Friday, 12 December 2014

What I Love About Winter

What I Love About Winter

You might have noticed the cold already but Winter actually starts the end of next week. So whilst we enjoy the last month of 2014 and the countdown to Christmas, I wanted to let you know what I love about Winter.

-Official weather to wear a coat! as well as scarves, gloves, bobble hats, tights and boots.

-Indulging in food as a way of staying warm, preferably warm food, goodbye salads, hello homemade soup.

-My bed is my favourite place to be, lie ins become ever so easy in winter because all I want to do is stay in my warm bed with blankets and hot water bottles.

-Morning Frost, when you wake up and everything has this beautiful dusting of frost that looks so Narnia inspired and fragile.

-Watching Films at any available moment, usually a mix between Christmas and real old classics like Casablanca.

Decorating the tree and house
Listening to Christmas songs (however getting slightly sick of them after a couple of days)
Mince Pies
Wrapping Presents
Mulled Wine
Home Alone
Advent Calendar
TV Christmas Specials (The Vicar of Dibley is probably top and then Only Fools and Horses)
Secret Santa
Christmas Parties
Love Actually
Christmas Dinner
Getting Presents
Family Photos (with everyone then wanting a selfie)
Christmas Jumpers
Mistletoe (always fun when it is above people you want to kiss)
Christmas Markets
Twinkling Lights Everywhere
Christmas Stocking
(I will stop there but I could go on and on)

-Hot Chocolates with marshmallows and cream becomes part of your daily routine.

-Adding a berry coloured lipstick becomes part of my make up routine.

-The possibility of snow, meaning that snowmen building, snowball fights and sleighing down a hill all seem so much fun. But a right nightmare if you want to travel anywhere.

-My wardrobe is definitely more equipped for winter weather especially jumpers, roll neck, fluffy, chunky knits, cashmere. The cold means it is all about layers, layers and more layers, the only downside to that is you look like you have gained about 20 pounds.

-An open roaring fire is a beautiful thing, so lovely to watch and amazingly warm.

-Black is totally okay to wear, being somebody who loves monochrome summer can be a tough time to find things to wear.

-Celebrating the new year, wow 2015 already! Whatever you plan to do, just feel positive about the year ahead.

-And lastly of course for any shopping lover or money savers, the big Sales on Boxing Day and throughout January.

One big list filled with things I love about Winter, clearly Christmas plays a big part in it all. Hope you enjoyed this post, it was something a little different to my usual style of writing.

Let me know in the comments what you love about Winter?! Are you a fan of Winter?

Have a fantastic weekend!

Elle x

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  1. I love all the sales too! I can't wait until the 26th... there's always some really good after-Christmas sales at all the stores!


  2. I love winter too! Flavoured coffees mean that not only is my clothing causing me to gain 20 pounds, I probably am with the amount of sugar I'm consuming! It's not even that cold and I'm always in a hat and scarf and ski coat with boots. It's just so comforting to be wrapped up in 12 layers.

    Rachael at

  3. Always excited for the sales, only if I get there early enough before all the good stuff is gone :P I try to save some money for them because they usually have such great bargains! Elle x

  4. You have it spot on! The comfort I get from wearing layers is out of this world, I kind of love that feeling of being layered up with warmth when it is super cold, you feel all toastie. Gosh the coffees and hot drinks they have at Christmas time are seriously packed with sugar, I had a hot chocolate at Starbucks the other day and it was so sweet but so amazing and heated up my hands too! haha Elle x


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