Friday, 27 February 2015

Wild: A Journey From Lost To Found - Cheryl Strayed

Wild: A Journey From Lost To Found- Cheryl Strayed

I first heard about this book from a friend last year who excitably told me I had to read it, I ended up adding it to my brain's "to read list" and never got round to reading it. A few months later I came across a film trailer of a movie called Wild with the lovely Reese Witherspoon and it suddenly hit me that this was a film adaptation of the book my friend had gone on about. For me I like to read the book before seeing a film adaptation and not doing it the other way round. I learned my lesson from doing that once before when I watched Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince before reading the book, so when I eventually did my mind would not let me get past what I had already seen in the film. Recently after having no internet at home I had a big opportunity to catch up on some reading and Wild was top of my list.

The wonderful thing about this book was that it was written from a real life experience the author had personally gone through. Cheryl Strayed at 26 years old went on a 1,100 mile journey of west coast America all alone and with no experience of hiking. My first thought was that this woman is crazy to have done something like that, but then it dawned on me how incredibly brave and independent she was which only spurred me on more to want to read this book. From the first page I was hooked on this story and I honestly read it over a weekend because I was desperate to find out what happened to her. The way in which it is written is like you are reading her diary, a memoir, she is honest with every word she speaks and that allows the reader to feel at ease and experience her journey with her. You almost feel like you are there walking with her as she embarks on this tough journey. I always enjoy reading personal stories, there is a lot of courage from an author who can write about and retell a story for others to read and judge.


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Internet Break

The Internet Break

Facing the event of having no internet can sometimes leave people puzzled as to what to do. Being able to access the internet is something that I have been able to do since a young age and nowadays it is usually possible to gain access wherever you might be. But the problem with having the internet so easily accessible and how much as a society we rely on it, is when it is not there we are not quite sure what to do with ourselves. It is all about that instant knowledge, want to ask somebody something? just tweet or email, want to buy a new dress? just click to buy, want to know the answer to something? personally I simply just write my question into Google and 99% of the time my question will be answered from the top results. Recently in my home there was work going on and for a fortnight I was without internet, living in the countryside meant that it was impossible to look for WiFi. I suddenly found myself with an empty void when I would be at home, what could I do to fill the time? because most of my evenings would usually compile of working on my blog, reading blogs, watching catch up TV, Netflix, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. All internet things I use regularly, then all of a sudden I had no access to them. It kind of dawned on me that I had become very reliant on the internet for a form of entertainment or to fix any boredom I might be feeling. Due to the internet I have grown up very much with having this place that can give me answers immediately and allows me to talk to whoever around the world. As frustrating it was at first, it was easy to find other things to do that had nothing to do with the internet and in a way became quite refreshing. Here are some of the things I found myself doing when using the internet was not an option and some ideas that might help you if you have no internet.


Saturday, 21 February 2015

February To Do List 2015

The February To Do List

This month's to do list is definitely going up a lot later than I had anticipated and it is all to do with having no internet for the past few weeks, but better late than never. These are always one of my favourite posts to type up because they usually tend to motivate me to get stuff done, rather than saying I will and then never bothering. I like to be as organised as I can be in my daily life but there are always those couple of less important tasks that I think about doing, but usually forget about, I figure making a monthly to do list will encourage me to get them done but also means I have a whole month to sort them out. But firstly to see how I got on from last month's to do list.

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