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April To Do List 2015

April To Do List 2015
April is here already and it only seemed like last week we were all celebrating Christmas, but with Easter and it officially being spring, April feels like a good month. The clocks changed so we now will have brighter evenings and here's hoping for nicer weather too. Apart from scoffing a load of Easter treats and chocolate this month, I will also be working on completing my April To Do List, but first to see how I got on in March.

March To Do List Debrief

Plan For Mother's Day- I managed to get this sorted as early as I could in March because I really did not want to be rushing around trying to find something for my Mum last minute. This time instead of making a gift, I made a card instead and then I just bought a couple of gifts I knew that she liked. I made her a plum crumble whilst she spent the afternoon gardening, seriously my mum is obsessed with gardening.

Change Wardrobe For Spring- Sorted. As much as I usually like doing this job, strangely for spring time I always struggle to work out what might be best to have in my wardrobe (technically clothes rail). It can be freezing cold one day in which I want all my warm layers and then much warmer weather the next day where I want to have something more lightweight and colourful. I ended up with a mix of mainly floral dresses, sweaters and jeans.

Buy Concealer- Bought. I made it my mission to find my trusted Collection Lasting Perfection and finding it in the shade I needed. But I also picked up a Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer as a couple of blog posts I have read from bloggers seemed to like it. So I am hoping that it will turn out to be a good concealer.

Change Wall Decorations- Changed. I thought of this as having a bit of a spring clean, that fresh feeling of having something new and different. My bedroom walls especially were just getting a bit boring, I tend to do a lot of my blog writing in my bedroom so I felt like I wanted a refresh with the environment but not having to redecorate everything. I moved a couple of wall prints around, made a few photo collages and put some of my favourite quotes up, so it has had a bit of an uplift.

Buy Stationary That You Actually Need- Bought. I had a big organise around my desk and realised I have 9 unused notebooks. Seriously just why? I have told myself not to buy any more because I am pretty much sorted for the next couple of years with notebooks. I did however have a bit of a splurge on useful bits of stationary like blu tack, sellotape and drawing pins. I just need to tell myself any time I see a new notebook with a pretty design to just walk away from it, (likely to fail though).

So here is what I want to hopefully get sorted this month.

April To Do List

Practice Balancing In Yoga
People who can walk on a tightrope I suddenly have a new found respect for because since starting Yoga I understand how difficult it is to balance your body. I have definitely improved a lot since starting, I used to wobble all over the place and end up falling down sideways to my living room floor. Now I can hold myself up on one leg and attempt a lot of the balancing moves that Yoga teaches, but I still feel like I could do a lot better. I know with anything it is all to do with practice and the more you do the more you will understand and be able to do it. The great thing about learning at home is that I can fall over as many times as I do and not worry about anyone seeing. I think once you master the breathing techniques then it becomes a lot easier for your body to achieve. So this time next month I want to have achieved a balancing yoga practice that I feel happy about.

Understand Twitter
You social media geniuses have clearly mastered the act of how Twitter works, I would say I am still learning. I know the basics, and to be honest I am not talking specifically about Twitter itself more about the other websites related to Twitter. This whole scheduling your tweets thing I never even knew it was a thing until recently. I always used to wonder why sometimes if I was up really late/early next morning if I scrolled on Twitter everyone was tweeting about there blogs or posts. But I figure that now that those are set up as scheduled tweets. It kind of feels like a place I have not really focused on properly to learn about how TweetDeck or other various programmes work, and I feel like it should be time to look into it. 

Get New Apps On Phone
I felt the same way as I did about having a lack of music on my phone a little while ago, my phone just has no fun apps whatsoever. I have more stuff that is useful like the BBC Weather or helps me out when I am having a musical catastrophe and need to know the name of the song playing (I'm talking about you Shazam, you amazing genius). Of course there is Instagram but I want to be playing a decent game that I can at least reach level 2 of, before it becoming too difficult that I give up. I just want something that every so often I can have a quick game of that is just a bit of fun to pass the time. I had Candy Crush for a while but then it got horribly addictive and I would be checking all the time to see if I had my lives back. Are there any game apps that you would recommend? 

Use Online Code For The Body Shop
When an email comes through with an online discount code or a percentage off a website, I think about all the things I might need and can get at a slight bargain. But then by the end of the day I have completely forgotten about the email and by the time I do realise the code has become invalid. I am the same with those Boots tokens you get sent in the post or in store, I have them all in my purse and then completely forget to use them. By the time I do remember the to use by date has long gone. I have an online code for The Body Shop and have a small list of items I already wanted from there. So this is a reminder to myself to use the code!

Create Different Backgrounds For Blog Pictures
I see a lot of minimalistic backgrounds in blog pictures, usually just a white backdrop so all the focus is on the object you are taking the picture of. I like doing this myself, but with some pictures I always think that I could be a little more creative rather than just convenient. I have slowly started to make changes on my blog, I say slowly because some things take me a long while to get my head around. But in terms of pictures, apart from the writing I think that they take centre stage on your blog, so I want to be a little more imaginative with the backgrounds of pictures. Nothing too fussy or busy, but I just want to experiment a little more with the way things look and work on a style for my blog.

I feel confident I will get these things done this month and hopefully you are looking forward to April!

Did any of you get tricked by any April Fools? 

Hope you had a lovely day :)

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  1. Trivia Crack is an addictive game!! I love it.

  2. Aw I really like this feature! I struggle with the balancing postures too! Xx

  3. Sorry for the late reply! I read your comment and soon after became addicted to Trivia Crack :D I haven't been able to stop playing it, thank you for the recommendation!, Elle x

  4. Amazing thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely be giving it a go :), Elle x

  5. Thank you :) Yes they are tricky to get the hang of, I'm slowly getting there though as long as I keep looking forward whilst practising haha, Elle x


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