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Tips For Finding The Piece of Clothing You Want In Your Size

So you want to spend some money, you go into a clothes store, see something you like, look through the rail, but they don't have your size, Story of my life! It suddenly angers you that there are so many sizes for every other size but yours. Now it is even more annoying when you have a real love for this garment and have already formed an image in your head for several places you would wear it. I thought I would give you a few top tips of mine for trying your absolute best at getting that item.

1. Look Properly Through The Rail
Now this might sound obvious but sometimes when your in a hurry or have this sudden adrenaline that you have to have this item, you might have missed it tucked away somewhere (especially if the rail is packed full). Look carefully at each hanger, but always look at the label within that piece of clothing. Its an easy mistake to make sometimes in retail when someone puts something back on the rail with the wrong hanger size. Just double check.

2.Delivery Times
Asking the store when there deliveries are is key to knowing the best day to go shopping. Not every store will be the same and sometimes not every store will actually tell you. Don't take that personally its just that some stores get busier than others and if they tell everybody that deliveries are a particular day, I guess they don't want a swarm of people queuing for new stock. If you can find out the day it means that over the next couple of days the stock will be put out and hopefully then you can find the size you need. 

3.Changing Rooms
Throughout the day the changing rooms is a key part to perhaps finding what you need. People try things on and more than often don't always take everything they try. Most of us want to try something in two sizes to see which one looks better. Depending on how busy the day has been the changing rooms does not always get manned in some stores, meaning that maybe due to short staff or whatever the stock is left in there waiting for somebody to put it back onto the shop floor. If you manage to find a member of staff ask if they can check for you or if your already going into the changing rooms to try something on just ask. You might get some luck with finding what you want.

4.Simply just ask
Asking a member of staff is the easiest way of knowing instantly if something is in stock or not. Most retail stores have scanned every item within that store and therefore should have a computer record of what they have in stock. Of course this can't always be dead on correct but sometimes a member of staff will be more than happy to double check in the stockroom for you. Some stores also have the system of being able to check with other stores in the area or one that you want them to check. Maybe asking if something can be put on hold for you is possible if you are willing to go to another store.

Most stores now have websites where you can buy online. I cannot stress enough how helpful this has been for me, when I have seen something in store, given up hope but check online to find it is available. If it is not available you might have the option of leaving your email address so that they will then contact you when the item is in stock. Or you could also just get a picture of the item and tweet the company via Twitter asking if they know if it will be back in stock or not. I've done this a couple of times and usually they can tell me instantly if something will be back in stock or not. If this fails you then have the other options of checking if someone is selling it on ebay or more popular at the moment the app called Depop. Always make sure though your not paying an absolute fortune more than the original price.

6.Buying another size
If all else fails and you are completely determined to get this piece of clothing. It possibly will not be back in stock again then my last option is to just buy another size. It is a lot easier if you get a larger size because then it can be altered if needs be. Buying a smaller size than yourself could be tricky but not all together impossible to be altered. Rethink the look, if its a shirt, think of going for a more looser fit or even wearing it a dress if its really much bigger than yourself. 

I hope this helps some of you and has given you some tips that can help you find what you need. I've worked in retail before so its just a few things I have picked up working in it and being a customer. If there are any other tips or bits of advice you could add to this then please leave them in the comments below or let me know via Twitter.

Happy Shopping!
Elle x



  1. Brilliant post! These are all things I look for when I am shopping. There are always different ways to wear an item of clothing. I have recently bought a crop top with a button-up back that is a little tight so I just undo the bottom couple of buttons and it has a completely different look.

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you! I think that's great everyone should get a little creative with items of clothing, like you said it can completely change the style, Elle x


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