Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Night

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is an event I really love looking forward to when it turns Autumn. I know a lot of people just view it like any other day but I really enjoy it and think ultimately it is just a bit of fun. Therefore I really like to go all out and make the effort to decorate to get myself in the Halloween spirit. Usually I go for pumpkin decorations and items that are orange and black, I think some decorations are incredibly amazing and scary but I never feel inclined to buy any of those bits (probably because I am just a wimp). So as another Halloween has been and gone, I just wanted to share with you my decorations for the night and my terrible pumpkin carving skills.

Halloween Lights

Lights and signs are something that I seem to have built a big collection of this year. The pumpkin lights above are from Waitrose and are battery operated which personally I much prefer (I like low electric bills). All of the signs I picked up were from Asda which was pretty good for finding little decoration bits.

Halloween Sign

I like to just dot a few ornamental bits and bobs around the house to set a theme, I never seem to go too over the top with buying spiders webs or skulls. This ornament below the face always scares me when I see it so I like to put this on my book shelf and then my Witch Warts jar lives next to the front door filled with sweets for the children trick or treating (kind of jealous I am too old to do that any more).

Halloween Decorations

Halloween Sign

The cat and pumpkin light were another purchase of mine I bought from Tiger. I really like the look of them but they do flash different colours, which is fine at first but then I get really irritated by it, so I like them more for decoration purposes. The pumpkin light is sat on top of a mini munchkin, these are super cute and basically are mini pumpkins. They were so cheap to buy so I bought a few of them to dot around the house.

Halloween Decorations

I have this antique candle holder, which always creeps me out and I usually have it out at Christmas time to light the dinner table but I decided to put some black and orange long thin candles in there and pop it in my window sill. Most of the decoration items using candles I put on my window sill to light up the window so passers by can enjoy the decorations too.

Halloween Candles

This cute pumpkin bunting I picked up from Waitrose and just hung up around my bedroom walls to add that subtle Halloween touch.

Halloween Bunting

These little ghost faces were super easy to make using paper and a black sharpie pen. I just wanted something quick and easy to pop around the house and made about 10 using 2 pieces of paper. Simple but I think make good little Halloween decorations.

Halloween Ghosts

Going to a Halloween Party is always a little tricky, I hate buying outfits for it because it is something I can only really wear once a year. So I like to use old clothes and just make something work. I made a couple of spider web details on my eyes and wore red lipstick with some black eye-liner around my lipline to create this sort of creepy dark lip. Sometimes it is really fun to mess about with make up in a different way, especially for fancy dress events. (Sorry for the posing picture).

Halloween Make Up

I really enjoy pumpkin carving and I never let anything go to waste so pumpkin soup is on the menu for the next couple of days. But here are a couple more attempts, I always like to draw a rough guideline on the pumpkin before I start carving so that I can sort of make things look a little equal if I am carving facial details.

Halloween Pumpkins

Those are my Halloween decorations which I hope you enjoyed looking at. My plan for the rest of tonight is finish watching Hocus Pocus (obviously) and then I think What Lies Beneath is on the watch list. Not overly scary but not something that is going to either make me feel sick or be terrified to go to sleep.

For the Halloween lovers, I hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Halloween!

Elle x

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  1. You look great! This year I didn't dress up much at all but next year I feel like going all out and doing a scary witch or vampire... Haha my dark side :P

    Love all of your decorations! And your pumpkins look great! ;)


    1. Thank you lovely :D Haha go for it definitely! it is really the only time you can dress up really crazy and people will think its ok, thank you I will be sad to throw the pumpkins out now, Elle x

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  3. I've nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog" Award!

    My post is at


    1. Thank you, that is very kind :) I will check it out! Elle x

  4. Aww love your decorations, I love halloween too - just posted about our Party! Sad its over but it means were closer to Christmas ahhhhh :)

    London Beauty xxx

    1. Thank you hun! Totally looking forward to Christmas so much, I am not sure if it is acceptable for me to be really excited now or wait until December :) Amazing I will go and check your post out now! Elle x


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