Thursday, 4 September 2014

September To Do List

The September To Do List

When a new month starts I feel empowered to get certain things done. It is a feeling of renewal and the fact you can start again, like keeping a resolution. If you are like me you might have a list of certain things you want to get done that month and want to achieve them. I feel like this post is a little memo for me on what I need to get done this month and then ultimately at the end I will be able to know how many (hopefully all) I have ticked off.

Write Blog Posts In Advance
Considering I tell myself I am so organised I always seem to leave writing a blog post to the last minute. Photos I am fairly good with because I know in advance what I want to post about, but when it comes to typing up the post I always like to write it in a particular moment and when I can focus my attention to it properly. Sometimes that means though that I do not get the post up when I want. My aim this month is to maybe find more time to get the post written before hand so that I can just publish it on the days I want to. You never really know from one day to the next if you might have a busy day and your plans of writing a blog post might be disturbed. Therefore if I have at least one written and ready to go I will feel more on top of things, rather than feel completely unorganised. So for the future (apart from today) I will be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. I just need to stop watching so much Netflix and focus.

Buy A Coat
This might seem odd but in the past I have been very late in buying the essentials you need for that season. So for example in summer when it suddenly became boiling hot, I realised I had mainly jeans or black leggings, I needed a pair of shorts. But alas most of the good ones had gone so I settled for some printed ones I felt more comfortable wearing in my garden than out and about because they were so garish. I need to learn that if I want something good and decent for a forthcoming season I need to look a few months beforehand. A winter coat for me I am so picky about. I might see a coat I like and think that it is perfect, until I see a button in a place I did not expect and think, "Why on earth did they put that there?!", then I am put off by it and back to being coat-less. I do not give myself time to look, I guess last year I just bought one in a panic because it got cold and I needed something. One thing I definitely want this year is a hood on my coat, because in the winter weather when it gets really cold, a bobble hat just is not going to keep my head warm enough. So buying a coat is on my to do list because it means I am well prepared and have a lot more choice now than leaving it any later.

Go Running
Run Forrest Run.. yes that is right the hot summer days took there toll and I completely just could not be bothered to go running. I say running, I am no athlete or sporty person of any kind, so shall I say fast paced jog? or maybe even a speedy walk? Whatever I am doing I have not been doing it in recent months. Now I only used to do this about 2-3 times a week (like I said I am not a sporty person) just to keep me toned and healthy. Now that the temperature outside has cooled down and I am not eating ice cream nearly every day, September seems like a great month to get back into the swing of things and start my running/jogging/fast paced walking up again.

Change My Wardrobe
Similar to what I said about buying a coat, you need to be prepared for the different seasons, changing your wardrobe around so that everything you need is accessible is a lot easier and helpful. Currently my wardrobe, well clothes rail, has my brightly coloured, patterned, short sleeved and skin showing clothing items on it. The weather right now at the beginning of September has not dramatically changed from August, in fact it is pretty much the same, maybe slightly cloudier. But this is something I want to do at the end of the month and have ready for October. There is nothing worse for me if I am in a rush, if it is raining or the temperature has dropped drastically that I cannot find a jumper, shoes or pair of tights. I will need my warmth (I get cold easily) and therefore getting it all ready and sorted means I will be prepared for the whole autumn fashion style it has going on. That goes for the pyjamas section too, get your hot water bottles, your slipper socks and a dressing gown ready for action.

These are on my to do list for September and I will let you know at the end of the month how I have got on. Can we all just take a moment and realise that it is actually September! 2014 is flying by and I am struggling to keep up with it.

Let me know in the comments if there is anything you want to get done this month? or do you like to keep to do lists and achieve them all?
I personally love that satisfaction when you can just tick something off knowing it is done.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Elle x

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  1. Writing posts in advance really helps! Sometimes I write them ahead of time, sometimes the day before... Either way it does help so you aren't stressing out about getting posts out on time :)


    1. Yea definitely, I just need to take some time to focus on writing the post a day or two beforehand so if I am busy on the day I want to upload it is all ready to go :) Elle x

  2. Pretty much all of my posts are written in advance, but generally not too far ahead! I also mean to do a bit more running now that it's cooled down. I bought new running clothes before summer, but have yet to take off the tags!
    Jennifer x

    1. Haha I love that, I always want to spend money on a decent pair of trainers to run in but I want to be sure I will definitely stick to it otherwise I will feel like I have wasted my money. Yea I just need to find some time to sit down and write the post in advance, it will take a lot off my mind then, Elle x

  3. This is such a nice post! I need to start writing posts in advance, especially now uni is rolling around again! And a new coat is on the cards for me too, i just find it so hard to find one i love, and yes it needs to have a hood!

    Aimee ¦

    1. Thank you lovely, oh god yes you will need to have some posts done in advance if your back at Uni, the amount of work I had when I was there was insane, glad we agree on a hooded coat, the hunt is on! Elle x

  4. Great post :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin and GFC. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

    1. Aww thank you, yes definitely I will have a look, not a problem , Elle x


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