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Books I Loved When I Was A Child

Books I Loved When I Was A Child

Apart from having constant picture and colouring books, when it came to the stage as a child where you could read your own books I went a little crazy for them. I loved to be able to go into the land of the book and fully submerge myself into the story. At break time or reading hours at school I would love to read many different books, so here is a look at some of my favourites when I was a child.

Terry Deary- Horrible Histories 
This series of books were first introduced to me at school when I think the teachers believed it would be a fun way of learning about history. Horrible Histories focuses on many different parts of historical events and giving each book a unique name like Rotten Romans, Terrible Tudors, and the one shown in the picture Gorgeous Georgians. It was a fun series of books aimed at children to enjoy the stories of history but were told in a completely different way to how teachers taught at school. I think the majority of the books focuses on the gory and unpleasant events of history but in a way that is entertaining for children. At school the teachers were never really encouraged to educate us on the horrible bits because well back then you were not sure what parent might complain or which child might start crying in class. But however these were recommend to us as a way of learning about history in an entertaining way. It worked for me completely, I loved reading about history and all the gory details, it was never overly offensive to me but I can imagine some children might not want to read them. My parents would buy more books from the series for birthdays and Christmas, and I would start to venture more into foreign history because of how interested I became. These books are still to this day a huge success and they have written a lot more since I was a child, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading them and loved the comical elements to each book.

Jenny Oldfield- Home Farm Twins 
Another series of books following two twins who move to the country and live on a farm. From what I remember the twins are very close but have there unique personalties and each story focuses on the latest animal to arrive at there farm or that they befriend. I only had a few of these books because I was more obsessed with another animal book series (coming later on in this post) but I really enjoyed reading them. They always wanted to help animals and look after whatever they could, so it was always a lovely read because as sisters they worked together to help. It has a lovely family atmosphere behind it and no matter what differences they occasionally had these two young twins wanted to look after animals. I remember them making a TV show based on these books and I would always rush home from school, settle down with a glass of squash and watch it. Unfortunately afterwards I always had my homework to do, but back then it was a great show to watch because a lot of children's TV was mainly cartoons.

Roald Dahl- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
I think there are probably still a great deal of us who would still read Roald Dahl books even when we get older because they are kind of great classics which present amazing story lines. Now I have many favourite Roald Dahl books but Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was always a strong contender for me. I loved what it represented, I adored the land it created and I laughed at the illustrations. For me apart from the whole extravagant chocolate factory and the magical land where everything is made from chocolate, I loved the character Charlie Bucket. It always showed me not to be a selfish or greedy child, because those who behaved like that ultimately had something bad happen to them. Children like Augustus Gloop and Veruca Salt represented bad habits (greedy and spoilt), and they both had there comeuppance for not behaving well. I think that is the beauty of Roald Dahl books, he creates this amazing land for your imagination to run wild with, but yet there is always a hidden message behind it all, which as a child you pick up on. But to be perfectly honest I would still happily read any of his books because I think they are truly wonderful.....apart from perhaps The Witches, that one really freaked me out.

Lemony Snicket- A Series of Unfortunate Events 
I remember at the time of these first coming out that there was all of this hush hush and secret as to who the author really was. Nobody seemed to know and it was what a lot of writers do nowadays where they create a pen name, so basically another identity. You can look it up and find out who the real author is if you want to, but for me when they first were published it had this air of mystery that I was fascinated by. A Series of Unfortunate Events does exactly what the title describes, it is in fact a series of unfortunate events for the Baudelaire family which consists of 3 orphaned young children. It was a very dark beginning to the series and you soon realised that this was not going to be like all of those happy ever after books, this was a story showing you how children have bad things happen to them also. I was instantly obsessed with this series of books, it became something I would find myself reading over and over trying to find hidden clues or to try and learn who the author was. In total there were 13 books in this series and they also did a film where Jim Carrey played Count Olaf, which I personally found hilarious.

Lucy Daniels- Animal Ark 
Now lastly onto one of my favourite children books of all time, I had more of these books than any others and I remember at one stage my Dad having to build another bookshelf just so I could keep all of these books. Once again another series but one personally I had more of a connection with. As a child I grew up in the countryside and was constantly around animals. Animal Ark is actually the name of a veterinary surgery but each book focused on a different animal. I learned so much about animals from these books and I had a huge fascination about learning more. It follows a girl named Mandy Hope as she assists animals on a journey or helps them in some way from bad things. If any of you remember tapes/cassettes, I would have so many of these from this series and listen to them on long car journeys or at night before bed. I literally wanted to put myself into the land of Animal Ark, of course in reality that cannot happen, so for a good few years I was dead certain I wanted to become a vet. Obviously times change and being an adult I can let you all know being a vet is not my occupation, but I still love animals just the same. I think they made over 100 of these books with different stories, I never got round to reading them all, but I would always recommend them to any child who loves animals.

Just a few of the books I really enjoyed to read when I was younger. I think I might do another post similar at a later stage because I always feel really nostalgic when I look back at things I used to love.

Let me know in the comments, if you read any of these books when you were younger? I would love to know if you remember them.

Hope you are having a lovely day!

Elle x

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  1. I loved Horrible Histories! I thought they were amazing hahaha xx

    Tasha x

  2. A series of unfortunate events were my favourite books they were amazing, I've heard they're turning it into a tv series.

  3. Haha glad you thought so too! I think they were hysterical when I was younger :) Elle x

  4. No way are they! I would happily watch that then as long as they did the books justice! Elle x

  5. Series of unfortunate events was awesome!! I felt so lucky getting a book early to its release here in America! The film was a bit of a disappointment xx

  6. I know they were fantastic! :) They film I was not overly blown away by, I think that Jim Carrey was the only funny thing about it, but other than that it didn't do the book much justice at all! Elle x

  7. I totally forgot jim was in it! Think I'm going to have to watch it again! I remember wanting more films but it definitely didn't do the book justice xx


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