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March To Do List 2015

March To Do List 2015

Another month been and gone. As winter slowly fades away and we welcome the freshness of Spring, it also means I have a new monthly to do list to get completed. So as I sit here with my cup of tea whilst listening to Lana Del Rey I wanted to share with you my March to do list, but firstly to see how I got on from February's list.

February To Do List Debrief

Read More Books- Success. I managed to read I think in total it was 6 books, which might seem excessive, but considering I was without internet for a big majority of February, reading became my favourite pastime. It is something I am going to carry on now and stick with, although a little late to the party my next book to read is Gone Girl.

Monthly Post Ideas- I had a think about it and decided to have a monthly post where I basically let you know what posts from other bloggers have been my favourites from that month. That post will be going up on Wednesday!

Try Different Hairstyles- Trial and error this was for me, having fine hair can be a right pain in the bum especially when you have those little baby hairs poking out of your head. I definitely tried a lot more styles this month, even though a couple of them made me look like I was 12 years old again. But it actually was a lot of fun to get a bit more creative with my hair especially on days when I was wearing something quite plain.

Get A New Passport Picture- Done. This was certainly a day where I was trying to make my hair look good. Thankfully I now have a passport picture that actually looks like me now, rather than one from years ago.

Buy Helix Piercing Earring- Fail. I still am on the lookout for earrings and have a mini wishlist on Etsy, but this was the only thing on my list I didn't manage to complete.

So now this is what is on this month's to do list.

March To Do List

Plan For Mother's Day
I am usually very prepared for certain important dates throughout the year, but for some reason Mother's Day seems to have popped up really early this year and I need to get my thinking cap on. Since I was young I always make some homemade/DIY present for Mother's Day so I need to have a bit of a think about what to do for my Mum. I actually have been looking at a lot of gift guide posts that other bloggers have done which are great and have given some inspiration as to what presents to buy her. I just must not forget a card!

Change Wardrobe For Spring
Now that the weather is becoming a little more sunnier and slightly warmer, I feel like my wardrobe needs a bit of a switch up. Layers are still my favourite thing and I will always be a monochrome kind of girl but I think a pop of more colour can be added in. I always love the colours of Spring fashion, they are usually very pastel and subtle. For some you probably have everything you need already in your wardrobe, but technically mine is a clothes rail, so I only have season appropriate clothing on it at one time otherwise it will collapse.

Buy Concealer
For the make up lovers out there, you might have a small collection of concealers to use, but I only really have one main concealer which I regularly use which is the Collection Lasting Perfection. Due to the way it is packaged I can never really tell when it is running out, until I get to the point I am desperately scrapping the tiny tube for product. Mine is slowly getting to this point and I know I will keep on forgetting until one day I go to use it and it is all gone. Most times I have looked in a store recently for a top up there has never been my shade or there is one last left which you can tell has been used as a tester. I wondered for the future also if any of you know any good dupes for the Collection Lasting Perfection? Let me know in the comments if you have found one similar!

Change Wall Decorations
Personally I like to change things around every so often, sometimes having the same decorations around your home can get a bit boring to look at. Rather than buying new stuff, I just tend to move wall prints around so it looks new and gives the room a bit of a freshen up. I haven't done this since December and I was given a couple of wall prints for Christmas which are currently just leaning against a desk, so I think that this is the best time to put them up and move things around. I do this regularly with the wall in front of my workspace, I think for me if I keep seeing the same things I lack inspiration, but regularly changing it around, always helps me feel more creative.

Buy Stationary That You Actually Need
You stationary addicts will completely understand what I mean. But sometimes when you go into a stationary place you might end up coming out with a couple of brand new notebooks you don't actually need rather than what you did need. I always forget the basics like sellotape or blu-tack. I see a cool designed notebook and my eyes light up, meaning that I am easily distracted from the essentials. Shocking as this might seem but I actually struggled this week to finding a working ballpoint pen. It seems like the most obvious thing to have back ups of pens, but unfortunately it never seems to be something I often pick up. So this month I have made my mission to stock up on bits of stationary that are useful and that I actually need back on my desk area.

Some fairly achievable things to get sorted this month I think, although my bank balance will suffer slightly.

Hope you had a great February, and enjoy March!

Elle x

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  1. I really need to get organised and make a to do list. I'm with you on the stationary bit. I always come home with rubbish I don't need. I lived gone girl hope you enjoy it

  2. You should post some photos of the hairstyles you tried. I don't do anything with my hair apart from tie it up. I don't have a clue! X

  3. Glad I am not the only one, I get home and suddenly realise I just wasted money on more stationary that I have no idea where to put!, Oh good! I've only read a few chapters so far and really like it :) Elle x

  4. That's a good idea for a future post! A couple of them I am still trying to get right which always end up looking a bit messy, but I just try to convince people that it was the look I was going for :P Elle x

  5. they all sound great hun!


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