Thursday, 17 July 2014

Girls Night In: Films To Watch

Girls Night In, a time you can gossip, pamper yourself and drink a bottle of white wine where nobody will judge you. It is also a great time to watch a film and being a massive film fan I thought I would share some of my top picks.

Bridesmaids- Ultimate favourite from this line up. It is a comedy film with a dirty sense of humour. The whole bridesmaids dress fitting scene is one of the most memorable. If you like to have a laugh and like american comedy films then this would be perfect. We all know someone like the character Helen and would love to be as forward as Megan "I'm glad he's single because I'm going to climb that like a tree". Definitely watch it.

Romeo & Juliet- Now most of us girls love a young Leonardo Dicaprio don't we? We also love a bit of a cry every now and again, so this is perfect. It has style, it has a modern twist to an old classic Shakespeare story and it has an amazing soundtrack. Just get your tissues ready because that Mercutio scene gets me every time.

Cinderella- I don't care how old I am, I am never going to get sick of watching a Disney film. Cinderella is my choice this time, but seriously any Disney film would do, 101 Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty, The Lion King. Just feel young again and watch a Disney film, you can work on your singing skills too.

Mean Girls- So Fetch! Is there anyone out there that doesn't like Mean Girls? It is a film filled with famous quotes nowadays even if you haven't seen the film "On Wednesdays we wear Pink", "You Can't Sit With Us" and my favourite "Glen Coco! You Go Glen Coco". A great film to show social cliques in school but as exaggerated versions. Lesson learned from the film -never make a Burn Book.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days- Ok so I gotta put one of those chick flicks in here cause occasionally that's what us girls like to watch. This one is probably a little more manageable because I don't like too much of the old PDA and mushy stuff. This has got more of a story I find entertaining and hey maybe you can pick up some tips from it as well.

Sex In The City- I have the box set of this show and have watched it about five times through. Is it weird to say I have learnt a lot, an awful lot from Sex In The City. Mainly because it follows 4 different women with there opinions about life and men. I think that even if you haven't really seen the show, the story of the film is fairly easy to follow and get into. I think the only thing is you won't understand how much of an idiot Mr Big is because it took so bloody long for him and Carrie to finally be together.

There you have it six films I think that would be perfect for a girls night in. There are so many more that I could mention and would recommend, this is just a taster. I'm a big fan of scary films but not necessarily my friends like those, so these are just a few I know I can watch with them.

I would love to know your thoughts on any of these films or even any that you would recommend to watch? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

Hope you have had a great day
Elle x


  1. You've not had a girl night until you've been mean girls surely!? Gisforgingers xx

  2. I love every single one of these haha! How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days is fantastic but MEAN GIRLS! <3

    "Danny Devito I love your work!"

    I literally can quote my way through the entire film haha xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

    1. Haha I love that one! I think Damian is hysterical, that scene when he's putting ham on his face in the canteen haha :D

      Its such a great film! Elle x


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