Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My Beauty Chores

The Beauty Chore a tedious but necessary task in your regime. I have a few things that I kind of always feel like I have a cannot be bothered attitude but ultimately know that it has to get done and is important to get done.

1. Moisturising
Now I moisturise my face no problem, I do the whole cleanse, tone, moisturise 2 times a day for my face but its the rest of my body I get a lazy attitude. For instance having a bath, being all lovely and relaxed and then you have to moisturise all of your skin. Or late for work, having a quick shower, ugh but no cannot go anywhere until you have moisturised everything!. It is one of those things that has become a chore for me. It needs to get done, I'm going to thank myself that I did it when I am older, but my god does it feel so time consuming. My recent purchase of the Vaseline Spray & Go has helped with this but I still either forget or tell myself I'll just do it next time.

2. Flossing
We all prefer to have whiter teeth don't we? So I am all up for brushing my teeth twice a day and looking after your gums. Now I know that flossing is important and believe me I do it, but I never seem to feel overly enthusiastic about it and once again feel like I know I have to do it. This mainly happens when I am super tired, I have brushed, I have mouth washed and then you have to be there for a good couple of minutes flossing each tooth. The aftermath of squeaky clean teeth is amazing but I just never feel like I want to get it done, so end up forcing myself too.

3. Plucking
Tweezers have been one of my good friends since being a teenager. I think it is hard being a woman sometimes, guys can just let everything grow but you are more than likely feeling self conscious about any stray hair you might have. Not that your going to get a mono brow overnight but eyebrows do need to be controlled. My trusted tweezers are just fantastic and due to a few years of the plucking experience I no longer feel the pain. I just feel that self concious pain when you suddenly realise you haven't plucked your eyebrows and god knows what people think (honestly about 90% of the time nobody will ever notice that your eyebrows might have got a little bit bushier than usual). Plucking is something you just need to do to maintain the shape of your eyebrow, if your into threading they will advise against this though, but I don't thread I pluck. Yay more work for myself.

4.Washing Make Up Brushes
*rolls eyes* Biggest annoyance in this line up, why oh why do I just hate washing my make up brushes. I know that the end result is absolutely amazing, that feeling of freshly clean brushes on your face but yet I still find it a horrible chore I put off until I really feel that something has to be done. Maybe it is down to me having too many brushes for different things. There are about 12 lined up and I just think, can I just put these in a dishwasher? Really would not advise doing that (unless you have tested it and it works?) but it is down to time constraints again. Spending a good half an hour or more on thoroughly washing your brushes, and you need to be doing this once a week apparently. Oh Blimey....

5.Taking Make Up Off
Right so I love love love washing my face, I mentioned earlier I take the whole skincare routine seriously, I like a nice clean face at the end of the day or in the morning. But that initial feeling you get when your looking at a face full of make up and think "ughhhh I just want to go to bed", or "I will just use some wipes". Waterproof mascara now is my make up Mount Everest -stubborn bitch. I can literally spend nearly 5 minutes on one eye! just to make sure it has all come off properly and I am not faced with a panda eye situation in the morning. I only feel this way about make up when I have had a lot of it on and its late, I'm talking early hours of the next day and your bed is the perfect place to be, you want a nice clean face but you have to tackle that make up first. It is a chore you know has got to be done, you want great skin when your older, you want skin that represents you look after it. It is just massively tedious sometimes.

So those are my beauty chores that irritate me but I know I have to get done. Let me know in the comments what your beauty chores are? Maybe they are the same as mine?

Hope your having a great Wednesday!
Elle x


  1. I just can't floss, it always makes my gums bleed! I'm a lot better at taking my make-up off now that I have a routine but when I finish work at 11pm I can't be bothered always!
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. I know! When it's late you just feel like you can't be bothered to take your make up off, with flossing if you did it constantly for about a fortnight your gums wouldn't bleed, it's just because they aren't used to it and are sensitive that they bleed, but sometimes it can just be such a hassle to do twice a day, Elle x

  2. Washing my makeup brushes is a massive chore for me!! And taking off my makeup is too, although i ALWAYS take it off before i go to bed!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. A dirty makeup brush is my enemy as I know I'm going to have to wash it at some point! I just wish there was a simpler way to do it that isn't so time consuming! Elle x


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