Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Liebster Award

Hey Everyone, How you all been doing?

I've just had my lunchtime latte and am ready to start the day, coffee has been my best friend recently after all the late nights of watching Netflix to the early hours of the morning.

I thought I would just do a post about being nominated for the Liebster Award by the beautiful Gemma from Lifestyle Refreshment, you can go and look at her blog here! She has an awesome lifestyle blog with some honest thoughts and great advice. One of my favourite posts is her How To Survive Bumping Into An Ex. She was also nominated for the award so go and check out her blog.

This award is given from one blogger to another, to promote other great bloggers and give them the recognition for what they do.

So To Begin With The Rules

1.Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you
2. Write 11 facts about yourself
3. Answer the 11 questions you have been set from the blogger that nominated you
4. Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and ask them 11 questions of your own
5. Let your nominees know they have been tagged by linking them to your post where they can read the rules
(You can't nominate the person who nominated you)

My 11 Random Facts

1. I love lemons, the smell and the taste.
2. I'm a vegetarian.
3. I studied English Literature at University.
4. Ducks are my favourite animal.
5. My Favourite actor is Jonah Hill, Superbad has me in fits of giggles every time.
6. Painting my nails is one of my favourite things to do.
7. People with no manners really irritate me.
8. I love making lists.
9. I prefer to wear flat shoes than heels.
10. I own way too many cushions.
11. I'm a great listener.

Gemma's Questions

1. What is one thing in your make up bag that you couldn't live without?
Concealer, it can transform your areas of your face from dull to light. Goodbye dark eye shadows.

2. If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be?
Billy Joel- Vienna, it has a personal meaning to me.

3. Which celebrity do you look up to the most?
I've never really looked up to celebrities, I admire those who have worked hard to be where they are. Those who donate money to charity who do it for good reasons and not just to publicise themselves.

4. Busy City or Quiet Country?
In the long term it has to be the quiet countryside.

5. Most Embarrassing Moment?
In primary school when I was about 7, finishing a school play at a church in front of the parents and then going backstage and weeing myself from fright all over this stone plaque engraved in the floor with all the other children and teachers just staring at me in shock horror. It was a horrible accident that I will never forget.

6. What's one band/musician you'd recommend to your readers?
The Black Keys

7. What made you start blogging?
Curiosity, I had read blogs since I was 18 and it suddenly dawned on me well why am I any different? Why don't I just give it a try. I think the success of other bloggers can be a little daunting but its also incredible. Just feeling confident with what you write and having a passion is something I believe is incredibly important. Blog about what ever you want, just stay true to yourself and be honest!

8. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?
Autumn, its beautiful and I love wearing jumpers.

9.Tell me one thing from your bucket list
Living in London, its something I have always wanted to do and Ill only regret it if I don't give it a shot.

10. If you won the lotto, what would be the first thing you'd do?
Go and do some more travelling, America would be my first stop.

11. Lastly, why is a raven like a writing desk?
No idea, I wish the Mad Hatter had just known the answer.

Blogs That I Nominate (I have taken the under 200 rule from Bloglovin followers)

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My Questions For You Lovely Ladies To Answer

1. What is your biggest fear?
2. If there was a choice between saving your skincare or your make up, which one would you choose to save?
3. What type of blogs do you love to read?
4. Favourite Item of Clothing?
5. What food would you happily want to eat every day?
6. Name your favourite beauty or fashion brand and tell me why you love them?
7. What is your favourite colour?
8. Describe yourself in three words
9. Books or Films?
10. Tell me your favourite thing about blogging!
11. Do you have any plans for the future?

For my nominees could you send me your link in the comments or on Twitter with your response :)
I really enjoyed writing this post and hope you take part, thanks again to Gemma for the nomination.

Have a great Wednesday
Elle x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My Beauty Chores

The Beauty Chore a tedious but necessary task in your regime. I have a few things that I kind of always feel like I have a cannot be bothered attitude but ultimately know that it has to get done and is important to get done.

1. Moisturising
Now I moisturise my face no problem, I do the whole cleanse, tone, moisturise 2 times a day for my face but its the rest of my body I get a lazy attitude. For instance having a bath, being all lovely and relaxed and then you have to moisturise all of your skin. Or late for work, having a quick shower, ugh but no cannot go anywhere until you have moisturised everything!. It is one of those things that has become a chore for me. It needs to get done, I'm going to thank myself that I did it when I am older, but my god does it feel so time consuming. My recent purchase of the Vaseline Spray & Go has helped with this but I still either forget or tell myself I'll just do it next time.

2. Flossing
We all prefer to have whiter teeth don't we? So I am all up for brushing my teeth twice a day and looking after your gums. Now I know that flossing is important and believe me I do it, but I never seem to feel overly enthusiastic about it and once again feel like I know I have to do it. This mainly happens when I am super tired, I have brushed, I have mouth washed and then you have to be there for a good couple of minutes flossing each tooth. The aftermath of squeaky clean teeth is amazing but I just never feel like I want to get it done, so end up forcing myself too.

3. Plucking
Tweezers have been one of my good friends since being a teenager. I think it is hard being a woman sometimes, guys can just let everything grow but you are more than likely feeling self conscious about any stray hair you might have. Not that your going to get a mono brow overnight but eyebrows do need to be controlled. My trusted tweezers are just fantastic and due to a few years of the plucking experience I no longer feel the pain. I just feel that self concious pain when you suddenly realise you haven't plucked your eyebrows and god knows what people think (honestly about 90% of the time nobody will ever notice that your eyebrows might have got a little bit bushier than usual). Plucking is something you just need to do to maintain the shape of your eyebrow, if your into threading they will advise against this though, but I don't thread I pluck. Yay more work for myself.

4.Washing Make Up Brushes
*rolls eyes* Biggest annoyance in this line up, why oh why do I just hate washing my make up brushes. I know that the end result is absolutely amazing, that feeling of freshly clean brushes on your face but yet I still find it a horrible chore I put off until I really feel that something has to be done. Maybe it is down to me having too many brushes for different things. There are about 12 lined up and I just think, can I just put these in a dishwasher? Really would not advise doing that (unless you have tested it and it works?) but it is down to time constraints again. Spending a good half an hour or more on thoroughly washing your brushes, and you need to be doing this once a week apparently. Oh Blimey....

5.Taking Make Up Off
Right so I love love love washing my face, I mentioned earlier I take the whole skincare routine seriously, I like a nice clean face at the end of the day or in the morning. But that initial feeling you get when your looking at a face full of make up and think "ughhhh I just want to go to bed", or "I will just use some wipes". Waterproof mascara now is my make up Mount Everest -stubborn bitch. I can literally spend nearly 5 minutes on one eye! just to make sure it has all come off properly and I am not faced with a panda eye situation in the morning. I only feel this way about make up when I have had a lot of it on and its late, I'm talking early hours of the next day and your bed is the perfect place to be, you want a nice clean face but you have to tackle that make up first. It is a chore you know has got to be done, you want great skin when your older, you want skin that represents you look after it. It is just massively tedious sometimes.

So those are my beauty chores that irritate me but I know I have to get done. Let me know in the comments what your beauty chores are? Maybe they are the same as mine?

Hope your having a great Wednesday!
Elle x

Monday, 21 July 2014

A Day Out To Lacock

Hands up I am a Harry Potter fan, the easiest way to explain why this place is great for some trivia if your a Harry Potter Fan, because some of it was filmed there. Anybody recognise this house?

The location of the Potter Household and where Voldemort was a bad ass villain. Lacock is such a cute little village in England just outside Chippenham and near Bath. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Then onto Lacock Abbey, the main location that Harry Potter was filmed. The Abbey itself is beautiful with amazing architecture and gives you a lot of information about the history of the Abbey and the village.

Then a lovely stroll around the gardens.

It was such a lovely quiet place to go and have a look round. I've seen a lot of You tubers that had gone here and raved about how lovely it is. Just to let you know it is free to go around the village but you do have to pay to go into the Abbey itself. If you love the British countryside, being in the middle of nowhere and old houses its perfect, especially for afternoon tea as well!

If you would like any other information about it or maybe to plan a visit take a look at there website here.

Have you guys ever been to Lacock before? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Monday

Elle x


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Girls Night In: Films To Watch

Girls Night In, a time you can gossip, pamper yourself and drink a bottle of white wine where nobody will judge you. It is also a great time to watch a film and being a massive film fan I thought I would share some of my top picks.

Bridesmaids- Ultimate favourite from this line up. It is a comedy film with a dirty sense of humour. The whole bridesmaids dress fitting scene is one of the most memorable. If you like to have a laugh and like american comedy films then this would be perfect. We all know someone like the character Helen and would love to be as forward as Megan "I'm glad he's single because I'm going to climb that like a tree". Definitely watch it.

Romeo & Juliet- Now most of us girls love a young Leonardo Dicaprio don't we? We also love a bit of a cry every now and again, so this is perfect. It has style, it has a modern twist to an old classic Shakespeare story and it has an amazing soundtrack. Just get your tissues ready because that Mercutio scene gets me every time.

Cinderella- I don't care how old I am, I am never going to get sick of watching a Disney film. Cinderella is my choice this time, but seriously any Disney film would do, 101 Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty, The Lion King. Just feel young again and watch a Disney film, you can work on your singing skills too.

Mean Girls- So Fetch! Is there anyone out there that doesn't like Mean Girls? It is a film filled with famous quotes nowadays even if you haven't seen the film "On Wednesdays we wear Pink", "You Can't Sit With Us" and my favourite "Glen Coco! You Go Glen Coco". A great film to show social cliques in school but as exaggerated versions. Lesson learned from the film -never make a Burn Book.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days- Ok so I gotta put one of those chick flicks in here cause occasionally that's what us girls like to watch. This one is probably a little more manageable because I don't like too much of the old PDA and mushy stuff. This has got more of a story I find entertaining and hey maybe you can pick up some tips from it as well.

Sex In The City- I have the box set of this show and have watched it about five times through. Is it weird to say I have learnt a lot, an awful lot from Sex In The City. Mainly because it follows 4 different women with there opinions about life and men. I think that even if you haven't really seen the show, the story of the film is fairly easy to follow and get into. I think the only thing is you won't understand how much of an idiot Mr Big is because it took so bloody long for him and Carrie to finally be together.

There you have it six films I think that would be perfect for a girls night in. There are so many more that I could mention and would recommend, this is just a taster. I'm a big fan of scary films but not necessarily my friends like those, so these are just a few I know I can watch with them.

I would love to know your thoughts on any of these films or even any that you would recommend to watch? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

Hope you have had a great day
Elle x

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tips For Finding The Piece of Clothing You Want In Your Size

So you want to spend some money, you go into a clothes store, see something you like, look through the rail, but they don't have your size, Story of my life! It suddenly angers you that there are so many sizes for every other size but yours. Now it is even more annoying when you have a real love for this garment and have already formed an image in your head for several places you would wear it. I thought I would give you a few top tips of mine for trying your absolute best at getting that item.

1. Look Properly Through The Rail
Now this might sound obvious but sometimes when your in a hurry or have this sudden adrenaline that you have to have this item, you might have missed it tucked away somewhere (especially if the rail is packed full). Look carefully at each hanger, but always look at the label within that piece of clothing. Its an easy mistake to make sometimes in retail when someone puts something back on the rail with the wrong hanger size. Just double check.

2.Delivery Times
Asking the store when there deliveries are is key to knowing the best day to go shopping. Not every store will be the same and sometimes not every store will actually tell you. Don't take that personally its just that some stores get busier than others and if they tell everybody that deliveries are a particular day, I guess they don't want a swarm of people queuing for new stock. If you can find out the day it means that over the next couple of days the stock will be put out and hopefully then you can find the size you need. 

3.Changing Rooms
Throughout the day the changing rooms is a key part to perhaps finding what you need. People try things on and more than often don't always take everything they try. Most of us want to try something in two sizes to see which one looks better. Depending on how busy the day has been the changing rooms does not always get manned in some stores, meaning that maybe due to short staff or whatever the stock is left in there waiting for somebody to put it back onto the shop floor. If you manage to find a member of staff ask if they can check for you or if your already going into the changing rooms to try something on just ask. You might get some luck with finding what you want.

4.Simply just ask
Asking a member of staff is the easiest way of knowing instantly if something is in stock or not. Most retail stores have scanned every item within that store and therefore should have a computer record of what they have in stock. Of course this can't always be dead on correct but sometimes a member of staff will be more than happy to double check in the stockroom for you. Some stores also have the system of being able to check with other stores in the area or one that you want them to check. Maybe asking if something can be put on hold for you is possible if you are willing to go to another store.

Most stores now have websites where you can buy online. I cannot stress enough how helpful this has been for me, when I have seen something in store, given up hope but check online to find it is available. If it is not available you might have the option of leaving your email address so that they will then contact you when the item is in stock. Or you could also just get a picture of the item and tweet the company via Twitter asking if they know if it will be back in stock or not. I've done this a couple of times and usually they can tell me instantly if something will be back in stock or not. If this fails you then have the other options of checking if someone is selling it on ebay or more popular at the moment the app called Depop. Always make sure though your not paying an absolute fortune more than the original price.

6.Buying another size
If all else fails and you are completely determined to get this piece of clothing. It possibly will not be back in stock again then my last option is to just buy another size. It is a lot easier if you get a larger size because then it can be altered if needs be. Buying a smaller size than yourself could be tricky but not all together impossible to be altered. Rethink the look, if its a shirt, think of going for a more looser fit or even wearing it a dress if its really much bigger than yourself. 

I hope this helps some of you and has given you some tips that can help you find what you need. I've worked in retail before so its just a few things I have picked up working in it and being a customer. If there are any other tips or bits of advice you could add to this then please leave them in the comments below or let me know via Twitter.

Happy Shopping!
Elle x


Friday, 11 July 2014

Nostalgic Music

The other day I was tidying up my room and came across a unit filled with old CDs from when I was younger. It opened up a floodgate of childhood memories, me using a hairbrush as a microphone and turning up the volume so loud my parents used to think we would get a visit from the police due to noise disturbance. There were so many songs on these albums that I had completely forgotten about and embarrassingly so many that I remembered the words to. I thought it would be a nice little reminiscing post about past musical tastes. So here are the four that I was drawn to.

All Saints- All Saints
I was 7 when this was released and I remember them being around a similar time to the Spice Girls. These girls I used to love because they were based more about a R&B/Hip Hop genre rather than just pop music, so I used to love a lot of there songs. One of the girls used to do a little bit of rap on a few of the songs and it was the first time I had heard anything like it. Never Ever was the most famous song from this album and probably the one song that most people will remember them for. My other favourites were I Know Where It's At, Bootie Call and Lady Marmalade. As I got older they kind of went off the music scene a little but since then the only other song I remember was Pure Shores, one of the songs for the film The Beach (oh Leonardo Dicaprio). Still love this album and really am happy I have rediscovered it.

The Darkness-Permission To Land
This album came out when I was 13 and was probably one of those albums through my whole transition phase where you listen to lots of music but are not really sure what kind of stereotypical teenager you fit into. Emo, grunge, punk, Indie you know what I mean when all the same groups in school would be listening to the same music. I think I am a little more subtle now with music so probably a hard rock group wouldn't be my go to music. BUT I still love this album so much. Some great rock songs with a catchy tune, some incredible swear words, which being 13 I was a little bit like oh blimey lets not let Mum and Dad hear this too loud. Probably the most well known song on this album is I Believe In A Thing Called Love, still love it and still jealous of the guy with the high pitched notes he can pull off. Friday Night, Growing on Me and Get Your Hands Off My Woman are some other songs that have great memories for me.

Cruel Intentions Soundtrack- (Film)
Ok so this one is a little bit of a mixed bunch. I must have seen this film when I was 14/15 and instantly loved it. I had one of those weird teenage crushes on Ryan Phillippe for about a week and then found another film star to obsess over. But the music in this film I could not get over because it had so many types of songs that I loved. Back then Spotify and Itunes weren't around, so the only way really of looking at soundtracks for films was just going into a music store and finding it. I think this was my first soundtrack album for a film I had ever bought. Some of my favourites are Fatboy Slim- Praise You, Placebo- Every You Every Me and most importantly The Verve- Bitter Sweet Symphony. Still to this day 10 years on I love that song! its just that classic last scene of Reese Witherspoon with her sunglasses on driving the country roads in this flash car, with this playing in the background. Watch it!

Shaggy-Hot Shot
Haha and so I end with probably one of my most funniest albums. I was 10 when this came out, but it was due to the song It Wasn't Me that had me asking someone to buy me this. Basically this song is about a cheating boyfriend trying to ask his friend on what to do, his friend (Shaggy) just tells him to deny everything and hence the song title. So damn annoyingly catchy. This used to be playing (cassette version) on the school bus and being 10 I did not understand most of the what was going on, shamefully I used to ask this older boy what it meant by "Saw Me Banging on The Sofa" only for him to go bright red and telling me to ask someone else to explain. Haha still makes me chuckle. Nowadays this album is most likely something your going to hear at cheese nights at your local club. But my favourites were Dance and Shout, Freaky Girl and Angel. Ultimate cheese, but painfully still love some of these songs.

I would love to know if you have listened to any of these albums and what your thoughts are? Have you gone through your old music and seen what hidden gems you used to listen too?  Let me know in the comments or via twitter. I think you will be surprised at what sort of things you used to listen to.

Have a great Friday

Elle x

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