Friday, 11 July 2014

Nostalgic Music

The other day I was tidying up my room and came across a unit filled with old CDs from when I was younger. It opened up a floodgate of childhood memories, me using a hairbrush as a microphone and turning up the volume so loud my parents used to think we would get a visit from the police due to noise disturbance. There were so many songs on these albums that I had completely forgotten about and embarrassingly so many that I remembered the words to. I thought it would be a nice little reminiscing post about past musical tastes. So here are the four that I was drawn to.

All Saints- All Saints
I was 7 when this was released and I remember them being around a similar time to the Spice Girls. These girls I used to love because they were based more about a R&B/Hip Hop genre rather than just pop music, so I used to love a lot of there songs. One of the girls used to do a little bit of rap on a few of the songs and it was the first time I had heard anything like it. Never Ever was the most famous song from this album and probably the one song that most people will remember them for. My other favourites were I Know Where It's At, Bootie Call and Lady Marmalade. As I got older they kind of went off the music scene a little but since then the only other song I remember was Pure Shores, one of the songs for the film The Beach (oh Leonardo Dicaprio). Still love this album and really am happy I have rediscovered it.

The Darkness-Permission To Land
This album came out when I was 13 and was probably one of those albums through my whole transition phase where you listen to lots of music but are not really sure what kind of stereotypical teenager you fit into. Emo, grunge, punk, Indie you know what I mean when all the same groups in school would be listening to the same music. I think I am a little more subtle now with music so probably a hard rock group wouldn't be my go to music. BUT I still love this album so much. Some great rock songs with a catchy tune, some incredible swear words, which being 13 I was a little bit like oh blimey lets not let Mum and Dad hear this too loud. Probably the most well known song on this album is I Believe In A Thing Called Love, still love it and still jealous of the guy with the high pitched notes he can pull off. Friday Night, Growing on Me and Get Your Hands Off My Woman are some other songs that have great memories for me.

Cruel Intentions Soundtrack- (Film)
Ok so this one is a little bit of a mixed bunch. I must have seen this film when I was 14/15 and instantly loved it. I had one of those weird teenage crushes on Ryan Phillippe for about a week and then found another film star to obsess over. But the music in this film I could not get over because it had so many types of songs that I loved. Back then Spotify and Itunes weren't around, so the only way really of looking at soundtracks for films was just going into a music store and finding it. I think this was my first soundtrack album for a film I had ever bought. Some of my favourites are Fatboy Slim- Praise You, Placebo- Every You Every Me and most importantly The Verve- Bitter Sweet Symphony. Still to this day 10 years on I love that song! its just that classic last scene of Reese Witherspoon with her sunglasses on driving the country roads in this flash car, with this playing in the background. Watch it!

Shaggy-Hot Shot
Haha and so I end with probably one of my most funniest albums. I was 10 when this came out, but it was due to the song It Wasn't Me that had me asking someone to buy me this. Basically this song is about a cheating boyfriend trying to ask his friend on what to do, his friend (Shaggy) just tells him to deny everything and hence the song title. So damn annoyingly catchy. This used to be playing (cassette version) on the school bus and being 10 I did not understand most of the what was going on, shamefully I used to ask this older boy what it meant by "Saw Me Banging on The Sofa" only for him to go bright red and telling me to ask someone else to explain. Haha still makes me chuckle. Nowadays this album is most likely something your going to hear at cheese nights at your local club. But my favourites were Dance and Shout, Freaky Girl and Angel. Ultimate cheese, but painfully still love some of these songs.

I would love to know if you have listened to any of these albums and what your thoughts are? Have you gone through your old music and seen what hidden gems you used to listen too?  Let me know in the comments or via twitter. I think you will be surprised at what sort of things you used to listen to.

Have a great Friday

Elle x

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  1. Oh my, I miss All Saints. My mum loved them so that album was always playing them.
    I actually heard them in three different shops when I was shopping earlier - it was so surreal!

    Rachael at

    1. They were amazing weren't they! How bizarre,maybe they are making some sort of comeback! Followed you back on bloglovin :) Elle x

  2. I LOVE cruel intentions. I'm going to watch it tomorrow now you've said that.
    Bet the soundtracks amazing

    1. Such a good film! Enjoy watching it, lovely blog btw :) Elle x

  3. I can honestly say, hand on heart, I have never ever owned a single one of these!


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