Friday, 12 September 2014

A Green Smoothie I Love Recipe

mango, avocado, banana, spinach

For all of you on a health kick, I could not resist posting this up, or just for those who love a good smoothie I thought I would put up this recipe. The simplicity of this smoothie and the fact it gives me a boost of energy is why I constantly want to keep making it. The best bit is it contains 4 ingredients (well 5 if you count water as an ingredient?).

This recipe serves 2 people (or one really thirsty smoothie loving person):

You will need:

1 Avocado
1 Mango
1 Banana
1 Handful of Spinach

So to begin, peel and slice your banana. I use a banana as part of the sweetness for the smoothie, so you do not need to add any sugar. You do not have to use a knife for this, you can always just break the banana up, but I like to think I am some sort of professional chef (definitely am not) who then makes little smiley faces with the fruit.

Then moving onto your avocado. I use avocado because not only do I love the taste, it makes the smoothie thick and creamy. So it basically acts as a thickener making your smoothie really filling, which is great if you want to cure any hunger pains you might be having. Your avocado should be fairly green and soft when it is ripe, any grey bits, get rid. All I do is cut it in half and get rid of the huge round seed/pip inside. Scoop out the green flesh (hate that word) with a spoon.

Then on to the messiest part, cutting up the mango. I must mention always be careful using a knife, I know stop being a fussy old woman, but I do care and would hate anyone to hurt themselves. It is up to you really how you want to cut up a mango, you can peel it first and then slice it up (like my mum does). Or you can cut it in half and then do the cuts in the mango up and down to create a hedgehog effect and then slice the fruit off the skin. Unfortunately with this mango it was so so juicy (which is actually a nice thing) that it was a messy experience, just make sure your careful of the big ass fruit stone in the middle and try to get as much fruit flesh (ugh again that word!) off the stone.

Then for nutritional goodness (and to make the smoothie green) you need a handful of spinach. I just have a small bowlful, which is pretty much half a packets worth. All I do with this is just thoroughly wash it.

Then all you need to do is put all of these ingredients into your food processor, blender, smoothie machine, whatever it is you use to whizz everything up. I use a Nutribullet which is designed for making juices and smoothies, so it gives me a clear guideline of how much water I need to add to the ingredients. But for other machines, I would say about a cup of cold water is how I would prefer it, but you can add more to make it more thinner, just be careful it does not over spill onto your work surface. Nobody wants to clean that mess up, even though just thinking about watching someone else do that would be pretty funny.

Before the blending:

After the blending:

Then all you need to do is pour it into a glass or drinking device of your choice and enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed the post, this is a drink I will make numerous times throughout the week because I love it so much and wanted to share it with you. Obviously you can interpret from it what you want and make your own if you do not like a certain ingredient. I basically just mixed some of my favourite fruits and vegetables together and it created this.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite smoothie is? as I would love to try them out for myself. Are you into this latest juice craze that is going on?

Have an amazing weekend!

Elle x

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  1. This sounds delicious- I'm not much of a smoothie or juice drinkers, but this actually sounds very appealing :)
    Jennifer xx

    1. Thank you lovely, yes I am addicted to this smoothie! mainly because it is so delicious and not sickly like some smoothies can be :) Elle x

  2. I want to try this out, great pictures!! ♥
    XOXO Nati

    1. Thanks lovely! I hope you enjoy it if you do try it out :) Elle x


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