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Romance Films That Made Me Cry

Romance Films That Made Me Cry

Typical romance films usually take us through a whirlwind of emotions, we can smile, laugh, cringe or cry at different stages. Film genres are always a personal preference, romance can be seen in a lot of films but delivered in very different ways. It depends on my mood for me to watch a romantic film, it is not a genre I would instantly go for mainly because I find some of the story lines too soppy for me to take seriously. With romantic dramas you can always expect some sort of tear jerking moment which allows you to get a sense of reality from the story, not every real life love story is hearts and flowers (I'm sure most of us know that). Below is a list of romantic drama films which at some point through the story had me literally crying like a baby. Not down to jealousy that some of these actresses get to kiss some very fine looking men, but because of the storyline, something critical within the film that might shock or upset you and find that all you can do is cry into a tissue.

Spoiler Alert- Just a pre warning for those who might not have seen the films I mention, there are references to the storyline of each film.

I think what pushed me over the edge with this film, was the deception of the ending. I believed the story to have gone one way and then it turned around slapped me across the face and I was left balling my eyes out with shock. Most of this film I spent angered by the little girl with the blonde bob, her attitude irritates me for a big part of the film and then she goes and tells a big lie that ultimately destroys a relationship between two young people. What I loved about this film was the way it was told, we were shown an incident from one characters perspective and then it shows the same incident but from the opposing point of view. It is cleverly done because it sets the scene and proves to us that not everything we might witness is what it looks like. I always love films set in the countryside with a big house and garden, but the war scenes were also really impressive. The beach scene at Dunkirk was one of my favourites scenes, filmed with what appeared to be one camera shot, the camera just effortlessly moved around this whole beach showing us everything from horses being shot and soldiers partying waiting to go back home. I will not spoil the ending however it is one that will surprise you leaving you angry at people who are dishonest and the aftermath of a lie.

P.S. I Love You
I had read the novel for this before watching the film, so I vaguely knew what to expect, but something is always incredibly different when you see it being performed. If I remember correctly I started crying about 5 minutes after the film started and had to pause it until I had composed myself. Based on a typical married couple in love, the husband dies but plans ahead leaving his wife a series of letters in different places throughout her grieving period so that she does not feel alone. The film at many points had me laughing with belly ache and then crying with bellyache, it focused on flashbacks of the couple together and then the present wife by herself trying to live her life without her husband. The beautiful thing about this film are the letters he leaves and what he writes in them. For me it was always going to be the last letter that hit me the hardest and it certainly was, I had that uncontrollable crying that I was just genuinely grateful I was watching this film alone because I was a complete mess. Even though the overall plot line is incredibly upsetting, the film has lots of laughter and is in some ways really uplifting, because it follows a journey of a woman who learns to deal with her life without her husband and begin the next chapter of her new life.

The Notebook
Ryan Gosling seemed to be most girls hot crush when this film became popular and I definitely see the appeal. Focusing on a young couple who start off a relationship one summer, it is put to a stop when her family do not agree to her being with a man from lower class background, as she is a heiress. The story is spread over a few years, they grow up, she meets someone new and he goes to war. But they are brought back together years later and start a relationship again. Now there were a few scenes throughout that some of my friends always have cried at because they were romantic, but it was the significance of the older couple that keep making appearances throughout the film that got me. The story is told by this elderly gentleman from the start who is reading it to a female patient at there nursing home. Of course it is only near the end when we learn who the elderly couple really are, but it just had me in tears especially the last scene of the film. It was heartbreaking to watch but very moving too and even though the main story was romantic, it was always the relationship between this elderly couple which had me crying like a baby.

A Walk To Remember 
Not many people I mention this film too actually remember it and this has always been a film that I can sob for hours at how sad it is. The classic stereotypical plot of bad boy and good girl falling for each other, facing difficult circumstances throughout there relationship. Based at school he is popular and rebellious whereas she is religious, kind and is bullied. But after there relationship progresses she announces a secret which I completely did not expect, making the film different to a lot of typical school romance films. To be honest a lot of the film I felt really sorry for this girl, she is laughed at for what she wears, for wearing no make up and with the final secret she reveals I just could not contain my tears. This film runs on that horrible realisation that bad things do happen to good people and you end up feeling angered by it. The majority of the film is focused on there relationship from being friends to falling in love, but it focuses on him trying to fulfil her dreams. As much as it was a little bit lovey dovey in parts, I ended up in tears from the final result of the film and thought that it was a sweet romantic film.

The Fault In Our Stars
I have not cried in a cinema since I saw Dobby the house elf get killed in the Harry Potter film, slightly embarrassing but it was tragic and I was completely unprepared. Knowing the basic outline of this story I cleverly took a packet of pocket tissues thinking it was near impossible that I would cry and yet I failed epically. I remember hearing so many people sniffing and people in front wiping there eyes, thinking that I would not succumb to the plot line of the film. I had a little sob in the cinema, but it was when I got out away from everyone else that it hit me a little harder and I felt utterly distraught. For me regardless of the love story within the film, it is the subject matter of young people dealing with cancer that affected me. I think that every person should be given enough time in life to fully experience life so that is why this film is so poignant and that young people should experience there first love. Once again it was the ending that hit me the worst but the story of this film is something that focusses on the reality that people suffer with illnesses, so it was a refreshing way to see a romantic drama being played out.

I think romantic films are wonderful and focus on something that most of us want to experience in real life (love). We might fantasise about some guy kissing us in the rain like they did in a film, or finding a holiday romance in some remote area of the world, but our lives are always going to be different to a film. That is one of the main reasons why I enjoy romantic dramas because even though some of them can be incredibly morbid and usually never end with the happily ever after you hoped for, it makes me believe it more. In life not everything goes to plan and so sometimes a tragic story can be the most meaningful. With the films I mentioned I think when I watch them I can be so completely engulfed by the storyline that my emotions always get the better of me and I need a good cry.

I would love to know if any of you have watched these films? Or if there have been any other romantic films you have watched and got emotional over? Let me know in the comments!

Have a lovely day!

Elle x

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  1. the notebook always get to me every time. even though i know every word to the movie haha great post

  2. I was exactly the same with PS I love you! I read the book first and my boyfriend would come in and see my reading that through massive sobs! I started crying 5 minutes in as well. They were so happy and I thought 'but he's going to die!!!' and I had to compose myself. I found the book 1000 times better than the film but the film still gets me crying every time. I actually might read the book again soon.

    Great post!




  3. Such a late reply sorry! Thank you lovely! I know most of the words to the film too, I can easily watch it again and again. Loved your latest post by the way, The Body shop blueberry scent is one of my favourites!, Elle x

  4. Sorry for the super late reply! Thanks for your comment :) Haha its funny how a book can make us cry so much, I felt the same that the book was better than the film, but they kept a lot of comedy in the film so it didn't feel totally morbid haha. I re-read the book recently and even though I knew what was going to happen it still had me in tears!, Elle x


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