like to write it in a particular moment and when I can focus my attention to it properly. Sometimes that means though that I do not get the post up when I want. My aim this month is to maybe find more time to get the post written before hand so that I can just publish it on the days I want to. You never really know from one day to the next if you might have a busy day and your plans of writing a blog post might be disturbed. Therefore if I have at least one written and ready to go I will feel more on top of things, rather than feel completely unorganised. So for the future (apart from today) I will be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. I just need to stop watching so much Netflix and focus.


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Day Out To Brecon

Brecon is a market town in Southern Powys in Mid Wales. The main reason a lot of people go there or stay is because of the Brecon Beacons nearby which you can see dotted around the town in the distance. You can walk up the beacons and surrounding area, but always be prepared because it is hard work. 
On the day I went I was really lucky with the weather so it was such a beautiful day. I thought I would just take you along on the path I took when I went there.

So beginning with the classic river view, whilst walking over the main bridge to walk into the town, you get to look at this lovely view. I always like to look below at the ducks who are swimming around.

Taking a stroll along the riverside, you finally end up at a little amusement building that has different games and a park nearby. You can also hire out pedal boats here which I absolutely love doing, it is a great way to have fun whilst working on the thighs.

This is one of my favourite places in Brecon near the river, because you get a beautiful view and you can just see in the distance part of the Brecon Beacons. I could honestly sit on the bench for hours and just stare at that view. Due to it being a town it does not have that overbearing hustle and bustle noise, so you can definitely get some peaceful moments away from the main town.

After staying here for a while, my main focus was to go back into the town and have a look around. Below you can see part of the old Castle they still have there which usually has something going on, antique events mainly held there.

Then it was my favourite time of the day, getting an ice cream.

It has quite a well known ice cream shop called Llanfaes Dairy which make so many different flavours of ice cream they all just look so yummy. I have been coming to Brecon every so often since I was a child and my ultimate flavour and always will be is Mango Yoghurt. So to me there never was much of a decision to make I already knew.

For me I do love going to cities and having a look round, but main bulks of it are always filled with shops or restaurants meaning it is pretty impossible to do it in a day trip. Visiting a market town like Brecon is perfect if you want to explore, shop and just have a chilled out atmosphere. I would really recommend it if you are interested in antiques too, because they have so many different antique stores I always find hidden gems tucked away.

Have you ever been to Brecon before? Is there a town you would recommend to go and visit as a day trip? Let me know in the comments

Have a lovely Tuesday

Elle x

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Musical Dramas: Films To Watch

Film stars singing can always make us feel a little uncertain at first because we most likely have only seen them act so when it comes to musicals, you usually either love them or hate them. I have never been a massive musical fan when it comes to films, I love musicals at theatres but when there is a film I always have a feeling of uncertainty. I have realised that I do like musical films but only ones that for me have a proper storyline which is dramatic and has a bit of a history behind it. So sorry to all the High School Musical fans but that definitely it not on my list. Here are a few musical drama films which I think that if you are undecided about the musical concept might make you like them more and grab your attention.

This is a film based in 1930's Germany, at the stage where the Nazi Party is becoming more popular. I love history in films rather than just present day so I was immediately sucked into this film because of its style and ambiance. The great Liza Minnelli stars as the lead role and it follows her time performing at a club and her relationship with a British Man. When I first saw the film I was shocked by the length of Liza Minnelli's eyelashes, seriously they look like spiders on her eyes. But in terms of the content of the film I was surprised with how the film ended because I really was not expecting it to have a storyline like it does. In terms of the songs, it is not a full on every word is sung kind of film, you have a mix between spoken word and singing. For me I do prefer to have that because it feels like the songs are a lot more powerful when they do come around. My favourite songs from the film are Mein HerrMoney Money, Maybe This Time and the title song Cabaret. It does have a bit of comedy throughout especially with the song performances, I really enjoyed the film and it won a lot of Oscars too.

Les Miserables
I think most of us would have heard of this regardless if you have seen the film. This came out and was one of the most talked about films in 2013, and because of that I did go and see it in the cinema. No joke I wanted to stand on my seat and sing along at some parts because it made me feel so empowered with music I felt like I was going to explode (in a good way). Quick brief of the storyline is that it is set in 19th Century France and focuses a lot on the revolutionary period of the time. I cannot really explain in detail because the characters all have different stories and ultimately link together. Now this really is what I call a musical because they pretty much sing every single word, which at first I was like....oh help me. But! you actually appreciate it so much more because it does that and for some strange reason because it is all so well acted you sort of forget about it. It is filmed so beautifully and I cannot fault anyone, as I think everyone in the film did a spectacular job. Some of the songs that stood out for me are On My Own, Do You Hear The People Sing? and I Dreamed a Dream. Not ashamed to admit I did actually shed a few tears throughout the film which was completely unexpected, but it is such a great film that I think you would enjoy.

The Sound of Music
"Doe, a deer, a female deer, Ray, a drop of golden sun" I just want to sing it out loud, Ultimate Classic, which if you have not seen, well what are you waiting for! I am sure you will know the story outline, but it follows the young Maria (Julie Andrews) who leaves the convent to become a governess for the Von Trapp family. I have always loved The Sound of Music, not just because of its amazing super great songs, but because of the plot line too. Again similar to Cabaret it is set in the 1930's but in Austria at a later date when it had been annexed in the Third Reich and was being taken over by the Nazi Party. It has a great historical matter to it and for me that is one of the reasons I love it. You can usually see this film on the TV at Christmas Time or New Years and I know most of the words to the songs because I have seen it so many times. Warning it is quite a long film, but it is totally worth it and could easily be one of your favourite things... (see what I did there).

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Hello Johnny Depp like you have never seen him before. This is a musical horror film, but it is not really that scary, gory and violent yes. When I first heard about this I instantly had that face of confusion, but when I heard Tim Burton would be directing it then I kind of understood how it would all look. There is a lot of singing, talking singing, so there are only a few bits in the film where no singing is involved. I did actually like the film and thought I would include it because it is a more grown up musical if you like. It is set in the Victorian age where Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp) a barber, kills his customers and along with his accomplice (Helena Bonham Carter) then cook them into pies. Haha just writing that it sounds disgusting but it is a completely different take on a musical drama which I think out of the others mentioned you really will have a love hate relationship with. Now honestly I would not say the singing is the best I have heard (still love you Johnny) but if you like the style of films Tim Burton directs then you will really enjoy this one.

These are a few of the musicals I like to watch because they have a storyline to them. Not being an immediate musical fan I find with these they slowly bring that transition into enjoying musical films.

I would love to know what you think, have you seen any of these films? Let me know in the comments to if there are any you think are good and would recommend to watch?

Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday

Elle x

Monday, 25 August 2014

Little Things That Make Me Happy

We all like feeling happy, being on cloud nine and having a smile like the Cheshire cat. Now I am not one of those people that can be constantly upbeat or bounce of the walls, I have my moody time too and wear a frown now and again. So when I talk about being happy I don't mean that happiness you feel when something exciting has happened, your happy you have friends and family or you passed an exam, we all have those feelings of happiness towards the obvious things. I mean those little things that personally make YOU happy. You might just find yourself sitting on a bus and see something that makes you smile. You might be listening to a song and it makes you smile. We all have these unique little things that make us smile for our own reason and sometimes people might not always understand why your smiling or why your laughing, but to you it means something. I am going to talk about a few of the things that make me smile.

Seeing a cup of tea when I want one, makes me instantly want to curl up into a little ball of glee. I have no clue why but tea just gives me a happy feeling. I think its a bit like getting a hug off someone, its just waiting there with open arms. I feel relaxed and I feel at home no matter where I am when its served and for me it makes me happy.

Sleeping Animals
So before I moved back home I couldn't have any pets in my flat which meant that I was never really around animals that much. Now back at home we have three cats which I adore but it is just when they are sleeping my heart melts. I feel the same towards most animals, when there eyes are closed and they just look adorable.

Phone Signal
Please do not think I am some sort of crazy phone lady constantly on my phone, I am not at all. In fact I could easily be without having internet or texting for a while. What I mean by having phone signal is I feel like I am safe. In a sense that I know I can call someone if I needed to, or if anything was going wrong. I'm not just talking about an emergency call. Being back in the countryside I find it an absolute nightmare to get signal, so when I have got even just one bar if I go some place, I like the feeling of knowing that if I had to I can make a call. It gives me a feeling of content, because you also never know if someone needs to reach you. I probably would add having a full phone battery is nice too.

Elderly Couples
Old love is one of the most beautiful things. Almost a lifetime together and there are still couples together stronger than ever. I was on the train recently and I was sat near this elderly couple who were going to visit there granddaughter. They were just sat there sharing a bag of almonds and were slightly confused by the whole train experience. I was reading my book when they got off the train but it was just the way they were both helping each other and thanking the train staff. It just made me sit in my seat and smile about how lovely it was to see.

Being Early
Now I am a bit of a organisation nerd, so I like to be on time for things, and if that means being 10-15 minutes early, than happy bonus for me. Being late, (usually down to public transport) I do not freak out but it makes me feel uneasy. I just feel like I give off a cheeky smile when I am early and can breathe a sigh of relief that I made it there.

Wearing Pyjamas
Your damn right I am the kind of person to get back from work or day out and get into comfy pyjamas. It just feels so good to be in your lounge wear/sleepwear and get on with things. I am way more productive writing blog posts when I have my pyjamas on (wearing them now in fact). I think at work you usually have to conform to some sort of style, or going out you need to look a certain way. At home I like nothing better than chilling out in pyjamas, it makes me happy, simple.

Watching A Sunset
I know a lot of people like a view and you only have to go on Instagram to see sunset pictures constantly being taken (done it myself). But I absolutely love watching sunsets until the sun goes down. It just makes me happy and makes me feel really reflective too. I always think about who else might be watching it around the world and how different it must look.

My ultimate complaint is a lot of people forget there manners. Saying Please and Thank you is not a massive chore. People seem to spend so much time using swear words now than they do just using manners. This is something that always grates on me and I feel personally very happy when somebody uses manners around me. When I worked in retail I cannot tell you how happy I felt when someone said Thank you to me for my help than someone who just walked away. Kindness is not that difficult and having manners means you will earn respect.

Lots of things make me smile, I am a pretty positive person so naturally I can make myself happy. But it is those little things that just give you a sudden boost of happiness and make you feel a little bit brighter.

Definitely let me know in the comments what little things make you happy? Or even if you feel the same about mine? I would love to know!

Hope you are having a great Bank Holiday Monday!

Elle x


Friday, 22 August 2014

Nostalgic Music Part 2

Hearing music you used to listen to can be surprisingly revealing and reminiscent of the music taste you had. But also it allows you to rediscover songs you might have completely forgotten about and enjoy all over again. You can see my first post here, where I cringed over some of the albums I own. Now I am doing a similar post where I look back at music albums I bought when I was younger.

Destiny's Child- Survivor
All Hail Queen B, who would have thought from a girl band that Beyonce would have turned into the world phenomenon she is today. So I love Beyonce, but I loved Destiny's Child with this album in particular. To be honest they had a lot of hits and songs I absolutely loved and would dance around to in my bedroom, using my hairbrush as a microphone. I would have only been 11, which seems insane, but they really were an amazing group. I know that they have officially split nowadays, doing there own solo careers, but every so often they do tend to join together again to perform there old classics which is lovely. On this album some of my favourites were Survivor, Bootylicious and Emotion. But my overall favourite was Independent Women, I think to this day everyone knows that song as being one of there most popular hits.....Question? I have no real feeling of guilt or embarrassment with this album because I still think they are great and love there music.

N Sync- No Strings Attached
Who remembers the young Justin Timberlake? I was pretty in love with N Sync back in the day, as they were American I used to think they were so cool. I had posters of them on my wall before my Leonardo Dicaprio phase and I was always trying to look out for them on Top of The Pops or Live and Kicking (remember those TV programmes?). For me I used to love the song Bye Bye Bye which was the song that put them into the spotlight as a band. I would watch the music video on repeat just for that little bit in it where Justin Timberlake does that little laugh in the middle, oh swoon, in fact you can see the video here if you want to see what I am talking about. Being just 10 years old when this came out, I clearly never listened to many of the other songs on the album because I cannot remember half of them. My other favourite was It's Gonna Be Me. I never really followed the Backstreet Boys, so my focus was always on N Sync, even at a later date when they did that collaboration with Nelly and when Justin and Britney Spears were the most talked about couple on the planet. Aww I miss them.

Coyote Ugly Soundtrack
I love this film so much! I used to feel so jealous of the girls in it and think how cool it all looked. Well the thing that made it for me was the music in it and even to this day I still have a lot of the songs on my iPod. The main focus of the film and soundtrack was that it brought LeAnn Rimes into the singing world, who I don't really hear about nowadays but back then she was always in the music charts. Her song Can't Fight The Moonlight was number one in the UK and was the main song from the film, even today I hear that song played in different places because it has turned into a classic. When I first saw the film I must have been just a teenager, so it was a while after the film had been released that I bought this album but it was because I loved the music so much. When I was 15 I finally bought the album, but the annoying thing was that it does not have all the great songs on there that I liked. The ones on the album which I would play over and over again are The Power by Snap!, Need You Tonight by INXS and one I think most people would have heard Unbelievable by EMF. In the film though they have songs from Blondie, Gloria Gaynor and Kid Rock. I just used to love every song and would dance around watching the film because the music was so great. Definitely watch the film if you haven't.

Dido- No Angel
I was around 12 when Dido became famous and was on all the music chart shows. For me I really liked Dido because she had a different style of music to what I was used to listening to. My main focus had been on girl groups and boy bands so this slowly made me get into solo artists. Her song Here With Me is the one that sticks out for me, I used to watch this American TV show called Roswell (anyone else remember?) and it was the theme tune to the show. But what really made me listen to Dido was because she had that collaboration song with Eminem called Stan. I love Eminem, not that I am a massive rap fan or anything but Eminem I could always appreciate with his music and Stan was a song that stuck out for me. The chorus used in it was Dido's song Thank You. She just had a very chilled out voice that was easy to listen to. I never really followed her much after this album so I am not sure what happened with her music career, but all the same I loved this album and am really happy I found it again.

So here are a few more of my nostalgic albums that brought back a lot of memories for me. Did any of you listen to these albums or remember the songs?

Let me know in the comments if you recognise any of these!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Elle x

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