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Date Night: Films To Watch

Date Night, whether it is early on in the relationship or you have been together for years, everybody loves a date night. A night out, a restaurant, but for me nothing tops a date night at home watching a film and scoffing your face full of pizza and maltesers. The only problem is sometimes you might have an issue with what film your going to watch, you love chick flicks, he doesn't, he loves war films, you hate them. Usually compromise is a big deal in any relationship, so one of you will just pretend you like a film in order not to offend the other. But here are a few films that I think you might possibly be able to agree on watching together and enjoy.

The Inbetweeners Movie- To some degree I think you might enjoy this a little more if you watched the series on channel 4, BUT if you both like a bit of British comedy and don't get easily offended by rude humour then I think this would be a great film for you to watch. It follows Will, Simon, Neil and Jay on there lads holiday to Greece, they have just finished school and it is there final time all together before some of them go off to University. Now for us girls there are parts which are a little bit shall I say gross, but because these guys are so likeable you just have to laugh. It is a coming of age film focusing on drinking, girls and friendship. Expect a lot of cringe moments from these guys because they are a little bit geeky and essentially that is why we love them because they don't really know what they are doing.

Drive- He will most likely love the cars and the violence in this film. But hey it has got Ryan Gosling in so that is a big bonus for you. This is more an intense film to watch, it is a crime thriller that for me has a great plot line that is easy to follow. Now there is a bit of murdering and blood (just to point that out for the squeamish) but you get a lot of screen time with Gosling and if your as much of a fan as I am, it will not matter what is going on because he just has that Hey Girl... calm beautiful face.

The Dark Knight- Yes it is a batman film, a superhero film, a film for those comic book lovers. But it is a bloody amazing film. I never knew anything about Batman nor did I care until I saw this film. It does have a very dark nature to it, there is a lot of crime and death. But it makes you on edge, the people in the film are incredible, it is directed with such a great modern style. Now the main reason I first watched this was because of Heath Ledger and the fact he was awarded an Oscar for his performance after his death. Watch it for his performance because it is amazing, it without a doubt makes the film what it is and why it has gained such a success. It is a bit of a dark film to watch on a date night, but he will love it and I think surprisingly you will find yourself enjoying it too.

21 Jump Street- Everyone loves a good old bromance nowadays, there popping up in so many different films. For me you cannot beat a great bromance like Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. This film is an action comedy, which focuses on two policemen going undercover to find out who the supplier is for a drug going around all the high school kids. If you both have a love for a bit of comedy you will really love this film, and the action part of it is really entertaining. But these guys have such a funny relationship that it feels like a really easy film to watch without being confused.

Easy A- This film has a female central character. I know a lot of the films I have chosen have a lot of male protagonists but this one is more of a chick flick that I think a lot of guys would enjoy watching. Main reason for this, Emma Stone. So many guys seem to love Emma Stone and I think it is because she has a bit of a tomboy side to her and isn't overly girly. This is an american teen comedy which focuses on a girl who ultimately gets nerdy boys giving her money or gifts in exchange for her to tell people she has had sexual liaisons with them. It then focuses on her reputation and how she deals with all of this attention for ultimately lying and never actually having done anything with anyone. The plot might sound a bit weird but it has got laughs and it is just a good chick flick you can get away watching with a guy with him hopefully not falling asleep.

Django Unchained- It is a Quentin Tarantino film, what more can I say. Yes it is a little controversial and gory like most Tarantino films are (did you see that fight scene in Kill Bill?), but ultimately it is really well directed. The best way to explain this film is that it is a kind of stylish spaghetti western, with a great cast and a fantastic storyline. The soundtrack is great and it is one of the first cowboy films I have ever really enjoyed the whole way through. If you are familiar with the style of films Tartantino does then you will both love watching this one.

Those are my six films I would recommend for a date night. Of course everyone has there own taste and people enjoy many different genres of films, but I think these for me would be some of my top picks in order to find a balance with what you feel like watching.

Do let me know in the comments if you have seen any of these films, or even some you would recommend for a date night, I would love to know.

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Have a fantastic weekend

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  1. Aww, what a nice idea for a blog :)
    Loveee Drive, The Dark Knight - great picks!

    New to blogging so please give me a follow :)

    1. Thank you :) I've given you a follow babe, Elle xx

  2. I've seen all of these except the first one, they were all good... 21 Jump Street was hilarious!!


    1. Haha glad you've seen most of them, I know 21 Jump Street is so funny, that whole drug phase scene where they are giggling is hysterical, Elle x

  3. I love Inbetweeners movie, such a feel good film - not so keen on the second one though! Not sure what i'd recommend for a date night, it's been that long since me and my husband had one, we just watch random movies on Sky when we see them on

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

    1. I have still yet to see the second one, It has had such mixed reviews! Sometimes just watching a random film is nice though because you could end up watching something amazing that you had never heard of before, Elle x


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