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Films That Make Me Feel At Home

Films That Make Me Feel At Home

You know that cosy warm feeling you get when you arrive home, that is what I feel like with these films. When I first moved away from home to go to University, after a little while of socialising and focusing more on enjoying myself than doing any work, the homesickness suddenly kicked in. I wanted the comfort of home, to be able to snuggle on the sofa with a roaring fire going and be completely relaxed. But as a way of breaking that feeling I decided that there were certain films that made me feel at home and just made me feel safe, if that makes any sense. Another way I felt like this was when I first rented my own flat and suddenly I had a small space to make my home. At first I was on edge and even though I was excited by it all I had doubts and worries about it. But at any chance I could, whether it be just be playing in the background or when I felt a little bit down I would pop one of these films on as a way of feeling like this was home. So here are a small selection of films that make me feel at home.

Billy Elliot
I think for me this was always something me and my family used to watch at around Christmas/ New Year time as it is usually shown on the TV. Due to that reason it always makes me think about family and being young. But the actual film has always had such an amazing plot line to it that I think is really empowering when you are young to watch. Following a young boy who swaps boxing lessons for ballet lessons and is able to express himself properly. He deals with a difficult childhood and his family having problems, dancing for him brings happiness and a passion to do well. This film has always inspired me and made me want to go out there and just pursue something that makes you happy. I remember my first Christmas away from my family a few years ago and I watched this because like I said it seems to be a bit of a tradition we always watch at this time of year. The music from this film was always a highlight so it makes me feel uplifted and genuinely much happier.

Mrs Doubtfire
This actually is one of my all time favourite films which I will always recommend anybody to watch. When I was young (and still to this day) I would watch this on any day I was off from school, was ill, if we were snowed in, any opportunity I had just for 2 spare hours that I could spend watching this I would take it. It is my ultimate film that kind of completely involves me and I never get bored of seeing it. I think it feels like home for me because it reminds me of all those down rainy days I had whilst growing up that suddenly turned into giggling fits from me because of this film. It instantly uplifts me and is like an old friend you want to hug every time you see them. The music to this film is amazing as well, with the likes of James Brown, Aerosmith and Frank Sinatra. I found it devastating when I heard about Robin Williams passing, but his performance in this is a masterpiece that I think will make anybody happy.

Harry Potter Films
Do you still spend the occasional Sunday Afternoon watching a Harry Potter film? I certainly do. So no matter whereabouts I am, I just love to watch a Harry Potter film. When I first moved to University, they still had some films to be released from the books, but I just loved the fact that so many people love it at my age because we had grown up with it. Whether me and my house mates watched it together or by myself gorging on Domino's pizza I felt at home watching them. I guess because it is a world that you kind of wish you were a part of, I wish there was a school like Hogwarts because that would have been amazing. Even as I grow up apart from really enjoying the books, the films are also something that comfort me and I can engross myself into and go into the land of witches and wizards.

The Aristocats
Obviously Disney films bring back some part of your youth, but this is one of the few Disney films which settle me and I feel at ease with. Mainly down to the fact I know I will not be reaching for the tissues because of somebody's death in this film. I have cats at home, and grew up with having cats, so this film always is a little tribute to them because as well as missing home, you will always miss your pets. It just is a lovely film set in Paris (always my favourite) and is all about cats with occasional musical interludes. I pop this on any time I feel like I am missing my cats and it just puts a huge smile on my face. Believe me this has much more of a calming effect than watching something like Homeward Bound, I felt practically unstable after watching that because I was so terrified for the animals. This film is a cartoon that I think any cat lover will like.

Bridget Jones's Diary/ The Edge of Reason
Both of the Bridget Jones Films make me feel at home mainly down to the lovely British accents they all have. Everything seems familiar to me because I understand everything, the references, the places, even the swear words like "tosser". It just has this natural element that reminds me of being home and for that reason I love how it makes me think of home. I do watch these films a lot of the time, mainly the first one because that is usually always on the television, but I more than often watch something like this if I am on holiday. I remember once I was in Italy and I had this horrible uneasy homesick feeling late at night and weirdly I found Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason on the hotel TV. It just made me feel safe and I felt like I could have been sitting in my own bed back at home because it made me feel like I was at home. I got over the homesick feeling thank god and spent the next day eating various Italian ice creams and Pizza.

The Hobbit/ Lord of The Rings Trilogy
Very similar to the Harry Potter Films where I just get pulled into this make believe land and forget everything around me. The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and now The Hobbit Trilogy (although I have not seen the latest film yet) are this style of film that makes me forget about everything else. I follow what is happening because I want to know what is going to happen. So in times where I might have felt a little unsettled or in unfamiliar surroundings something like these films keeps my mind off everything else and my focus is on the film. The only bad advantage point with these films is that they are quite long, so sometimes you look at the time and are completely shocked by how late it is. I always feel at home with these because a couple of my friends and me like to every so often spend a whole day re watching them. I think that is why I really enjoy them because they just remind me of home comforts, sitting down with a load of snacks and a bottle of wine enjoying the film.

There we go, a few of the films that make me feel like I am right at home. If I go away on holiday for a while or even if I am staying around someone's house and they suggest a film to watch, these just make me feel comfortable and secure. I can always rely on these films to make me feel at home.

Are there any films that make you feel at home? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you had a wonderful day!

Elle x

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  1. Harry Potter makes me feel at home too, I never get tired of watching them :)


  2. Yay! :D So glad it has the same effect, I think it is just a lovely getaway magical land that a lot of people love to go and watch and take some time away from reality, Elle x


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