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Books I Loved When I Was A Child- Part Two

Books I Loved When I Was A Child- Part Two

Being a bit of a bookworm started from a young age, apart from watching Disney films on repeat I would love to find a new book to read. There were definitely some authors I would always go back to and read more of there work, usually down to the fact it would make me laugh or have pretty illustrations in. Here are another batch of books I loved to read when I was a child.

Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Garden
The film adaptation of this book is still one of my favourite childhood films to watch even now, but the book always had a special meaning to me. Following a young fairly stubborn child named Mary Lennox, she is taken to live with her Uncle in Yorkshire after her unloving parents died. Misselthwaite Manor is where the majority of the book is set, the isolated home is falling apart and most of the rooms are locked. Despite it being huge, Mary is confined to a small part of the manor but being a young child she likes to explore. She comes across a hidden walled garden and instantly becomes intrigued as to what is inside and most importantly how to get in. It soon becomes clear that the house has secrets, she never sees her uncle and regularly hears loud crying (which turns out to be from Mary's cousin Colin). After finding the key to 'The Secret Garden' Mary gets to work with caring for the garden along with her friend Dickon. Building a relationship up with Colin and bringing an uncared garden back to life it always was a great story to read. As children I think we like to have secret hiding places that only we know about and that is definitely something you can relate to in this story. 

Nina Bawden- Carrie's War
When I think about how much time I spent studying this one year at primary school, it has become imprinted in my brain. The story is about two evacuees Carrie and her brother Nick who are sent to Wales whilst the second world war is going on. They stay with a Mr Evans who they don't really like very much but they make new friends with different people and feel more at ease with living away from home without there mother. The plot of the story is difficult to explain because it consists of a curse they are told about involving a skull that is kept in the house. The main reason why I used to love reading about this, was because not only did I feel like I was having a history lesson, but I felt like I actually enjoyed reading it and finding out about life for evacuees in wartime. The story is told by an older Carrie to her children about her days as an evacuee and them going back to the town where she lived as a child. The ending was always something I felt a little disheartened by, I was always so used to big happy endings in books that this one although not completely unhappy just made me feel a bit sad. 

Enid BlytonThe Famous Five
It was my mum that introduced me to The Famous Five, due to the fact that she had loved them so much when she was a child that a majority of the books I were given were the ones she had already owned and read. The books consisted of 4 children and a dog named Timmy who would have different adventures on there school holidays. Apart from reading these they were also something I would listen to on audio books before bed. Each story is different where the children explore and find themselves in different situations, from camping to looking for smugglers, they are sort of crime stories but a children friendly version. Having the different children means they individually have there own personalities and traits, which was nice because they all had there own personal adventures but always together. 

J. K. RowlingHarry Potter Series
One of the most famous book series there has been that I am sure most of you will have read. I was about 8 or 9 when I read the first book, and back at that time it was a small phenomenon but since has become a global hit. These books after each release followed me into being a teenager and then an adult after I had read the last one. At primary school there was a signed copy that I remember all the children used to take turns in reading and then tracing the autograph of J.K Rowling, why we did this I don't know. I think what I instantly remember I enjoyed about Harry Potter was the fact that it felt like it could be possible, as if there really was a school called Hogwarts that people your age could attend. It had the references to the 'muggle world' and then obviously the 'magical world', the characters in the book were easy to relate to, especially Harry, Ron and Hermoine, and I am sure there was definitely a boy in my class that I thought of as being Draco Malfoy. I laughed at pages, definitely cried at pages, and loved the whole magic concept. I have recently started rereading these books because I think even as an adult you can enjoy them.

Jacqueline WilsonDouble Act and Bad Girls
I have a whole box full of Jacqueline Wilson books, mainly the Tracy Beaker series but these two stories were a couple of my favourites. Double Act was written in the style of a diary entry in which these two identical twins named Ruby and Garnet would talk about there lives. Both sisters are completely different from one another but very close, until several things like friends at school, new opportunities and there fathers new relationship start to change there way of life. Maybe it was the way it was written, and having the switch between hearing from the two identical girls individually but I would always love reading this story.
Bad Girls is about a young girl called Mandy who struggles with bullies and feels trapped in her family home. After befriending an older girl Tanya who is being fostered they soon become good friends, but Tanya has a habit of shoplifting. This story was mainly based around the struggles with friendship, that feeling of wanting your own independence and finding your own voice. I always liked this story because it touched upon different aspects of life that in a lot of children's books were uncommon to find; children shoplifting, dealing with bullying and having dyslexia. I always found Jacqueline Wilson's books to be very honest about real life things that happen, but in a way that is acceptable for young children to read about. 

I always get a little bit nostalgic when I look back on books I used to read when I was a child. I think there were some great books which taught me a lot and were not necessarily just picture books but great stories that even today are popular for children. Here is a link to Part 1.

Did you read any of these books when you were a child? 

Hope you are enjoying your week so far! :)
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  1. I love The Secret Garden, though I cannot remember if I only watched it on film or if I had the book as well. I'm pretty sure I had to book though. It's very magical in it's way isn't it . . at least the film is.

    I had some Famous Five books but I mainly remember listening to the audio book in my Grandad's car of the one where they discover smugglers.

    Harry Potter of course I have read, though it wasn't a childhood thing, more a teenage thing for me, though that is because I am a couple of years older than you and I also didn't start reading them until the first couple of films were out. (I know!)

    Lovely post Elle. xx

    Amy at Amy & More

  2. I loved all of these except carries war as I never read it. The Secret Garden was my absolute favourite. I actually have a separate bookshelf in our bedroom full of my old kids books and it's full of Jacqueline Wilson books... I still read The Illustrated Mum now and again haha. Great post!

  3. Thank you! Haha I used to love reading The Illustrated Mum, I'll have to check if I have it in my collection. I think it's great to keep hold of books you loved when you were young though, a lot of my friends have just given them away to charity shops but I always think they are nice to keep hold of :) Elle x

  4. Thanks Amy :) The Secret Garden film is great, it pretty much sticks to the same story as the book, I can't help but watch it if I see it on the TV. Same as me then with the audio books, I was given a few Famous Five books that were my Mum's but I used to have one of those tape/cassette walkmans that I would listen to before bed (strange how much technology has changed). Haha a lot of people mainly started reading the HP books when the films came out, I think that was when it started to become such a big thing anyway, it was only the first couple of books that came out when I was a child, but I just remember even then how popular it was with all the kids, Elle x

  5. Myself and my sister loved the jacqueline wilson books when we were children!

  6. They were great weren't they! great stories and the illustrations always gave you a bit of a giggle :) Elle x

  7. Jaqueline wilson books where the bees nees when I was little! I think I've read all of them haha! Great post x

  8. Jacqueline Wilson books bring back SO many memories... my favourites were The Suitcase Kid and The Illustrated Mum. I loved the Harry Potter series too! x

  9. The Harry Potter series will always be a favourite of mine! I just recently bought all of the books again. I hope my children will love them as much as I do otherwise i'll be devastated!

    Roxie ♥

  10. Thanks Kacy :) They certainly were! She always managed to write great stories that covered a variety of life topics but were really funny! Elle x

  11. Glad you like her too! How could I forget The Suitcase Kid! That was a great book! Elle x

  12. Brilliant! I am sure they will :) So many kids love reading the Harry Potter series, I think because the story is very unique, stretches the imagination but also focuses on issues that people deal with in real life, plus its got a load of magic in and that's pretty cool ;) Elle x

  13. I just don't remember a hype around them when I was younger. It was my brother who had the book, but then he is more your age than mine so perhaps that is why. I did try and read it but I read the first chapter and didn't like it. Then as I said, I only gave it another ago and read the whole series many years later lol! x


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