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February To Do List 2015

The February To Do List

This month's to do list is definitely going up a lot later than I had anticipated and it is all to do with having no internet for the past few weeks, but better late than never. These are always one of my favourite posts to type up because they usually tend to motivate me to get stuff done, rather than saying I will and then never bothering. I like to be as organised as I can be in my daily life but there are always those couple of less important tasks that I think about doing, but usually forget about, I figure making a monthly to do list will encourage me to get them done but also means I have a whole month to sort them out. But firstly to see how I got on from last month's to do list.

January To Do List Debrief

Instagram More- Occasionally I post a picture but not really more than I was doing before. Whether you are an instagrammer who posts numerous pictures a day or if you post daily pictures, I think I have learned that I will upload if I remember because oddly as much as I scroll through my feed of Instagram pictures liking along the way, I somehow just forget a big majority of the time to upload anything. I still love it and can get lost in looking at pictures, but me actually uploading pictures is more of an occasional thing.

Listen To New Music- This definitely was something I wanted to sort out mainly for my own sanity when having to listen to the ridiculous old and over listened to music on my phone. I can say that it is now packed full of new music meaning I find any excuse to get my headphones out and listen to new playlists I have made. I have even gone a step further and started listening to remixes of songs, which I never thought I would like. At the moment I am obsessed with listening to remixes of Beyoncé songs, especially Drunk in Love which if you want to you can check out on YouTube, believe me there are loads of them.

Make Bread- I feel like all I ate in January was homemade bread because I got so happy about making it that suddenly I wanted to make a fresh batch at any spare moment just for that amazing fresh bread smell to linger in the kitchen. I started with the plain basics but am now trying to experiment with new recipes and flavours. Any bread recipes you recommend please let me know in the comments!

Catch Up On Eastenders- This was on my to do list for January because of the business at Christmas time and the fact I am the only one in my family that likes this show, I had so much to catch up on. I am completely up to date and this week's episodes were especially good to watch.

Print Photos- Doing this is always a job I love in the new year, print off photographs from the year before and make a photo album or collage. Spending a small fortune on getting loads of copies printed off and some extra for family members, this was something I managed to get sorted out but I am still in the process of displaying them all. As you can imagine a whole year of photos to sort through can be quite a tough job.

Now for what I want to get sorted this month:

February To Do List

Read More Books
I would consider myself a bit of a bookworm, I can easily sit down, start reading a book and the day just disappears as all my focus is on the book. Recently I feel like I have neglected reading novels where I immerse myself into the world of a book and I really have missed it. I guess I would consider myself a fast reader so I never feel daunted by how big a book might be or time constraints, I just sit down and get on with it. Since the new year (can you believe that was almost 2 months ago now) I have had a big reading list of new books to read and I feel like this time of the year is great for me to settle back into reading again. I get easily distracted when the weather is nice and therefore this feels like the perfect month to read a few more books.

Monthly Post Ideas
This is something I have been meaning to sort out for a little while, but I want to have a regular monthly post that I commit to, similar to these monthly to do lists. I like the idea of having something that you can post every month. I have noticed a lot of bloggers tend to type up a favourites post at the end of each month, and I was thinking about a monthly post specifically about fellow bloggers. I read a lot of blog posts and some I find really inspiring for many reasons, whether it is life advice, a recipe that I loved, or a beauty product which was reviewed in full, I have been thinking about sharing some of my favourite blog posts from other bloggers in a monthly post. I think it would be a nice way of highlighting different blog posts that I have loved to read from that month, I am just unsure what to call the post so I need to give it a bit of a think.

Try Different Hairstyles
I kind of stick to my comfort zone with hairstyles, mainly because I have fine hair it just takes a great deal of effort to create a great hairstyle that will last all day, so I either have it down or in a basic bun. However on days when I might have a little bit more time, or am wearing really basic clothing and want to look like I have put some effort in, I figure that doing a great hairdo is key. I usually lose my patience with my hair though, if it is not working my way then I easily give up, but I want to feel a little more creative with my hairstyles rather than just brushing it through. Nothing too time consuming, but I just think that sometimes if I make the effort with my make up then I should try and make a little more effort with my hair. Although if the weather is wind and rain then I might as well not bother, as 30 seconds in those conditions and my hair turns into a frizzy mess.

Get A New Passport Picture
This picture is actually for a new rail card I need to renew soon, but somehow it is just a simple task I always overlook and forget about doing. It only hits me when I look at how old the previous passport picture is and how embarrassing it is to show others. The whole passport picture process always makes me feel awkward, being in that little booth whilst you sit there with no expression and the machine usually puts a green tick on it if it meets the requirements of a passport picture. I would much rather be smiling than looking like a moody cow but I guess it is all for a good reason.

Buy Helix Piercing Earring
I had my upper ear pierced about 10 months ago now and from what I can tell it has healed but I am still yet to buy an earring to put in it. I want to put a small hoop in it but I cannot find anywhere that sells these. I guess this is something you have to go to a body piercing shop for but there is not one local to me and I wanted to look at different designs with a range of options. I have been looking at Etsy and there are a few on there which are nice and some studs too, but if any of you recommend either a website or store that sells any good helix earrings let me know in the comments!

As I mentioned earlier, having no internet for the past few weeks has been extremely difficult, but it did mean that I had a lot of time to plan future blog posts which I am happy about. I feel a little bit out of the loop as I usually do when I am away from the blogging community for a while, but I am hoping to just get back into the swing of things.

Hope you have been good and are enjoying your weekend!

Elle x

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