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October To Do List

October To Do List

October is no different to any other month, I have a list of things I want to get done despite the distraction of it officially being autumn. Last month I wrote down a few things I wanted to complete in September so I am going to look back and see if I achieved any of them before writing down the things I want to do this month.

September To Do List Debrief

Write Blog Posts In Advance- Yes I managed to get a lot of blog posts written in advance but I have really struggled with posting on the same days each week. I think for me I have to work on a moment and if I am completely happy with a post before I put it out there. As much as I think it is great to have a routine and have certain days each week so that your readers know, I find I cannot stick to it. I like the routine of having some time between each post but I cannot make my mind up if it works for me or not. Do any of you post on the same days each week?

Buy A Coat- Failed on this completely, But I have looked on nearly every fashion website I can think of and regularly check to see if anything has been updated but alas no coat. I have bought a lot of jumpers and layer items but not a warm coat with a hood. The hunt continues.

Go Running- Have been running twice a week and feel much better for it. The temperature keeps changing every day though. Some days I go out in a hoodie in cloudy cold weather and then all of a sudden the sun pops out and I am stuck with a hoodie wrapped around my waist, flapping around pulling me down, whilst being irritated at myself for bringing it in the first place. But overall I feel so much better for getting back into it.

Change My Wardrobe- Did this very early on in September and so glad I managed to get it all sorted. Although most of my wardrobe now looks black, white and burgundy I still kind of like that because I definitely have more clothes for Autumn/Winter.

Right so now for the month of October, these are the things on my to do list.

Buy an External Hard drive
Amazingly I did not even know these existed until recently, I mean I had heard of them but never actually realised what it was. My laptop is completely full of pictures and videos that I would love to be able to put on a separate device so that I know they are safe (unless I lose it). I have been doing a bit of looking on Amazon and reading loads of customer reviews on items to see which one seems to be the most reliable. Any one you would recommend do let me know!

Work Out Pinterest
You know that hand gesture over there head people do when they are in a territory they just do not understand...well hello because I am one of those people when it comes to Pinterest. The worst thing is it probably is completely easy to use and understand and yet I just stare at it with the pins and think what on earth do I need to do? So I definitely need to work on understanding it and having a bit of a nose around on finding out how to use it. As soon as you get into the blogging world you hear different websites being mentioned and Pinterest has been used a heck of a lot, so of course I want to see what all the fuss is about.

Christmas Presents
Whoa slow down is what I am telling myself but after years of not learning from my mistakes to not leave buying presents till the last minute I have to do this early! Seriously I love the vibe (I sound like I am trying to be cool writing that word) of Christmas and how pretty everything looks. But I never find I can completely enjoy it because I seem to be stressing out panic buying last minute presents for people I either forgot about or finding those small little gifts to make it look like you have bought somebody loads (you know what I am talking about). Plus I hate having to wait in a queue for 20 minutes or unfortunately not managing to get the items I want and therefore adding that item to there birthday list instead. So this is one of the most important things I want to get done this month, write down the people and write down the gifts I want to get them. Obviously some things like wrapping paper, decorations they can wait till a later date, but the gifts I need to get sorted this month and November. I know it is crazy to be thinking about Christmas so early but I am saving myself a lot of hassle in the long run.

Twitter Chats
I have been so slack in twitter chats this month and it has been so weird not communicating with people chatting about different topics and I have really missed it. So in order to remember I think I am going to set some alarms on my phone for the ones I definitely want to take part in. Sometimes I just forget, other times I am just busy, but I always find myself catching up with what had been said regardless of if I was involved or not. It is a great way to learn but also a great way to read what fellow bloggers think about certain topics.

Whether you love it or hate it, I definitely love it. I love the hype up to it, the spooky atmosphere and the events that go on. When I was younger I would go out and really enjoy dressing up, scaring the neighbours and going trick or treat. Nowadays you certainly will not find me in one of those sexy kitten outfits (call me granny) as I much prefer to stay indoors watching scary films and eating a lot of chocolate treats. But I always like to do a bit of decorating in my room to fit the Halloween excitement. I treat Halloween a bit like Christmas in which I like to have decorations up early in October so that the rest of the month has a feeling of something to look forward to. So I want to get some little Halloween decorations and definitely at some stage get some pumpkins to do some carving.

These are the main things I want to be able to tick off my to do list this month and hopefully manage to get them all sorted out, although I think the Christmas presents one might be a little tricky.

Have any of you guys got Pinterest and if so do you like using it? and what is your favourite twitter Chat to be involved in or do you prefer to be involved in many different ones? I would love to read your thoughts so let me know in the comments.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Elle x

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  1. I started blogging in May and keep playing with schedules... you just have to keep changing it up until you find one that really works for you

    I also love Halloween and I can't wait to start carving some pumpkins!


    1. Yea I think it definitely is a trial and error situation, hopefully at some point I will find something that works :) Yay glad you love Halloween, I literally get so excited for it, Elle x

  2. I love your blog! I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award- check my blog for details xx

    1. Aww thank you lovely! I will definitely check it out, thanks so much :) Elle x

  3. a haha funny how i'm on the same boat with you on everything you wrote.

    1. Haha brilliant! glad we agree on it :D Elle x

  4. I love reading post like these, probably just because i'm a nosey person haha! I'm still working out Pintrest too, all these different kinds of social media confuse me! I need to be a bit more organised after reading this, I think.
    I'm a new blogger and I would really really appreciate if you could take the time to check out my blog and maybe follow if you like it.
    I look forward to reading more from you,
    Jessica xo

    1. Thank you, Don't worry I'm nosey too ;) definitely hun I will take a look at your blog not a problem!, Elle x


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