Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Musical Dramas: Films To Watch

Film stars singing can always make us feel a little uncertain at first because we most likely have only seen them act so when it comes to musicals, you usually either love them or hate them. I have never been a massive musical fan when it comes to films, I love musicals at theatres but when there is a film I always have a feeling of uncertainty. I have realised that I do like musical films but only ones that for me have a proper storyline which is dramatic and has a bit of a history behind it. So sorry to all the High School Musical fans but that definitely it not on my list. Here are a few musical drama films which I think that if you are undecided about the musical concept might make you like them more and grab your attention.

This is a film based in 1930's Germany, at the stage where the Nazi Party is becoming more popular. I love history in films rather than just present day so I was immediately sucked into this film because of its style and ambiance. The great Liza Minnelli stars as the lead role and it follows her time performing at a club and her relationship with a British Man. When I first saw the film I was shocked by the length of Liza Minnelli's eyelashes, seriously they look like spiders on her eyes. But in terms of the content of the film I was surprised with how the film ended because I really was not expecting it to have a storyline like it does. In terms of the songs, it is not a full on every word is sung kind of film, you have a mix between spoken word and singing. For me I do prefer to have that because it feels like the songs are a lot more powerful when they do come around. My favourite songs from the film are Mein HerrMoney Money, Maybe This Time and the title song Cabaret. It does have a bit of comedy throughout especially with the song performances, I really enjoyed the film and it won a lot of Oscars too.

Les Miserables
I think most of us would have heard of this regardless if you have seen the film. This came out and was one of the most talked about films in 2013, and because of that I did go and see it in the cinema. No joke I wanted to stand on my seat and sing along at some parts because it made me feel so empowered with music I felt like I was going to explode (in a good way). Quick brief of the storyline is that it is set in 19th Century France and focuses a lot on the revolutionary period of the time. I cannot really explain in detail because the characters all have different stories and ultimately link together. Now this really is what I call a musical because they pretty much sing every single word, which at first I was like....oh help me. But! you actually appreciate it so much more because it does that and for some strange reason because it is all so well acted you sort of forget about it. It is filmed so beautifully and I cannot fault anyone, as I think everyone in the film did a spectacular job. Some of the songs that stood out for me are On My Own, Do You Hear The People Sing? and I Dreamed a Dream. Not ashamed to admit I did actually shed a few tears throughout the film which was completely unexpected, but it is such a great film that I think you would enjoy.

The Sound of Music
"Doe, a deer, a female deer, Ray, a drop of golden sun" I just want to sing it out loud, Ultimate Classic, which if you have not seen, well what are you waiting for! I am sure you will know the story outline, but it follows the young Maria (Julie Andrews) who leaves the convent to become a governess for the Von Trapp family. I have always loved The Sound of Music, not just because of its amazing super great songs, but because of the plot line too. Again similar to Cabaret it is set in the 1930's but in Austria at a later date when it had been annexed in the Third Reich and was being taken over by the Nazi Party. It has a great historical matter to it and for me that is one of the reasons I love it. You can usually see this film on the TV at Christmas Time or New Years and I know most of the words to the songs because I have seen it so many times. Warning it is quite a long film, but it is totally worth it and could easily be one of your favourite things... (see what I did there).

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Hello Johnny Depp like you have never seen him before. This is a musical horror film, but it is not really that scary, gory and violent yes. When I first heard about this I instantly had that face of confusion, but when I heard Tim Burton would be directing it then I kind of understood how it would all look. There is a lot of singing, talking singing, so there are only a few bits in the film where no singing is involved. I did actually like the film and thought I would include it because it is a more grown up musical if you like. It is set in the Victorian age where Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp) a barber, kills his customers and along with his accomplice (Helena Bonham Carter) then cook them into pies. Haha just writing that it sounds disgusting but it is a completely different take on a musical drama which I think out of the others mentioned you really will have a love hate relationship with. Now honestly I would not say the singing is the best I have heard (still love you Johnny) but if you like the style of films Tim Burton directs then you will really enjoy this one.

These are a few of the musicals I like to watch because they have a storyline to them. Not being an immediate musical fan I find with these they slowly bring that transition into enjoying musical films.

I would love to know what you think, have you seen any of these films? Let me know in the comments to if there are any you think are good and would recommend to watch?

Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday

Elle x

Monday, 25 August 2014

Little Things That Make Me Happy

We all like feeling happy, being on cloud nine and having a smile like the Cheshire cat. Now I am not one of those people that can be constantly upbeat or bounce of the walls, I have my moody time too and wear a frown now and again. So when I talk about being happy I don't mean that happiness you feel when something exciting has happened, your happy you have friends and family or you passed an exam, we all have those feelings of happiness towards the obvious things. I mean those little things that personally make YOU happy. You might just find yourself sitting on a bus and see something that makes you smile. You might be listening to a song and it makes you smile. We all have these unique little things that make us smile for our own reason and sometimes people might not always understand why your smiling or why your laughing, but to you it means something. I am going to talk about a few of the things that make me smile.

Seeing a cup of tea when I want one, makes me instantly want to curl up into a little ball of glee. I have no clue why but tea just gives me a happy feeling. I think its a bit like getting a hug off someone, its just waiting there with open arms. I feel relaxed and I feel at home no matter where I am when its served and for me it makes me happy.

Sleeping Animals
So before I moved back home I couldn't have any pets in my flat which meant that I was never really around animals that much. Now back at home we have three cats which I adore but it is just when they are sleeping my heart melts. I feel the same towards most animals, when there eyes are closed and they just look adorable.

Phone Signal
Please do not think I am some sort of crazy phone lady constantly on my phone, I am not at all. In fact I could easily be without having internet or texting for a while. What I mean by having phone signal is I feel like I am safe. In a sense that I know I can call someone if I needed to, or if anything was going wrong. I'm not just talking about an emergency call. Being back in the countryside I find it an absolute nightmare to get signal, so when I have got even just one bar if I go some place, I like the feeling of knowing that if I had to I can make a call. It gives me a feeling of content, because you also never know if someone needs to reach you. I probably would add having a full phone battery is nice too.

Elderly Couples
Old love is one of the most beautiful things. Almost a lifetime together and there are still couples together stronger than ever. I was on the train recently and I was sat near this elderly couple who were going to visit there granddaughter. They were just sat there sharing a bag of almonds and were slightly confused by the whole train experience. I was reading my book when they got off the train but it was just the way they were both helping each other and thanking the train staff. It just made me sit in my seat and smile about how lovely it was to see.

Being Early
Now I am a bit of a organisation nerd, so I like to be on time for things, and if that means being 10-15 minutes early, than happy bonus for me. Being late, (usually down to public transport) I do not freak out but it makes me feel uneasy. I just feel like I give off a cheeky smile when I am early and can breathe a sigh of relief that I made it there.

Wearing Pyjamas
Your damn right I am the kind of person to get back from work or day out and get into comfy pyjamas. It just feels so good to be in your lounge wear/sleepwear and get on with things. I am way more productive writing blog posts when I have my pyjamas on (wearing them now in fact). I think at work you usually have to conform to some sort of style, or going out you need to look a certain way. At home I like nothing better than chilling out in pyjamas, it makes me happy, simple.

Watching A Sunset
I know a lot of people like a view and you only have to go on Instagram to see sunset pictures constantly being taken (done it myself). But I absolutely love watching sunsets until the sun goes down. It just makes me happy and makes me feel really reflective too. I always think about who else might be watching it around the world and how different it must look.

My ultimate complaint is a lot of people forget there manners. Saying Please and Thank you is not a massive chore. People seem to spend so much time using swear words now than they do just using manners. This is something that always grates on me and I feel personally very happy when somebody uses manners around me. When I worked in retail I cannot tell you how happy I felt when someone said Thank you to me for my help than someone who just walked away. Kindness is not that difficult and having manners means you will earn respect.

Lots of things make me smile, I am a pretty positive person so naturally I can make myself happy. But it is those little things that just give you a sudden boost of happiness and make you feel a little bit brighter.

Definitely let me know in the comments what little things make you happy? Or even if you feel the same about mine? I would love to know!

Hope you are having a great Bank Holiday Monday!

Elle x


Friday, 22 August 2014

Nostalgic Music Part 2

Hearing music you used to listen to can be surprisingly revealing and reminiscent of the music taste you had. But also it allows you to rediscover songs you might have completely forgotten about and enjoy all over again. You can see my first post here, where I cringed over some of the albums I own. Now I am doing a similar post where I look back at music albums I bought when I was younger.

Destiny's Child- Survivor
All Hail Queen B, who would have thought from a girl band that Beyonce would have turned into the world phenomenon she is today. So I love Beyonce, but I loved Destiny's Child with this album in particular. To be honest they had a lot of hits and songs I absolutely loved and would dance around to in my bedroom, using my hairbrush as a microphone. I would have only been 11, which seems insane, but they really were an amazing group. I know that they have officially split nowadays, doing there own solo careers, but every so often they do tend to join together again to perform there old classics which is lovely. On this album some of my favourites were Survivor, Bootylicious and Emotion. But my overall favourite was Independent Women, I think to this day everyone knows that song as being one of there most popular hits.....Question? I have no real feeling of guilt or embarrassment with this album because I still think they are great and love there music.

N Sync- No Strings Attached
Who remembers the young Justin Timberlake? I was pretty in love with N Sync back in the day, as they were American I used to think they were so cool. I had posters of them on my wall before my Leonardo Dicaprio phase and I was always trying to look out for them on Top of The Pops or Live and Kicking (remember those TV programmes?). For me I used to love the song Bye Bye Bye which was the song that put them into the spotlight as a band. I would watch the music video on repeat just for that little bit in it where Justin Timberlake does that little laugh in the middle, oh swoon, in fact you can see the video here if you want to see what I am talking about. Being just 10 years old when this came out, I clearly never listened to many of the other songs on the album because I cannot remember half of them. My other favourite was It's Gonna Be Me. I never really followed the Backstreet Boys, so my focus was always on N Sync, even at a later date when they did that collaboration with Nelly and when Justin and Britney Spears were the most talked about couple on the planet. Aww I miss them.

Coyote Ugly Soundtrack
I love this film so much! I used to feel so jealous of the girls in it and think how cool it all looked. Well the thing that made it for me was the music in it and even to this day I still have a lot of the songs on my iPod. The main focus of the film and soundtrack was that it brought LeAnn Rimes into the singing world, who I don't really hear about nowadays but back then she was always in the music charts. Her song Can't Fight The Moonlight was number one in the UK and was the main song from the film, even today I hear that song played in different places because it has turned into a classic. When I first saw the film I must have been just a teenager, so it was a while after the film had been released that I bought this album but it was because I loved the music so much. When I was 15 I finally bought the album, but the annoying thing was that it does not have all the great songs on there that I liked. The ones on the album which I would play over and over again are The Power by Snap!, Need You Tonight by INXS and one I think most people would have heard Unbelievable by EMF. In the film though they have songs from Blondie, Gloria Gaynor and Kid Rock. I just used to love every song and would dance around watching the film because the music was so great. Definitely watch the film if you haven't.

Dido- No Angel
I was around 12 when Dido became famous and was on all the music chart shows. For me I really liked Dido because she had a different style of music to what I was used to listening to. My main focus had been on girl groups and boy bands so this slowly made me get into solo artists. Her song Here With Me is the one that sticks out for me, I used to watch this American TV show called Roswell (anyone else remember?) and it was the theme tune to the show. But what really made me listen to Dido was because she had that collaboration song with Eminem called Stan. I love Eminem, not that I am a massive rap fan or anything but Eminem I could always appreciate with his music and Stan was a song that stuck out for me. The chorus used in it was Dido's song Thank You. She just had a very chilled out voice that was easy to listen to. I never really followed her much after this album so I am not sure what happened with her music career, but all the same I loved this album and am really happy I found it again.

So here are a few more of my nostalgic albums that brought back a lot of memories for me. Did any of you listen to these albums or remember the songs?

Let me know in the comments if you recognise any of these!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Elle x


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Diaries From The Past

Diaries From The Past

Looking back at a picture of your younger self is always a little bit odd or cringe. Hairstyles change, fashion sense changes, even your body has changed. But when you read your younger self's thoughts it brings back such a weird feeling. You know that you wrote those thoughts whether you remember them or not and you suddenly can make up this image in your head as to what you were actually like back then. Back in my parents house I came across a storage unit filled with different notebooks, stationary and old diaries. It was like seeing an old friend, you recognise them but you cannot remember exactly what they had looked like. My diaries were never the traditional, "write about your day in one page on that exact date". I was more of a scrapbook diary keeper, I would keep things that mattered, things I would want to remember and stick them into my diary, explaining the reason behind it. Other times I would just write about my day if something had happened. But ultimately it gives me such a great experience looking back at the past because there are things to remind myself of particular occasions, like tickets, receipts and photos. I learned an awful lot from reading my old diaries, they are spread between the ages of 15-16 and I thought it would be interesting to tell you what I had learnt about myself from back then.

I Fancied A Lot of Boys.
No joke, nearly every other page I am talking about another guy I had a crush on. Whether it be someone at school (usually sixth formers), a celebrity or even some random boy in my village. I was clearly boy obsessed and oh my would I talk about them. Now this is not talking about my experiences with boys because I was incredibly well behaved *angel face*. I mean I would just suddenly fancy a guy, get all obsessed with him and talk about him non stop. Then suddenly he would annoy me or I would get tired talking about him and suddenly it was someone else in my eye line. My descriptions of boys and the things that I would dwell upon are the funniest to read. I would go on for ages about if a guy had looked at me, had waved at me, or low and behold had actually spoken to me. It was like headline news to me. Now that I am 24 it is hysterical to read because I was so naive and instantly impressed by somebody, whilst nowadays if a guy speaks to me, I'm not suddenly worshipping the ground he walks on or frantically drawing hearts around his name. Ultimately it is extremely cringe worthy, but it is also very funny and due to my detailed descriptions of these boys, I remember each and every one. Little secret I had a massive crush on Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley in Harry Potter) did not remember that at all until I discovered my diary. It was all harmless fun I am hoping any 15 year old girl would have done.

I Went To A Lot of Music Gigs.
The amount of ticket stubs in my diaries are unreal. Music gigs were apparently my social event of each week when I was 15. I'm not talking a big music gig like at a festival, I'm talking those little gigs at village halls or in someone's back garden. Battle of The Bands was all I would ever go and see. A lot of my friends were in different bands from what I remember so that would be the main reason I would attend. I even still have a few CDS they had made back in the day, not going to lie it isn't the best music I have heard in my life, but it is a memory that I can keepsake. The funny thing was at that time in my life I was slowly becoming more diverse with my music taste. It had been a long time since the Spice Girls and obviously as you grow up your parents allow you to start listening to other music. I still remember that proud moment I felt when I had my first CD with the parental advisory sticker on the front, I thought I was bad ass. But these music events were my way of meeting new people, making friends, having a laugh, and going back to my first point, fancying boys in the bands.

I Hated School.
Yep I said it, I clearly hated school back then. Thinking about it now and my overall experience I really did dislike school and to be honest it is hard to pinpoint why. In my diaries I would complain about teachers, school rules, disruptive people in class and exams. After all most pupils suffer at school and hate it at some stage of there life. The thing is and it was clear back then I cannot tell you why I hated school, there was an awful lot I disliked, but I am also incredibly grateful for the experience it gave me. It was a massive life lesson, it gave me friends, qualifications, life experience and a leavers prom. I did actually love parts of school, but only the parts when I felt the most comfortable. I think it is something like I said before I cannot pinpoint why I did not like it, I just do not think school was for me or maybe it was the school I went to. It made me feel like an average individual, maybe the school uniform made me feel trapped, I really just do not know. I wanted to do well, school is essential to get qualifications but my heart was never in it, (I did get my qualifications by the way). But I just remember at the age of 18, finally finishing school and breathing a massive sigh of relief thinking I'm Free.

I Partied A Lot.
16 was the age that I had the most invites to parties and social events. From camping to sleeping on a beach, I apparently did it all. I have never been that person that could ever put myself into a stereotypical group at school. I was not really clever, a popular kid, a sportsman, an emo, or any other social stereotypes you get at school. I was just me, this sort of average girl who would get on with it and be friendly to people. Maybe you might think I was a floater, someone who would go from group to group, but I really wasn't. I had my close friends and I just enjoyed different peoples company, it would not bother me if they had bright blue hair or spent their lunchtime in the library. I genuinely would enjoy speaking to different people and knowing more about them.This meant that I was invited to a lot of different parties over this time period. Due to it being the main GCSE year a lot of it was celebratory parties. Fancy dress, village halls, camping up a mountain, the scene was completely different and I honestly did enjoy myself at most of them. Under age alcohol was present at most of the parties and believe me I was sensible back then, I would quietly sip on a small bottle of Bacardi Breezer all night long, whilst others would be getting plastered. I realised that from what I have written, a lot of the time I felt trapped, social pressures would get on top of me and I would see people genuinely be bullied for not having a drink. I feel slightly sickened by reading those parts because even though I could get away with it (a lot of the time I would pour something onto the ground and pretended I had drunken it) it would not stop me from seeing someone succumb to social pressure. That is something that really should have been dealt with maturely.

I Do Not Mention My Parents That Often.
When reading these diaries it occurred to me that there were very rare times I would actually be writing about my parents. Remember this is only in a time frame of 15-16 but my main focus was about my social life and myself. Talking about me was my main topic. I guess there is nothing wrong with doing that at all, a diary is meant for you to write whatever you want, just like my blog here is. But because I am such a family person, I have such a strong bond with my parents and my ultimate goal in life is to make them proud, it seems shocking to me that I rarely mention them. Of course in the bigger picture they were always there, taking be places being my taxi drivers, being at home for me to talk about my day and listen to my problems, supporting me through school work and making me smile when I had a bad day. This is the only time where I just think I was being selfish with my life and just would never mention my home life. That is what annoys me about my teenage self, my home life was fantastic, I was always happy at home but I just neglect to talk about it that much in these years, mainly because I was so focused on having boyfriends and fitting in. I just wish I had written more memories about them because I was incredibly lucky to have and still have such supportive parents who allowed me to have a social life but made me keep the balance between school work and socialising.

I Was Quite Mature For My Age.
Now after just saying that I would have crushes on boys, party hard and hated school, your probably thinking that does not sound very mature. But I honestly did have very grown up approaches to things. It is fine to be silly and learn from experiences when your young, that is what allows you to be the person you are when your older. Acting your age is always important and I always think I have followed this. What I am trying to say is that I see similar thought processes back then to how I think now, yes I know it is the same person, but we are different stages of myself and we think the same. I had great morals and still do, they haven't changed. Back then I was welcoming, friendly and non judgemental, I still am. When I had a diary entry where I would just be talking in depth about how someone had hurt me or if I felt sad, the 16 year old brain picks myself up the same way as I do now. I know how I can make myself happy, I know what I will put up with in my life and I know what kind of person I want to be. Back then I would hate people bullying each other, I would stand up against it, I would defend a person if I felt they needed defending, I would always listen to people and I would respect people who respected me. Now at 15-16 it is so easy to get caught up with being this sex crazed, breaking boundaries due to social pressure to smoke, drink alcohol or even take drugs, and be popular. But I never was like this, I was sensible and I was extremely responsible because ultimately I didn't want to have to fit into a crowd of people who thought it was cool to cheat, lie, pressurise or bully someone into doing something. Back then I knew what I felt comfortable with, and I dealt with every awkward situation that came my way in a mature manner. Honestly I am pretty proud of my self for acting the way I did and having stuck by morals that I still feel the same today, nearly 10 years on.

It was such an eye-opener for me to read the diary by my teenage self and understand how I felt back then with certain situations. Being a teenager was one of the biggest hurdles I have had so far in my life, people change and most importantly your changing. I feel no regrets about anything that happened or how I behaved, I'm pretty chuffed with myself and realise that I was just a child who was able to figure out what I felt comfortable with and would stand my ground. That young girl is still a part of me inside and even though I have grown up a bit more (definitely with the partying and having a guy crush every other day) I am still the same person who has the same personality and beliefs. Now I am just a more confident version.

I would urge you guys to have a look at your old diaries and read the memories you made, Have any of you changed that much? What do you think you have learnt from yourself back then? I honestly would love to know your own stories, so do let me know in the comments. If you have done something similar to this, as I know there have been a few advice I would give my teenage self posts going around, leave me your link to have a read.

Also think about keeping a diary if you don't already, I cannot wait till I am in my thirties to be able to look back at myself now and how I am as a twenty something woman.

Have a great Wednesday
Elle x

Friday, 8 August 2014

Make Up Tasks I Never Get Right

I have worn make up now for ten years, which is a crazy thought. I have gone through my sparkly eye shadow stage, my experiments with different colour eye liner (green definitely does not go with my blue eyes) and my sticky pink lip gloss stage. I have learnt a lot and now feel comfortable that I have found what works for me and what make up look I like to wear. But I am no expert and still suffer with problems applying make up even though I get nearly daily experiences to give it a try. It is that feeling before doing the certain task that you think, please just let me get this right! So here are a few of my make up tasks I just can never manage to get right.

1.Applying Lipstick
I fail miserably at this. I rarely put on lipstick unless it is for an event or special occasion (usually a red lip), but for some reason I can never put it on without it turning into a mess. It is usually the last stage, the rest of my make up is done, it is all resting on me to put this lipstick on and boom I've gone and moved my hand, now its on my nose, Seriously? I always get shaky hands and manage to smudge it even before I have done half the lip. I do sometimes use a brush to help me but it never comes out as well as straight from the bullet. So as a cop out I get someone else to put in on for me most of the time.

2. Filling In My Eyebrows
I have only been doing this in the last few years, so I don't feel as bad for not getting it right all the time. I think a lot of us girls understand how annoying eyebrows can be, when there just not cooperating with us and a little bit of bad weather means they have a new look from morning to night. So eyebrows are supposed to be sisters yes? and not twins, that is a great way to think of it, but I don't think they mean long lost sisters and sometimes mine feel like that. I hate pencils so completely stay away from those, powder and an angled brush suit me fine. But my god is it stressful. Brushing through, checking there both equal, brushing through again, applying the powder, a few little tweaks here and there, before ending with a setting gel. I spend more time on this part of my make up than anything else.

So apparently this is a thing? Which I only heard about since that whole Kim Kardashian look became famous and there was a picture of what she looks like before it is all blended in. Yes well I just cannot do it right, I suck my cheeks in and it looks like I have just smeared a bit of mud on my face. Blend Blend Blend is what I get told, well then it just looks like I have done nothing whatsoever. It works perfectly for other people and has great effects, but sometimes I just feel like I don't really know what I am doing so I just stick to the bronzer.

4. Winged Eye liner
The classic cat eye flick, the eye look I wear every day. Its a look I feel comfortable with since I was 17/18 and it has just stuck with me, I feel like I look like a different person with it not on. But oh dear am I extremely bad at doing it. I must have read every tip and watched every video to help me, but it still does not stop me from making a big black mess on my eyes. Literally a layer too much and I look like a panda. Its that back and forth motion between both eyelids, checking that they are symmetrical and appear similar in width. This task brings the old shaky hands back.

I am no beauty guru or make up artist, so the way I see it is that I have every right to get things wrong every so often. I would love to know if any of you struggle with these make up tasks? Or even if you have any others that you struggle with? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great weekend!
Elle x

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Summer Hairdo

Summer for me is always a time I like to change my hair colour. Naturally I have a light brown hair colour which I like but sometimes I get a bit bored with and want a change. I have well looked after but fine hair, meaning that even though my hair is not damaged I don't have a lot of it. When it comes down to hairstyles my hair is so slippery as they call it that it is really difficult to get a hairstyle to stay in place (unless nearly a whole can of hairspray is used), which is why I turned to getting my hair coloured to ombre. I did this last summer, but had a lot of blonde in it and ultimately even though I loved it, because of the sun as well it did damage the ends of my hair a little. So this year I went to my hairdressers and asked for a caramel ombre. This is the end result:

I am really happy with it because its subtle and means that because I can't hold a lot of hairstyles, it just adds a little something without me actually having to do anything to it. It makes me feel a little bit summery as well due to the little bit of blonde on the tips and that was something I wanted to do. I think it brightens up my hair from being just a coffee brown. I like to give my hair some time off being dyed though because it is fine that I don't want to overdo it and strip all the goodness from it. I know that having ombre hair is something a lot of people do nowadays but for me I really like it and I haven't got bored of getting it done. 

Do any of you get your hair coloured in summer? Also if you have any tips if you have or have had ombre hair before that you think I should know let me know in the comments!

I have also just started an Instagram account too, so you can add me at: notesofpetranella
I would love to follow you guys on there.

Hope your having a lovely Wednesday!

Elle x


Monday, 4 August 2014

The British Tag

This tag I have seen popping up on different blogs and YouTube channels and being British myself I instantly wanted to do a post on it. I think it was Sammi from The Beauty Crush who made it. So here goes:

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day and how many sugars?
Usually 2 cups, one in the morning, one after dinnertime. No sugar, I like strong tea.

2. Favourite part of your roast?
Without a shadow of a doubt it has to be home made roast potatoes, you know the kind that are really crisp and fluffy in the middle, oh my, I could eat those just by themselves with a helping of gravy.

3. Favourite Dunking Biscuit?
Chocolate Chip Cookies my ultimate favourite, there great in tea and a glass of milk.

4. Favourite Quintessentially British Pass Time?
I have two. My first is when you go down to the seaside or a town near a riverside, where you can go on those pedal boats and feed the ducks. They always seem to have these amusement parks. Its not necessarily something just the British do but I just love those amusement games where you pop in a 2p coin and try and push them off the edge. Or the game where you have a metal arm that tries to pick up a cuddly toy, is it just me that never ever managed to get the toy? My second would be afternoon tea, a love of tea and a love of little savoury and sweet snacks presented on a 3 tier tray. Just amazing.

5. Favourite Word?
Haha I don't know if this is an actual British word, but it just seems like something a lot of stereotypical English people would say. "Gosh" or "Golly Gosh", back when I was in primary school was your way of showing your shock at something. Rather than saying a typical swear word we hear nowadays this was the one word people would say all over the school yard. My other favourite is ridiculous, I use that one a lot.

6. Cockney Rhyming Slang?
I haven't really ever been around a lot of cockney people in my life so far, but from watching a lot of TV, the only one I can think of is dog and bone- telephone. So an example of this being used is "I'm getting straight on the dog and bone to let them know".

7. Favourite Sweet?
I had quite a lot of sweets back in the day, especially when you get pick and mix, remember when Woolworths was around? it was like a £1 for a massive bag of sweets. Pear Drops will and forever be one of my favourites, oh my how amazing. They were basically a hard boiled sweet that looked like a pear and tasted like pear.

8. What would your pub be called?
Oh dear me, hmmm, I have always liked the pub called Cheers (TV Show) because it is just short and sweet. But because I am a massive Game of Thrones fan "Winter is Coming" is a nice pub name, to be honest there is probably already one out in the world called that.

9. Number 1 British Person?
Ok I'm going to go all literary here but William Shakespeare. Just imagine not ever reading about Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummers Night Dream or Macbeth. He inspired so many people to write and act over the centuries so I have to say him.

10. Favourite Shop/Restaurant?
Boots, I mean seriously where would I be without it, I actually enjoy going in there more than I do clothes shopping nowadays. Waitrose would be another favourite to me because I love food and it has so many ingredients for recipes I like.

11. What British Song Pops Into Your Head?
I really have no idea why but Robbie Williams just instantly popped into my head, specifically the song Let Me Entertain You.

12. Marmite?
I do like Marmite but small amounts of it, a cheese and Marmite sandwich is yummy.

I really enjoyed doing this tag, it was a lot of fun to answer the questions. Let me know in the comments if you have done this tag and leave your links to your version :)

Happy Monday

Elle x

Friday, 1 August 2014

Date Night: Films To Watch

Date Night, whether it is early on in the relationship or you have been together for years, everybody loves a date night. A night out, a restaurant, but for me nothing tops a date night at home watching a film and scoffing your face full of pizza and maltesers. The only problem is sometimes you might have an issue with what film your going to watch, you love chick flicks, he doesn't, he loves war films, you hate them. Usually compromise is a big deal in any relationship, so one of you will just pretend you like a film in order not to offend the other. But here are a few films that I think you might possibly be able to agree on watching together and enjoy.

The Inbetweeners Movie- To some degree I think you might enjoy this a little more if you watched the series on channel 4, BUT if you both like a bit of British comedy and don't get easily offended by rude humour then I think this would be a great film for you to watch. It follows Will, Simon, Neil and Jay on there lads holiday to Greece, they have just finished school and it is there final time all together before some of them go off to University. Now for us girls there are parts which are a little bit shall I say gross, but because these guys are so likeable you just have to laugh. It is a coming of age film focusing on drinking, girls and friendship. Expect a lot of cringe moments from these guys because they are a little bit geeky and essentially that is why we love them because they don't really know what they are doing.

Drive- He will most likely love the cars and the violence in this film. But hey it has got Ryan Gosling in so that is a big bonus for you. This is more an intense film to watch, it is a crime thriller that for me has a great plot line that is easy to follow. Now there is a bit of murdering and blood (just to point that out for the squeamish) but you get a lot of screen time with Gosling and if your as much of a fan as I am, it will not matter what is going on because he just has that Hey Girl... calm beautiful face.

The Dark Knight- Yes it is a batman film, a superhero film, a film for those comic book lovers. But it is a bloody amazing film. I never knew anything about Batman nor did I care until I saw this film. It does have a very dark nature to it, there is a lot of crime and death. But it makes you on edge, the people in the film are incredible, it is directed with such a great modern style. Now the main reason I first watched this was because of Heath Ledger and the fact he was awarded an Oscar for his performance after his death. Watch it for his performance because it is amazing, it without a doubt makes the film what it is and why it has gained such a success. It is a bit of a dark film to watch on a date night, but he will love it and I think surprisingly you will find yourself enjoying it too.

21 Jump Street- Everyone loves a good old bromance nowadays, there popping up in so many different films. For me you cannot beat a great bromance like Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. This film is an action comedy, which focuses on two policemen going undercover to find out who the supplier is for a drug going around all the high school kids. If you both have a love for a bit of comedy you will really love this film, and the action part of it is really entertaining. But these guys have such a funny relationship that it feels like a really easy film to watch without being confused.

Easy A- This film has a female central character. I know a lot of the films I have chosen have a lot of male protagonists but this one is more of a chick flick that I think a lot of guys would enjoy watching. Main reason for this, Emma Stone. So many guys seem to love Emma Stone and I think it is because she has a bit of a tomboy side to her and isn't overly girly. This is an american teen comedy which focuses on a girl who ultimately gets nerdy boys giving her money or gifts in exchange for her to tell people she has had sexual liaisons with them. It then focuses on her reputation and how she deals with all of this attention for ultimately lying and never actually having done anything with anyone. The plot might sound a bit weird but it has got laughs and it is just a good chick flick you can get away watching with a guy with him hopefully not falling asleep.

Django Unchained- It is a Quentin Tarantino film, what more can I say. Yes it is a little controversial and gory like most Tarantino films are (did you see that fight scene in Kill Bill?), but ultimately it is really well directed. The best way to explain this film is that it is a kind of stylish spaghetti western, with a great cast and a fantastic storyline. The soundtrack is great and it is one of the first cowboy films I have ever really enjoyed the whole way through. If you are familiar with the style of films Tartantino does then you will both love watching this one.

Those are my six films I would recommend for a date night. Of course everyone has there own taste and people enjoy many different genres of films, but I think these for me would be some of my top picks in order to find a balance with what you feel like watching.

Do let me know in the comments if you have seen any of these films, or even some you would recommend for a date night, I would love to know.

You can always contact me on Twitter as well.

Have a fantastic weekend

Elle x
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