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Songs I Wish I Could Sing

Songs I Wish I Could Sing

The title of the post is probably a little misleading because I would not call myself much of a singer at all, in fact I wish I could sing well. Yeah sure when I have had a couple of glasses of wine, using my hairbrush as a microphone or at a karaoke bar I think I am incredible. But the reality is I really am not the best singer and just do it as a bit of fun. Sometimes you look at singers, hear there voices and are blown away that there voice even reaches that high. There are always those few songs which you really wish that you could sing and be able to pull off rather than sounding like an out of tune mess with people either cringing at you or banging the walls telling you to shut up. Without further a do, here are a few songs I wish I could sing.

Beyoncé- Listen
I pretty much mean all Beyoncé songs really because I sure wish I did have a voice like hers (and looks too). Listen was the main single from the film Dreamgirls in which Beyoncé starred as the main character. This is a great song for Beyoncé to show off her vocal range because she sure knows how to hit the high notes in this particular track. Filled with emotional lyrics and ending with a big bang at the end, I always wish I could have her voice box just for one day to be able to reach that sort of vocal range. It is kind of crazy how powerful she sings it and how she never really seems to have any breathing issues in between, whereas if I ever attempt it I literally am gasping for air thinking my throat might explode. But this woman has it all really, I remember watching her Glastonbury performance where for most of it, not only putting on a show she danced and sang through a big majority of it. Any attempt I have ever made of dancing and singing involves me either ending up with bruised knees or not being able to speak the next day, a terrible combination for me, but one Beyoncé is an expert in. Link here.

Billy Joel- We Didn't Start The Fire
I am a massive Billy Joel fan especially because of his piano skills. This song is one that is what I call an educational one because he is basically listing headline events from the 1950s up until the 1980s. But he is consistent with maintaining a beat to the song and having a rapid fire attempt at saying all of these headline events that happened. Now the one major thing that I have to give this guy credit for is the fact he is saying over 100 events throughout that time period and remembering each and every one of them. I tried to do this years ago and literally gave up because I just cannot even speak these words quick enough let alone sing them. I run out of air too quickly and then need to take a big deep breath before continuing. The musical beat to the song is really upbeat and fast paced too which makes it even harder to keep up with. I think this is definitely possible to learn all of the lyrics for but I would never be able to keep up with the music of the song. Link here.

Adele- (any of her songs)
Now I think Adele has some wonderful songs, some of which are capable of singing, but they never really sound quite as good when I ever try to attempt singing them, mainly down to the pure fact that I am not Adele. She makes songs her own, so whilst you can take a song of hers and create your own version it never really is going to live up to the original. I think if you have a powerful voice then you definitely can achieve some of her songs, but I certainly do not. Whenever I sing them just for fun or when I am in the car I just think thank heavens nobody can hear me slaughtering this song. She has a powerful dramatic tone which not only makes you take notice of her song lyrics but her actual voice. Set Fire To The Rain, Someone Like You and Skyfall are probably all ones I sing the most but wish I could sing as well as her. Fat chance though.

Minnie Riperton- Lovin You
It all begins with this lovely guitar playing and birds tweeting in the background and then her voice kicks in with this extraordinary feminine tone. You are impressed but then you are blown away by that insane high pitched note at the end of the chorus. I mean come on now every time I think wow how does that woman pull it off. But then I attempt it thinking it cannot be that difficult and it ends as an epic fail being completely out of tune and actually hurts my throat trying to get the note. If you can sing this song and make it sound just as good then I really do applaud you. But for those of us who can only really reach a high note when we are screaming at a spider in the bathtub, it is really difficult to achieve. I kind of wish out of all of these songs, that just that one famous note in this song I could pull off and I would be happy, but I always end up failing. I think I will just stick to the "la la la" part of the song and not go any further. Link here.

Kate Bush- Wuthering Heights
One of my favourite songs ever but only when Kate Bush sings it. I have always had a little bit of a sing along with this track, usually when I am in the shower, but when you sing it in your normal voice it just does not make the song that great to listen to. Kate Bush has this extraordinary voice which is ghostly and high pitched (in a nice way) and therefore makes your ears want to listen. Just singing this song in my attempt just sounds awful. Due to that reason I then find myself just trying to impersonate the woman and still it just never sounds quite as good as her due to my lack of being able to sing high pitched. The words "Heathcliff, it's me Cathy" just never sound as good as the original version whenever I attempt to sing it, so I try and stick to doing my terrible impression of her voice rather than singing in my own. Link here.

Those are just a few of the musical tracks that I wish I was able to sing at least at an audible level. Of course we can try to do impressions of singers voices and have a bit of a laugh, but as an individual with my own voice these are quite frankly some of the songs that I find impossible to do justice.

Are there any songs which you wish that you were able to sing? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great weekend!

Elle x

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  1. I've been known to attempt wuthering heights but It never goes down well. I got the plug pulled on me on the karaoke singing Fleetwood Mac. I'm better off singing in my head!

  2. I just wish I could sing at all! Being able to attempt some of the Adele and Beyoncé tracks would be amazing though- both women have incredible voices. I also wish I could sing Christmas carols- I've been at a couple of carol services recently and felt so rubbish miming along and not being able to even get close to any of the notes!
    Jennifer x

    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  3. Haha so many!! I was listening to Adele the other day and I was like "man, I wish I could sing like her!" :P her voice is amazing!



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