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The Internet Break

The Internet Break

Facing the event of having no internet can sometimes leave people puzzled as to what to do. Being able to access the internet is something that I have been able to do since a young age and nowadays it is usually possible to gain access wherever you might be. But the problem with having the internet so easily accessible and how much as a society we rely on it, is when it is not there we are not quite sure what to do with ourselves. It is all about that instant knowledge, want to ask somebody something? just tweet or email, want to buy a new dress? just click to buy, want to know the answer to something? personally I simply just write my question into Google and 99% of the time my question will be answered from the top results. Recently in my home there was work going on and for a fortnight I was without internet, living in the countryside meant that it was impossible to look for WiFi. I suddenly found myself with an empty void when I would be at home, what could I do to fill the time? because most of my evenings would usually compile of working on my blog, reading blogs, watching catch up TV, Netflix, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. All internet things I use regularly, then all of a sudden I had no access to them. It kind of dawned on me that I had become very reliant on the internet for a form of entertainment or to fix any boredom I might be feeling. Due to the internet I have grown up very much with having this place that can give me answers immediately and allows me to talk to whoever around the world. As frustrating it was at first, it was easy to find other things to do that had nothing to do with the internet and in a way became quite refreshing. Here are some of the things I found myself doing when using the internet was not an option and some ideas that might help you if you have no internet.

Read a Book
I do this anyway because I love reading, but a lot of my time consists of me reading blogs online, or reading recipes. I used to be one of those people on the train or bus who would read on my travels, but probably since I found myself in the working world, it consists of me sending emails, scrolling my twitter feed and liking Instagram photos. So due to this I understand why a lot of people tend to do most of there reading on holidays because your working life is not interfering and you can officially get a bit of "you" time. My list of books I have wanted to read for a while is ever growing and I much prefer reading words on paper than on a screen. No internet felt like the perfect time to sit back and open a book.

Read Magazines/Newspapers
Again a lot of my fashion inspiration or news headlines I find out via the internet first. Twitter especially can be the biggest culprit for revealing things, usually down to trending hash tags. Now understandably I get that you usually spend money for a magazine or newspaper and then once you have read it, it is done with. But usually everything is written in a lot more detail. I have always enjoyed reading fashion magazines, even though a big majority of the first 20 pages are essentially just adverts, but it is something I have always enjoyed to hold in my hands, look at the photos, read the articles and test out those little perfume sections they put in there. I get a lot of my inspiration from fashion bloggers nowadays, but a fashion magazine is always the best way of finding out what will be in season and new trends that are popular. Newspapers are the same, if you are a regular train or bus commuter then you might pick up the free Metro which if you are interested in the news will give you your daily update.

Watch TV or Film
I can do this easily without ever checking the internet, mainly because I love watching films and television. I think most of us do this anyway so I won't say too much about it, I like nothing better than to just get some time to relax and watch a film. So this is probably the easiest thing to do if you have no internet access (unless you have a power cut).

Cooking or Baking
People are usually one way or the other with cooking, they either can or can't, but I think most of it is just about practice. I usually get a bit of a creative hat on (not literally) when I am cooking in the kitchen, I am one of those people who tends to follow a recipe step by step, but then am happy to reinvent it a second time round if I think I want to. Being in the kitchen is something I love to do mainly because I always feel a sense of achievement when I have cooked something for myself or others. I would say I am more of a sweet person, so I love to do some baking and desserts are my favourite to make. Usually the internet is great if I am not sure how to convert a unit or if I want to double check a recipe, but this is the perfect chance to start looking in your cook books you might have stored some place on the bookshelf.

Write In Diary or Scrapbook
Keeping a diary is something I have always done, and I don't just mean the little one I keep in my handbag with dates and appointments jotted down. I like to write occasionally about what might be going on in my life. A diary can sometimes be the best place to write something and just let it out of your system. Mine is more of a scrapbook, so I might add in quotes that inspire me, cut out pictures from magazines, add photos I have printed. Similar to writing a blog, it is your own where you can write and post whatever you want. My diary is a place which I am able to voice what I think and that certainly helps if you want to get things off your mind that might be bothering you. Plus you can write as many swear words as you want. I love to be able to look back and read them as a way of seeing how much I have changed and grown as a person.

Have you been putting off tidying your bedroom? No internet for me turns into having no distractions and I found myself tidying everything. Dusting, polishing, making my home wonderfully clean all because I had no internet access. Now generally I am a very clean person, mess does annoy me and there is only a short amount of time before I want to tidy it up anyway. But for those more awkward jobs you put off, it might even be washing your car or your huge collection of make up brushes, this is the best time to get them done. As they say "Tidy House, Tidy Mind.".

Go For Walk (Exercise)
I realised I was going out a lot more for a run or a walk whilst there was no internet at home. Most of the exercise I do at home is usually Yoga which unfortunately is all from watching YouTube videos, so I had to do something else. Firstly if lack of internet at home is stressing you out because you cannot see what is going on with the world or scroll from page to page of beauty and fashion websites adding things to your wishlist or saving for later (I definitely missed all of that) then just get out of the house with fresh air. I love being outside and this has always been the first thing I do if I am stressed out or need to clear my head a little. It is a little odd how cut off from the world you can feel if you are so used to having the internet whenever you need it, but this for me anyway just makes me see sense and just get over it when I do not have it available.

Take Pictures
Whether it be on your phone or camera, just take some pictures of whatever. I took the time regardless of the fact I could not work on my blog, to take pictures for future blog posts and take advantage of good weather. Even though you might not be able to Instagram something, does not mean it is not a photo memory you want to keep.

Work On Your Creativity
If you took some pictures for your blog, then plan blog posts, maybe plan a whole month and make notes. I occasionally draw but I never do it that often any more and having no internet meant that my mind was programmed to think of other ways to keep me entertained and drawing was one of them. It could be things around the house like DIY, creating a photo collage or making something. Creativity is a great way to express yourself and really this should be done on a daily basis whether we have the internet or not.

General Life Organisation
You might be on your computer/laptop a lot of the time just being on the internet, but what about updating it a little. Changing the background picture, de-fragment your hard drive, organise your photo folders and documents, all things I rarely did. For me it was just making a telephone call and speaking to an old friend or relative rather than just typing a silly message or email, filled with a load of ridiculous emojis in them. When was the last time you thought about calling somebody you have not spoken to for a while and speak to them rather than just sending a text saying "What's up with you?". Weirdly this whole no internet thing made me realise how actually having it made me overlook the simplest of things.

The internet can have different levels of convenience to people, you might use it occasionally or your whole career relies upon it. Personally being without internet does not truly affect me in a dramatic way. What bothered me the most about having no internet was how I had to adjust to waiting. Suddenly to be able to find something out instantly was gone, replies from emails would have to wait, who sang that song I just heard on the TV I could not easily check. Nor could I make a quick shopping haul online. It is all to do with technology and how quickly it gets us places, for example if you had a big sum to add up, would you rather use a calculator or take the time to add it all up? We are used to having fast results with the internet and I think that is the appeal.

Having no internet was a bit of a change because it made me see I no longer had everything within instant access, I could not arrange something straight away or have something ordered immediately. Everything would have to wait until I eventually did have internet. Now that I have it back at home I must say I feel a little more at ease but it made me see that I can adapt without having it and honestly I kind of enjoyed having an internet break.

How much do you use the internet? Is it something you couldn't be without? or would having no internet not bother you at all? I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

Hope you are having a lovely week!

Elle x

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  1. Amazing post again <3

    Dear can you click in link in my last post? It is really important for me <3

  2. Two weeks is a long time! I couldn't go without completely but it would be nice to restrict time on it to a couple of hours a day. xx

  3. I rely on the Internet way too much. It's scary isn't it! Well done for surviving though. Did you read anything good whilst you had your internet break?

  4. Thanks lovely! Of course I will have a look not a problem :) Elle x

  5. I know it was such a shock to suddenly be without it! Same, I think it comes in useful a lot of the time but I definitely could reduce the amount of time I use it throughout the day :) Elle x

  6. Thank you, I am very happy to have it back :) Yes I read a few! another game of thrones book, the old classic Bridget Jones Diary and a book called Wild which I am writing a blog post about! It was quite nice really to have the time for just reading, Elle x


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