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November To Do List

The November To Do List

Hard to believe it is November already, and that this time next month I will have already opened 3 of my advent calendar windows on the countdown to Christmas. Equally the inner child in me is really excited for it but still I do not want to be wishing 2014 away. As usual I have a list of things I want to get sorted this month and tick off. But first of all I am going to see how I got on from last months list and what I managed to get sorted.

October To Do List Debrief

Buy An External Hard drive- Sorted. I did this only a couple of weeks ago and the amount of relief it has given me is insane. I no longer worry about if my computer suddenly crashed and all files were gone because they are safely on a hard drive which is portable and I can take wherever I go. Somebody like me who worries about losing pictures or videos (or my entire music collection) then this really is a great thing to have as a back up for all of your files.

Work Out Pinterest- Big old fail. I have no idea why but my motivation in trying to understand and work another social media platform has been appalling. I know I really want to get involved in Pinterest but for some reason I have made no effort to really learn or think about it all. For now this will be left on my rainy day to do list when I feel really bored and feel passionate about getting involved in it.

Christmas Presents- This one last month I thought would be my most likely to fail but I was completely wrong, I have bought mainly everything I wanted to get for people. Now this does exclude little gifts, so basically all of my main gifts for people are bought, I just need to buy those extra little something's. But sometimes I think that is nice to actually do nearer to Christmas because you get to be involved in the atmosphere and Christmas Markets. Amazingly I can tick this off, I have not wrapped anything up yet though, don't worry I am not that keen.

Twitter Chats- This is a bit of a meh one for me, I have done a few but not as many as I would have liked. I love communicating with other bloggers and learning so much but I seem to be more inclined to read everything after the chat has gone on. I think in a lot of chats everything goes so quick I find it hard to keep up with not only what people say but the actual questions for that chat. I will try to make more of an effort in them but the main chats have grown so much in popularity that I honestly do struggle to read everything.

Halloween- Success. I loved Halloween this year, I bought a load of decorations, carved a few pumpkins and genuinely really enjoyed it. I went to a party on the night before but spent Halloween Night watching a load of Halloween Films.

Now for my to do list for this month.

November To Do List

Write a To Do List Daily
I know what you must be thinking, has this woman gone to do list crazy? Well yes would be my answer and I kind of love it. So far this month I have written a to do list the night before the next day with certain things I want to get done. I have a whiteboard on my wall and the satisfaction of just rubbing something out having done it feels lovely. I have noticed that it keeps me motivated, I like to get everything done before bed and then make a new list for the next day. Now if your wondering it is mainly simple things that I might overlook and forget to do. So I write jobs like put recycling out, wash make up brushes, buy bread, change bedsheets, hoover, take blog pictures, sort out bank statements. I instantly see them when I get up and remember what I need to get done. It does feel kind of nice when you have gotten everything done that day. I just hope I can continue with it.

Plan For Christmas
What I mean by this is get things together ready for December. I always seem to forget that even though there is a Christmas Day, in a way Christmas starts in December really. Decorations go up, parties start happening, Christmas cards get sent. So I want to get Christmas cards, decorations, a nice party dress and an advent calendar before December. I know for a lot of people it still feels really early to even think about this but in the past I get really annoyed with myself that I had not been a little more organised with at least sending my Christmas cards out.

Bonfire Night
Two days till bonfire night and I have made no plans. I always seem to forget about Bonfire Night and that it is an event and things are going on. I know I could just be inside wrapped up in my pyjamas but it is a lovely time to be social and watch firework displays. Honestly me and fireworks do not have the best relationship, yes I love them and think they are amazing but those horrible ones that screech when they go up terrify me. Why do they make such a howling noise? Personally sparklers are my favourites and roasting marshmallows on the bonfire is heaven. I just need to work out what I am doing for it this year (unless it is raining).

Go To Bed Earlier
Ever since Netflix came into my life I am up till early hours of the morning watching it. Shamefully sometimes when it is the weekend I can literally be up until the birds start singing in the morning and then realise I need to get some sleep. Worst of all for myself is I just do not function properly when I have not had enough sleep. Me yawning through work I always tell myself Just go to bed earlier and then find myself online shopping or reading the stupid Daily Mail online for all the celebrity latest. I am not proud of it but oddly enough I wake up at night, then come daytime I want to sleep. I feel like I need to change it a little bit because I am becoming more social in the unsocial hours, so iMessaging people at 2 in the morning I think is fine but forget that most people are asleep.

Do A Blog Week
A lot of bloggers I notice (if they are not a full time blogger) take a month and blog every day that month. My initial thought is how on earth do they find the time? but I also think how are they thinking of so many ideas. Personally I see blogging as a fun hobby, I really enjoy it but I never understand if writing a blog post for every day would make me feel sick or irritated with it. So instead of taking on a month and most likely failing, I want to take a week in November where I blog for 7 days in a row and see how I feel about it. If I like it then I might take a month on and write daily but it is not something I am sure I would be able to commit too or if I really would enjoy it. Hence why I want to take on a week as a little trial practice. Have any of you tried a month where you blog daily?

That is this months to do list and what I want to get sorted before December. The going to bed earlier will probably be the hardest for me to get done.

What do you want to get sorted this month? Have you managed to get any Christmas Planning done yet? Let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Elle x

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  1. WOW! You've accomplished so many things from October's to do list! I don't really use Pinterest either, like I've had an account for so long but just barely log into it I don't know why hahah
    I am a to do list obsessed just as you, so it doesn't seem too crazy to me that you do one each day, I do it on my planner and it works wonders for me to get little things done too! I also feel you on another level on going to bed earlier. I just stay up till so so late just browsing online shops and watching youtube videos or reading blogs or if I go to bed early I wake up during the night and check all my social media accounts it'sterrible because I feel like a zombie the next day!
    (sorry for the massive comment hahah I got carried away!)


  2. Nothing wrong with writing daily to do lists... In fact I should probably write one myself, I try to keep my list in my head but sometimes I forget something lol twitter chats really are hard to keep up with!!! It's kinda stressful actually but don't worry about keeping up with every single tweet...just read what you can and answer the main questions :)


  3. Writing them down will probably help you out then :) Yea I really enjoy Twitter Chats it is just I want to read what other peoples opinions are and by the time I reply to people, I have managed to miss the next question haha, Elle x

  4. Haha don't worry! I am literally the same watching youtube videos late at night is one of my biggest downfalls! Glad you feel the same about Pinterest I just do not seem to have any interest to know how to use it, writing lists is actually something I really love to do, it instantly makes me feel more organised and productive. Don't worry I always check my social media too at ridiculous hours :D Elle x

  5. Well you've already started on your to-do lists!
    I write lists every single day and try to get everything done (but generally fail - make sure you are realistic!)
    Netflix does take over your life. I'm getting to the point where I'm like 'just ONE episode' otherwise I will stay up till 4am and think 'darn it - I need to be up in 3 hours for a lecture. Good one Rachael'.
    I love this idea - I may have to start it in the New Year. It's brilliant!

    Rachael at

  6. I always try to be as realistic as I can be with lists, I have been overly adventurous in the past with what I think I can get done and realise that I am never going to get it done in time!
    Haha thankfully when I was at Uni, all I really had was BBC Iplayer or 4od so I was never too addicted to it, but Netflix is on a different level, it has so many things on there I want to watch, currently watching American Horror Story and just cannot stop myself from instantly watching the next episode straight after!
    thank you! Definitely give this a go in the new year if you can, it is a great way of seeing what you achieve each month, I would love to read it :) Elle x


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