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Films That Gave Me Nightmares

Films That Gave Me Nightmares

I am not embarrassed to say there are certain films which have totally freaked me out so much that I get nightmares from them. My brain loves to suddenly think of those terrifying moments when I am completely by myself or in pitch darkness before bed. I have no idea why I do that, I am purposely scaring myself and reliving horrible things I wish I could forget. The point is everybody can be scared by different things and in films I think this is even more so. For example in real life I am scared of spiders, nothing else really phases me, but spiders are my one true I am going to scream the house down terrifying fear. But in films I can be scared by music, somebody's laugh, and a more likely one, somebody's face. I guess that is because you get into that film world, you put yourself into the film, into the place you are watching and maybe live through the main character. So if your following the hero walking around an abandoned house with a ghost in it, you suddenly feel the same fear as that character, worried about what is going to be around the corner. That being said some people can be tough as boots watching films and nothing phases them, but personally I have never met someone like this. So I am going to let you in on films that have given me nightmares in the past. Take into account however these films completely range in age restrictions and also that it might not have been the whole film, but a certain scene that has put me off from urging to watch them again.

The Others
This for me is probably the biggest film that gave me continuous nightmares and flashbacks for months. Even now I can see it as plain as day it freaks me out so much. This is a film that 12 year old's can watch but in my defence I saw it when I was 11. To this day I still have no sort of curiosity to watch the film again because I remember everything about it from my first viewing. For those who have not seen it, I will try not to ruin it too much for you. But it consists of a family, a mother and her 2 children who basically are living in this big grand house in the middle of nowhere. The children have this condition where they cannot be near sunlight, so every window is covered and then every door has to be locked. Nicole Kidman is the mother and the main character, which has her slowly starting to realise that there is a presence in her house. The children are aware of these people (and can talk to them) and tell her all about them but she never manages to see them (until the end). I will not ruin the main plot line because it does end up having a twist to it. But! the main reason why this film gave me nightmares is because of an old woman in it. I feel on edge just writing that but basically she is a medium and you first of all see her within the daughters body whilst playing which is so bloody horrible. But for me the worst scene is when the children are trying to hide from these people and it all falls eerily quiet with this voice just quietly talking to them. Then BOOM this old ladies face is slap bang in the middle of the screen zoomed in on her face with these horrible cloudy eyes. Being 11 at the time I was still in my lovely Disney phase and had only just seen Titanic. So suddenly going to that was horrific. If you have seen this film then hopefully you might understand but it was not just me. So many people were freaked out by this woman and because of that even when I know it is showing on TV I stay well away and refuse to watch it.

Silent Hill
This is probably more of what you would expect from a 24 year old, being afraid of scary films for adults. This one is kind of weird and a lot of it I could easily watch and was not afraid of. I find it hard to explain the outline of this story mainly because I do not think I really understood it. Maybe if you have seen it you can explain it a little better to me (or even if you have played the video game). But it follows a mum and dad trying to locate there daughter who has gone missing in a place called Silent Hill. The Dad is in the normal state of mind side of the town but the Mum seems to be in this horrible eery side of Silent Hill where fog stops you from seeing and you cannot seem to leave. This one is a bit of a psychological scary film, where you know something is going to happen and it sort of flashes in and out of reality. It focuses on this cult in the town who like to make sacrifices. Apart from this creepy young girl with dark black hair who really just makes me feel uneasy. There is in my eyes a horrific scene where a policewoman who was helping the mum is burned alive and it really just makes me feel sick. You know when you wish that you could just unsee something, well that was it for me because it (obviously was not real) but it had all these visual effects which I could not get out of my mind. It follows the Mum mainly and what she encounters on her quest to find her daughter but the place is all really creepy with monsters and filled with weird people living in the past.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
I know what you must be thinking, how can a Disney film give you nightmares. But when I was younger I watched this film once and literally did not watch again until about 4 years ago. The reason behind it was when the Queen turned into that horrible old hag lady with the apple and just everything about her made me feel terrified. Snow White was a great film but definitely is not my favourite one so it meant it was a lot easier for me not to watch it again sooner. When I was a child after seeing that old lady I demanded a night light from my parents to be in my room because I was so frightened to go to sleep but most importantly be in the dark. Nowadays she still terrifies me, her shadow, her face, and more importantly her voice, but it does not effect me in the same way as it did when I was a child. Even being an adult though it still does not stop me from being completely freaked out by her and how bloody brave Snow White was in the first place to even be near her. Someone please tell me that you were scared by this woman too? Even that wart on her nose sends shivers down me.

The Grudge
This has the girl in it that played Buffy the Vampire Slayer so in my mind because I had watched those episodes I thought this would not really be that scary. Well I was completely wrong. It follows this curse which basically kills people who go into this house. It has a family of ghosts who are individually horrible and terrifying. Again the real story behind this I do not really understand because these ghosts just seem to kill people, even people who are related to people who have been in the house. But there are a couple of scenes which really made me feel terrified. First off is this terrifying noise they make so you know they are there, oh god just no thank you I hate horrible noises. There is a little boy ghost who annoys me because you think he is harmless, but he pops up all the time and kills people. The worst scene for me was on this CCTV recording this horrible dark ghost woman just slowly appears on the screen which I hated. What gave me nightmares was this young woman who thought she was safe in bed is then suddenly attacked by this ghost and pulled out of her bed. Any scenes where people are pulled from there bed or the covers are ripped off make me feel very uncomfortable. If you have seen Paranormal Activity you will understand what I mean by that. It just made me feel really terrified to be in my bed because in my eyes that is where I feel safe.

As Halloween has just gone I wanted to let you in on some of the films that have really frightened me in the past. I think it is a clear sign that I really get scared by old women or children, but it seems to be a theme in a lot of films that they use either children or old people as the main hide under your blanket moments. Obviously these are films that in the past have given me nightmares, I can still watch them now (apart from The Others) but still feel myself pulling away from the screen when the bits I really dislike come on.

I would love to know if any of you have seen these films and if you were scared by them? Let me know in the comments! As I have grown up I watch quite a lot of scary films now because I do actually enjoy them, but these are the ones that really have given me nightmares in the past.

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday and pleasant dreams too!

Elle x

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  1. I was also scared by the others! Idk must be because I watched it when I was around 10 but fucking hell!
    Snow white is a weird one but I got you! It kinda terrified me too!
    The movie that I think has terrified me the most I think is The Orphan... That girl is SO creepy I can't ugh.



    1. OMG!! The Orphan is horrible, it is so creepy and that girl has the scariest face, the ending too with who she actually is I find so bizarre! I haven't seen it for a while but I always remember her with her pigtails on the DVD cover, creepy! Elle x

  2. You have produced a fab list, my younger cousin had a thing about Snow whitey, she used to be petrified of the evil witch! Disney films can be quite dark at times.

    Fab post xx

    1. Thanks lovely :) I know Disney films usually have a horrible dark storyline or a scary villain!, that old lady just gave me the creeps so badly when I was a child, her black hooded cloak and long fingernails, I hated her so much! haha, Elle x


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