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Items I Hoard

Items I Hoard

Please tell me I am not the only person who ends up keeping a big collection of items all with the same purpose? I really differentiate with styles so sometimes I really like to be very minimalistic and have everything looking neat. Other times I like having a lot of colour and bits and bobs to make a homely atmosphere with character. I had a bit of a bright light bulb over my head moment when I realised that I own so many of a particular item that somehow obliviously I have a massive collection I failed to notice. What I mean by this is, as an example your make up collection, you realise when it has become too much either when you do not use half of it or it is spilling into too many storage units labelled with individual make up items. You usually are aware of the collection expanding, but I am talking about those less obvious items, that you might get given, buy, or have different uses for. So that when you actually look you realise you have far too many of that particular object and feel like a mini hoarder. So I present you with my list of items that I unknowingly have hoarded and trust me when I say I am only showing a small amount of the collection in each picture.

I love tins. But they have never been one of those items that if I am given one I think I have way too many of these, (like I would do if I am bought a pair of slippers at Christmas). Tins have such a great purpose, they are good for storage, have different designs on them and come in different sizes too. I think it all started for me back in the day when I would have a biscuit tin and it basically acted as my treat box where I could help myself to a range of biscuits as a little reward. You can still buy a lot of biscuits in tins, probably more popular at Christmas time but I have moved away from a tin just being a biscuit carrier. Below is just a small collection of tins I own, all of which I have a use for. Some came as a gift with purchase like the big flower and strawberry one which came filled with little Clinique skincare miniatures when I bought a cleansing balm a little while ago. Mainly some I bought because of there design, my London styled one was bought from Marks and Spencer filled with Shortbread biscuits (which I hate) and the Great British one is a classic style from designer Emma Bridgewater. No tin I own is empty, they have really random things put in them but they are designated with different items. One has receipts, one has big hair bands in, one has old post in, well you see what I am saying they have different items stored in them. I like that tins have this sort of vintage look and feel to them, it reminds me of old films where a child stores little treasures in them. Nowadays there is a lot of plastic packaging or glass containers where everything inside is on show. Do not get me wrong I like that style, but I also love the design of tins and that everything inside is contained and hidden. 

Items I Hoard- Tins

Something tells me that if you are a bit of a homeware buyer like myself you too will own a ridiculous amount of cushions. What is it with me and cushions? Honestly I am now officially aware I own too many but still I buy more and more thinking I will just try and squeeze it some place. The funny thing is when I have made my bed every morning you cannot actually recognise it as a bed any more because it is filled with cushions on top. Why do I do it? I have no idea, decoration? comfort? I actually cannot tell you why I need so many cushions on my bed. If you have ever seen the film Along Came Polly, I always think of that scene when Jennifer Aniston is asking Ben Stiller why he has all of these cushions/pillows on his bed and what is the point of them, he has no answer and they end up hysterically vandalising most of them. Yes they probably serve no point, but I appreciate them a lot more in the colder months, when I am cold and because my bed is pushed up to a wall, that side has a lovely row of cushions keeping me all snuggled in. The fact is when I change my bed linen I have different duvet sets with different colours, meaning that I am constantly changing my cushions around so that it all matches. Just writing this I sound so silly because it is not like loads of people come into my bedroom to see all of my hard work, but because I am a bit of a organised homeware hoarder, I am proud of my style and like doing it.

Items I Hoard- Cushions

Candle Holders
This is the less obvious of items from my list because they never take up too much room and are scattered around the house. If you burn a lot of candles or tealights you usually have some sort of protective holder underneath. If buying a scented candle a lot of them already are in glass or ceramic jars. But for the ones that you buy without any protective gear I have a huge collection of different holders. Different styles and colours, usually because little things like this are so cheap in stores I clearly pick them up so often that I now own a ridiculous amount of them. I have them dotted around certain rooms, a lot more in the bathroom (bubble bath time) and in my bedroom. I think they are sweet and just little decorative pieces which I think other people have cottoned on to because I usually get given a few on birthdays or at Christmas. But in my defence I am technically trying to prevent a fire or burn anything with these, so decorative safety I guess you could call it.

Items I Hoard- Candle Holders

Fridge Magnets
I am only showing a small amount of my fridge magnet collection in this picture because it is slightly embarrassing. You might be thinking why would you have a large collection of fridge magnets? Believe me it is a question I ask myself every time I open the fridge and see a tonne of magnets staring at me. I think it first started when I was given those board game scrabble letter packs that most people own, and thought it was funny leaving messages. But then when I would be in retro or small little off the main road shops and see vintage style magnets I suddenly became a little bit too keen to buy more and more. Quite a lot of them have been a buy one get one free deal, so clearly if you decide to buy 2 instantly I am walking out with 4 of the things but I kind of love them. Yes it looks slightly chaotic and some would say messy (just not to my face) it is just something I do seem to hoard and cannot part with. The rest of the kitchen is very minimalistic and tidy however, so having my fridge covered in magnets adds a bit of character and most of them have a vintage design on them too.

Items I Hoard- Fridge Magnets

These are my most hoarded items I own apart from the usual clothes, shoes, make up and let's face it mug collections (way too many). But these are my kind of less obvious collections which I do not think you are personally going to notice that much unless somebody points it out to you. As much as I have made this list in the hope it will prevent me from personally buying any more, it will not stop. People buy them me because I think most of them are just small little gift ideas that are nice to own. Ultimately I love these collections a lot so I am pretty sure I will fail with not adding any more to them. Cushions are my biggest downfall, sometimes if I see a new print or design I like I instantly want it.

I would love to know if any of you hoard any of these? Is there a collection of items you own which have just built and built over the years without you realising? or do you actually have something you love to collect? Let me know in the comments I would be really interested to know!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Elle x

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  1. I don't currently hoard tins, but I'd definitely love to start. They'd have to be old-looking though: I like the rusty, bashed look best! (Same as I do with my men...) I also love how you can't see what's inside them, too! Sometimes you need to jiggle it just to remind yourself.
    Now that you mention it, I appear to have an inordinate amount of cushions... I didn't think I had a problem. I am lying on top of about five right now... Hmmm.

    I tend to collect notebooks and bookmarks. Rather useful, I suppose, but also most of the notebooks are just blank. I've got a nice collection of postcards I've been sent, but apart from that my collections aren't as impressive as yours. I do love a good collection, though. Maybe I should start a few.


  2. I'm awful for hoarding tote bags - the free ones you get from companies or in shops. I have so many of them, but when I moved house recently they were so handy, so now I refuse to throw them away!

  3. I used to love hoarding bookmarks! Every time I visited somewhere, I had to go into the gift shop and look for a bookmark I could take home with me. The only thing I like to hoard now are notebooks! I have way too many and lots of them are empty, but they're so pretty!

    |Prompts By Dee

  4. Haha definitely, I think if they are a little used and rusty they have more of a vintage look which is great! See I think cushions are one of those things that you do not really realise you have too many of unless you take a step back or somebody tells you!
    Amazing yes notebooks! I also have a lot of notebooks, a lot of mine are used though and I cannot bring myself to throw them out even if they do just have random things written in them. Postcards are lovely, I know a few people who actually collect postcards because again like tins they can be really vintage and unique! Elle x

  5. Now that is one handy collection right there! So many places give you tote bags nowadays, I must have a few dotted around some place too, mainly holding my overspill of clothes that cannot fit on my rail! Elle x

  6. Notebooks are a perfect one to hoard because you just never know when you might get inspired with ideas and want a notebook handy, I think there are so many amazing designs on notebooks nowadays so they are difficult to pass by! Bookmarks are a lovely one to hoard because I guess they do not take up too much room and they represent different places you have been, which is lovely! Elle x

  7. I hoard the exact same objects as you! And also phone chargers! I don't know why because I don't use half of them but yes hahah


  8. Sorry for the late reply lovelies! Haha brilliant! I used to hoard phone chargers actually, under the feeling that at some point I might need to use them again, but I actually ended up just recycling them in the end! Elle x


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