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Christmas Movie Playlist

Christmas Movie Playlist

Winter is definitely a time for watching films, unlike summertime when you want to be outside all day and night long, in Winter you usually want to be all snuggled on the sofa or in bed watching a good film. Now as we are 8 nights away from the big 25th December, I am going to let you in on my favourite Christmas films and therefore my most recommended, but chances are you will have seen a great deal of them if you love Christmas as much as I do.

Home Alone
"Keep The Change You Filthy Animal" Now I know a lot of you will be able to say so many Home Alone quotes based on the fact you have seen it so many times. This kid has exceptional ways of scaring off the bad guys and I sure wish I had those skills at 8 years old. Amazing, hysterical and will happily watch this every year with no hesitation.

The Polar Express
One of the very few animated Christmas films I enjoy. This is one that always enchants me into the film because I am actually more amazed by how crazy it all is and the animations used. It focuses on a young boy who on Christmas Eve boards a train to the North Pole and embarks on an incredible journey along the way. It feels like an incredible self discovery story and we are basically put into this boys shoes and shown an amazing train journey to the North Pole.

The Grinch (Dr Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas)
If you like Jim Carrey style comedy then this one is for you, I find him stomach hurting hysterical in this film. Focusing on his hatred of Christmas and the city of Whoville, it explores The Grinch as a character and his relationships with other Who people. Involving a rather incredible dog named Max and a small little girl with amazing styled hair named Cindy Lou Who, it is a laugh out loud one to watch.

Love Actually
A film that focuses on individual stories regarding love on the countdown to Christmas. Filled with loads of British people, it is definitely a film aimed for those who love a romantic comedy. Best bits are seeing Hugh Grant dance, and a rather funny gift wrapping scene involving the actor who played Mr Bean.

The Santa Clause
This one always reminds me of being a young girl and instantly makes me think about Christmas. Another comedy film focusing on a father who has to be the new Santa Clause and deliver all of the presents to everybody. Trying so hard to deal with the typical changes of being Santa (beard, big build) he also has to make people believe that he is now in fact Santa Clause with the help of his little boy.

What is funny about this film is that I actually did not see this until I was about 18, years after it had been released and it all stemmed from me really loving Anchorman and seeing that Will Ferrell was in a Christmas film. Holy Moly was I missing out big time because I genuinely had tears streaming down my face from how funny this was. Following a grown man who is one of Santa's elves he goes on a journey to find his real biological father. Amazing, witty, one perfect for the whole family.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York
Yep I am back with that little kid Kevin McCallister again because I bloody love him. Although the original Home Alone is incredible I actually have no criticisms about this one either. The main reason being that Macaulay Culkin was in it again and was so hysterically funny in the first, I love this one also. Kind of focusing on a very similar storyline to the first, this one is still packed full of giggling material with a lot of recognisable faces.

I hope you enjoyed this very festive film post, I always enjoy reading what films people love to watch especially over the festive season. Other favourites include Meet Me In St Louis, a rather lovely musical film starring Judy Garland and A Christmas Carol, (even the Muppet version too).

Let me know in the comments, what Christmas film would be your ultimate favourite to watch?

So get your Mince Pies at the ready and enjoy your Christmas films!

Elle x

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  1. love, love, love this post. I'm also planning on watching Frozen on Christmas Eve because I'm still obsessed with it haha.

    Also, there was a jumper in Topman that said: "Merry Christmas, you filthy animal!"... why, oh why, didn't I buy it?!

    Charlotte xx

  2. Thank you lovely! Hell yes I love Frozen, I would happily watch that through all of December to be honest :D Aww No Way!! That would have been such an amazing jumper to own, I would have been super jealous of you, I kind of want it as well haha, Elle x


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