Friday, 19 September 2014

Having Fine Hair- Problems and Tips

Having a moan about your hair once in a while is completely understandable, it looks a mess, it is not cooperating when you want to try out a new hairstyle or it simply just looks dull. Granted we all are aware we have different hair types and therefore just have to put up with what we were born with and embrace it. Therefore meaning you need to know what works best for your hair for it to get the desired look you want. I am no different I have massive rants sometimes about my hair being fine and get serious hair envy of people with such long thick hair and think lucky them. Even when I watch the Disney film Tangled  I am so jealous of Rapunzel's long thick blonde locks. But it works vice versa like I said everyone has a moan about there hair, meaning that everyone with different hair types has the occasional irritation with there own hair and wish for someone else's. Calling all fellow fine hair people here are a few little tips/annoyances that I want to share with you.

Dry Shampoo Is Your Best Friend
Inside information into the life of me, I used to wash my hair every single day because I absolutely hated the feeling of second day hair. This always seemed to be incredibly bizarre to my thick haired friends who can literally go nearly a week without washing there's, but fine hair turns into a horrible flat pancake on my head. I understand that apparently that is not great for your hair, you are stripping the hair oils from your head and blah blah blah, but it made me feel gross. You know that amazing fresh feeling you get when you have washed your hair, it is voluminous, bouncy and obviously clean. Next day after me constantly fiddling around with it all day previous due to it slipping down in my face constantly or falling out of the hairstyle it was in, is now kind of verging on greasy. So I would then have flat hair (thanks to sleeping) and greasy hair after one day of it being cleaned. It meant I would have to wash it because it felt disgusting and was completely uncooperative. Nowadays because of dry shampoo I can go 2 possibly 3 days if I am just being lazy with not washing it but no longer (lets not go crazy). I apply it to my roots because that will be the flattest area and kind of massage it into my scalp to get that bounce back. I am currently using a Dove one, but the whole Batiste range is also very good and available in different scents. But in reality fine hair people will suffer more with the greasier it gets because it makes your hair limper and even more flat, a good wash every couple of days really is not that bad for your hair. I also use a product from Living Proof which is a Prime Style Extender, meaning that you can extend the amount of time your hair needs to be washed. I love using this before an event I know I want my hair to stay in a style for a long period of time and it works like a dream.

Rat Tail Issue
You know when someone with really thick hair does a fishtail braid or plait, it looks amazing and chunky, but when you do it, it is so thin you look like you have just grown a rat tail from your head, that is what I am trying to prevent here. Albeit this is something you cannot drastically change because your hair is fine and unfortunately you just do not have enough hair for it to be a huge braid, (unless you want an easier life for yourself and get hair extensions). But what I do is back comb my hair so that it creates a bit of volume. Back combing is a great tip for fine hair, but as long as you are gentle and bloody careful, we do not want to add any damage to the hair. The classic thing with this is you can do it on your roots, similar to dry shampoo to add volume, but when I a doing a plait or even a high ponytail I just gently back comb the ends of my hair. I just use a little brush from Boots specially designed for the job and slowly back comb the hair. Yes it is time consuming, but it will give a fuller effect and make it look less like a creatures tail is attached to your head.

Everyone gets tangles, but with fine hair you cannot be there ripping your hair and putting all force into getting that little bitch out (sorry for the swears). Soft and gentle brush strokes have to be used to get it out and the worst bit is that it cannot go unnoticed because the rest of your hair is limp, so the tangle sticks out. Having fine hair means I do not actually have a lot of hair and therefore want to protect it as much as I can, so get a brush that is designed to get tangles out. Tangle Teezer is my go to one and literally I have never wanted to try anything else since buying it 2 years ago. It does the job, it gently pulls the tangle out and I do not have to damage my hair in the process. The only thing I would personally prefer is if it had a handle to it, but that does not bother me enough for me not to use it.

Voluminous Hair
"Try using this hair mousse", "Sleep with your hair in a plait" are just examples I get from people advising me on how to get to big and bushy hair, but this will not work. If you have similar hair to me you will understand it just is not that easy to control and expect results from. I have to follow different steps to get a big old bush of hair on my head (to make it look that way anyway) and there is not a chance that I am going to pull off a sexy hair fling like those models do on the hair adverts because I do not have the right weight to my hair. So many hair products targeted for fine hair say voluminous results and bouncy hair, well it just does not happen like that, I have to do a couple more things to make it anywhere near voluminous and when I say that what I really mean is anything to stop my hair from sticking to my head. My top tips for this are below:

1. Never condition your roots! literally put the conditioner down and focus everywhere else but your roots. I only focus on the ends really because conditioner is designed to have certain oils in it that nourish your hair and create that smooth and shiny effect. If you are instantly putting that on your roots then voluminous hair definitely is not on the cards. The conditioner I use recently has been a Garnier one, but in terms of more regular use, I use a Tigi S- Factor Serious Conditioner which always gives my hair a big old nourishment that I need (but only on the bottom half of my hair).

2. If you are going to blow dry your hair make sure you have your head upside down. Sounds ridiculous because they never ask you in a hairdressers to do that but trust me it works. Make sure you are blowing away from your head though and not straight into the hair follicle because that causes damage. By turning your head upside down the main focus is on the roots to get all big and bushy, so just lean over, like you are bending down to reach something (people with bad backs I do not recommend this). Due to blow-drying the hair upside down it means because your roots dried in a different direction, so that when you stand up straight it has created a bigger and seemingly thicker head of hair. Make sure you use a heat defence though for blow-drying, most people only do this when they are using a styling tool like ghds or a curling iron, but a hair-dryer creates heat, so protect your hair. I use the Tresemme heat defence, it does the job and I do not see any unwanted damage.

3. Take a little time to look at texturizing sprays as they are a great way to add a bit of texture to your hair allowing it to be easier to style in the way that you want. The one that I love and will continue to repurchase is the Oribe Dry Texturizing spray but at £19.00 a bottle from Space NK (or £39 if you want a full size), I can understand why people might not want to splash out on a product that pricey. But I have seen a couple of sprays in the drug stores that are at cheaper price points. It is just this one works bang on for what I want and need for my hair. It allows me to gain some volume as well as being able to grip my hair and style it, fine hair can be really slippery and therefore impossible to shape in the way I want. This spray helps massively and because of the price point however I do find I only use this when I really want my hair to look super nice.

4. Getting a haircut is something we should be doing about 6-8 weeks, a little healthy trim to make sure the hair carries on growing back stronger. Firstly having fine hair for me means that my hair seems to take even longer to grow, so I usually go every 3 months really and just do a little trim on any split ends in the comfort of my own home (I am not advising this, make sure you have a steady hand). Personally fine hair makes it really difficult to grow your hair long, it tends to look more and more sparse and lifeless as it gets longer. The bounce seems to go and hence why a lot of people tend to have hair that is shorter or just below the shoulder. Unfortunately for me I like to have long hair, getting a bob certainly is not on my to do list and I can see how terrible it looks when I have grown it too long and it literally looks pathetic and gross. Having a trim every so often keeps your hair healthy and will allow it to grow back in a nice way. This is definitely the time your going to need hair extensions if you want long hair because fine hair can so easily be damaged that it means the hair does not always grow back as strong as other hair types do. But this is another key thing for voluminous hair, keeping it healthy.

Hairspray Is Your Second Best Friend
On the occasion you want your hair to look incredible and you want it to stay that way for a bloody long time, then hairspray should be there for you. Just like anyone else hairspray will do all that it can to keep your hair in the same place. Now yes you have guessed it with fine hair different humidities mean that you get a lot of those little baby hairs around your head popping out and saying "notice me too" at all the wrong moments. But if you evenly distribute the hairspray then you have a solid good chance they will not make there faces known. I spray the hairspray on a hairbrush (I just use a tangle teezer) and brush it through, what this does is spread the hairspray but also tries to avoid that straw like feel to it.

Read Hair Products Labels
Believe me I am not trying to patronise people here, but you would be amazed by how many people buy products that are not designed for there hair. Me included at one point I would use different shampoos that smelt amazing but unfortunately were weighing my hair down and it was all because they were designed for thick hair. I am a sucker for seeing an advert on the TV and the next minute I am out buying it. I know there are a few products which might completely work for you and you have no problem if they are designed for another hair type, I am simply stating what I personally experienced and therefore tend to go for shampoo and conditioners that are designed for my hair. Of course it can always be extremely confusing too, I have fine coloured hair and they have two different shampoos for this sort of thing. But if it is recently coloured I use a colouring shampoo and obviously if it has been a couple of months I will use a shampoo designed for fine hair. Or you can just mix and match, do what you think is best. Just do not expect to always see amazing results from products that were not designed for your hair. No matter what I always put an oil on my hair which luckily is designed for all hair types and I just pop this on my ends. The one I use is L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil which in summer was my go to product because the sun can dry out your hair. I do not use this all over because the oil would weigh the rest of my hair down, so I just focus it on the area that is more prone to getting damaged.

Those are my few little issues with having fine hair and some tips included on maybe how to deal with it that can help you. Like I said at the beginning we all get annoyed with our hair and envious of what others have we should just learn how to make it look as good as we can but also be thankful that we have hair too. I have to say it but having fine hair does annoy me, I get so frustrated that people can just put there hair back and make this amazing quick and easy messy bun, but if I do it firstly it looks like I have a tiny doorknob on my head and secondly it can fall out after an hour. But alas someone with frizzy hair would tell me that I am lucky that I can make my hair so straight without a lot of hassle. Just find out what works for you and make it work the best you can, I hope this helped anyone who has fine hair too.

I would love to know what your hair type is? and if you ever get hair envy of other people? Let me know in the comments it would be interesting for me to know.

Hope you had a lovely week! I have been a little bit quiet this week due to internet being down, Have a great weekend!

Elle x

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  1. I like your style of writing! I get really frustrated with my fine hair too, especially as it is a contradiction of being very thin and also frizzy/ curly, unless tamed! Great tips! Gemma x

    Beautiful Life as I know it

    1. Thank you lovely :) It can be incredibly frustrating when your hair is fine but also turns to the frizzy side too, I find it even more difficult to style when it is like that! Hopefully this might help you a little, Elle x

  2. I've got quite fine hair, so I asked my hairdresser for tips on styling it. Blow drying it is the thing that makes most difference for me, using a round brush, sectioning it and making sure to lift it at the roots. I also use some of the loreal volume boosting shampoo and conditioner (cannot remember the actual name right now!) which does make a difference. And then I create soft waves/curls to give it a bit more shape and prevent it all just being flat and thin.
    Jennifer x

    1. Brilliant tips thank you :) I also have used that Loreal shampoo you are talking about! Definitely agree with you that blow drying is the key to giving you volume, I found it difficult in summer when it was really hot, but for me I just could not let it dry naturally throughout the day because it would just turn into this lifeless gross hair, I just hate the feeling of flat hair so always want to give it a boost. Thank you for your comment, Elle x

  3. Haha I feel your pain! I also haver fine hair & dry shampoo certainly is a god send :) xx

    1. Haha glad we agree on that, my hair life has changed dramatically since discovering dry shampoo :) Elle x

  4. Hey, honey! What do you think about follow each other via bloglovin? If you want, just follow me there and I'll follow you back!

  5. I have super fine hair too! Don't try the Tresemme split end remedy shampoo - I tried it and because my hair is fine it literally knotted the entire thing!


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