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The New Year's Resolutions On Repeat

The New Year's Resolutions On Repeat

This is the time of year where we can always be a little reflective and start to think about what we want to get sorted for the new year. Resolutions are similar to having a diary at the start of the year, you feel utterly compelled and determined to stick to it, but then life just is an unplanned thing and you find you have already failed half of the resolutions you might have made. What I want to share with you in this post is the same resolutions I have made for about the past few years and still am yet to actually stick to them or accomplish them. Funnily enough I probably would be pretty happy with myself if I did stick to them but for whatever reason that comes my way it prevents me from sticking to these resolutions and then I just tell myself I will do them again for next year. Without further a do here are my new year's resolutions always on repeat until I eventually achieve them.

Join A Gym Or Have A Workout Routine
Now how many of us after indulging over the festive season add exercise to our new year's resolution list? So many people are keen to get fit when a new year begins, whether you just want to tone up or you want to lose some pounds, a fresh start seems to compel us and drive us to our goal. I have been telling myself since I was 18 and I had moved away to University that I would join a gym, a gym membership would be my key to getting toned thighs and a nice bum that I can show off for the summertime (in a bikini of course). Epic fail for the past 6 years because I have never bothered to do this and sometimes I think it might just be that I feel uncomfortable going to a gym. Only because I am such a beginner with the whole gym thing that I would have no idea what half the equipment did, I turn into a hot sweaty mess after about 5 minutes of running and lets not even get started on the tomato red face I get from working out. I think for me signing up to a gym is a commitment you have to fully commit too and I never feel like it is some place I want to be. So because of that I tell myself to make a workout routine, whether it be to go running 4 times a week, yoga, some tennis, go swimming, you know the casual stuff you can do in your own time but know that you are getting exercise. This I also epically fail at because I never have much will power or energy to fully put my time into it. So what happens is I go running when I can, if I ever have some spare time free but when I feel like I want to. The minute my brain is faced with a routine and strict exercise I just think middle finger up to that and I will take this big bowl of ice cream and worry about it another day. Personally for me I have no worries about weight it is always to do with toning, so I do not want to lose any weight I just want to have more areas well toned and because of that I do not have the strongest will power to get motivated.

Change Hairstyle
Something probably a lot of us do throughout the year is get our hair cut (apparently 6-8 weeks we should be). Whenever I do go to the hairdressers my usual fresh change to my hair is just to get it coloured, whether it be ombré in the summer or dark in winter I like to change it up throughout the year. However for the past couple of years I tell myself to actually change my hairstyle, get something totally different, new and see how it turns out. But then I realise that I never really know what to do with it and even though I see lots of celebrities rocking different styles I never have that strong feeling to actually do it. Like they say it is easy to say you are going to do something rather than actually doing it. For example I think I will get a fringe but then worry because then I might hate it and cannot get it back. I worry about styling it, how the little bits on my forehead might annoy me, or that split that happens in the middle of a fringe. So then I think about getting my hair cut shorter all over and then think how will I be able to put it in a ponytail, a braid and my favourite pineapple on my head look if I do not have long hair any more. The problem for me is, I see so many amazing hairstyles really great ones that I would love to have the confidence to go for, but the minute I see the lady with the scissors in her hand I think oh dear, is this really what you want to be doing?. I know at some point I will just go for it, either will love it or hate it and learn from it, and maybe 2015 will be the year I decide to go for a completely different look. But in the meantime I will just stick to getting my hair coloured at least then I know it can be changed if I hate it.

Drink 2 Litres of Water Every Day
I think this is the recommend amount you are supposed to drink every day, although it probably has increased now. Water is something that I do tend to drink a lot of and enjoy to drink but I do not think every day that I manage to get to the 2 litre amount. A few reasons being if I am travelling I do not want to be using the public toilets every half an hour, especially on a train, dear me what a challenge that is. If I get busy and into that work zone my brain is solely focused on the job in hand so it can be a few hours before I realise that I need to eat and drink something. Morning and evenings are usually based around having a cup of coffee or tea (or hot chocolate) meaning that once again water takes the sideline. Drinking water and lemon sometimes helps me because it gives water a different taste rather than this same old indescribable taste and gives you a little detox at the same time. I feel like this is totally manageable and obviously more so if you are exercising or it is a hot day, but in terms of my general lifestyle I do tend to find it difficult to always keep to it every day. I prefer to sip drinks rather than down them, I like to take my time with whatever beverage I am drinking. At the beginning of each year the healthy road kicks into gear and I am totally focused on doing this, but then after about a week it suddenly goes off course and then I just end up drinking water when I feel like it rather than making myself get through it. I see such great benefits from drinking water every day, it is just that 2 litre hurdle that can be a little daunting for me occasionally.

Start A YouTube Channel
I actually started watching YouTube videos long before I even got into reading blogs, I was obsessed with watching different people around the world and learning a lot. Nowadays it has hit off into a massive worldwide phenomenon that always makes me feel a little jealous that I am not part of it. For me it is probably the creative ability that I find a little daunting and when you watch YouTube you realise how talented people are. I also admire each and every person who can sit down in front of a camera and film themselves talking, I do not really understand why I get so spooked out by it because I watch so many YouTubers but when I think about myself doing it I suddenly feel all shy and embarrassed, which is ridiculous because I am not like that in real life. The main thing for me is that I probably do not know which route to go down, what area to focus on. I enjoy watching different videos from travel to beauty hauls but they always say that if you do YouTube you should make videos you want to make and I am kind of unsure what I would feel overly enthusiastic about. I think at some point I will get there eventually, I mean if other people can do it then of course you can, even if you do it just for yourself and nobody views it, I love having videos to look back on just like I do with pictures and now my blog.

These are the main resolutions I tell myself to follow through at the beginning of the new year but for the past few years I have completely put them to one side or just not been able to commit to them, therefore telling myself to do it next year. I would not say they are failed resolutions because I still want to do them and complete them purely for my own sake, but these ones have always proved a little tricky at fulfilling.

Are there any new year's resolutions you say you will do every year but then are unable to? Let me know in the comments I would be interested to know!

Hope you are having a lovely day and good luck with your resolutions!

Elle x

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  1. You should definitely start a Youtube channel! That's one of my resolutions too :)
    Happy New Year!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  2. Drinking more water and starting youtube are on my list too! Good luck with your goals!


  3. Thank you lovely :) Same to you! Let's hope we achieve them, I hope you had a lovely New Years Day, Elle x

  4. Haha fingers crossed I will get it sorted and feel confident with it, I think after you have got that first video out the way it might get easier :) Good Luck!, Hope you had a great New years! Elle x


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