Thursday, 30 April 2015

The April Playlist

The April Playlist

Roads // Portishead
I love Portishead and this song has been one of my favourites this month. For the times when I just need a good old relax and want to chill out I pop there album on, but this song in particular I find really calming.

Bloodstream // Ed Sheeran
His album has been on repeat since it came out and Bloodstream I always thought was a lovely song. This version is Ed and Rudimental combined so it has more of a catchy beat than the original, I also think this song sounds amazing when he performs it live.

Bitch Better Have My Money // Rihanna
You know when you listen to a song, dislike it and then suddenly get the tune in your head that it soon becomes one of your favourites to listen to. That is this song for me. I had mixed feelings, but the words are strangely catchy.

Say You Love Me // Jessie Ware
This is such an emotional and beautiful song, her voice fits the words perfectly. It was written with Ed Sheeran and I feel like you can kind of tell because it suits his style of music aswell. It is just one of those raw emotional songs that you feel that you relate to in some way.

One Last Night // Vaults
Even though I haven't seen the film Fifty Shades of Grey (or read the book), Vaults did a song for the soundtrack and I fell in love with it. The singer has quite a soft tone in her voice which feels relaxing to listen to but the music is quite upbeat so it makes a nice combination.

Get Ur Freak On/ Keep Me // Missy Elliott and The Black Keys
This mash up of two songs is a real dance tune, the classic Missy Elliot song with a mix of the famous Black Keys electric guitar music makes this a real banger of a song. I watched the film Bad Neighbours recently with Seth Rogen in and this was on the soundtrack. I love The Black Keys so it was a no brainer I would love it, but I like to have a good old sing along too.

Midnight City // M83
The new series of Made in Chelsea (who else has been watching?) was the reason I got back into listening to this song, it never gets old to me and I love it.

Harder Than You Think // Public Enemy
My new favourite running song, the beat of this song has a perfect tune to start running to. I usually listen to this song at the end of my run when I am starting to feel shattered and this just gives me a little boost of energy to complete it.

Someone New // Hozier
Simple, I love Hozier, therefore I love this song.

Lost In Music // Sister Sledge
My go to cleaning song this month. If you hate cleaning or maybe like me, ironing clothes bores you to death, I just pop this song on and have a little dance. Cleaning is something I always find a bit of a bore and having an old disco song to listen to always helps to motivate me.

These are my most listened to songs this month and have been constantly on repeat.

Have you had any favourite songs this month? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you are having a lovely week ☺

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  1. Great post!! can't wait to give some of those a listen <3
    Chloe xx

  2. Thanks Chloe! :) Hope you enjoy listening, Elle x

  3. I love the m83 song by midnight city and pretty Much all the other songs we have very similar music taste :)

  4. I'll have to check these out! I'm still overplaying Lana Del Rey at the moment haha!

  5. Haha we have great taste then ;) Midnight City is a great song, they also did a song called Outro which I love too!, Elle x

  6. Haha good choice! Listening to Lana never gets old :) Elle x

  7. Ed Sheeran <3


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