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Tips I Wish I Had Known When I First Started Wearing Make Up

Tips I Wish I Had Known When I First Started Wearing Make Up
I must have first started wearing make up when I was about 13 and when I look back it wasn't really because I thought I needed it, but because all of my friends were and I wanted to fit in. The worst thing about me first starting to wear make up was that I had completely no clue as to what I was doing. I would never use anything sparingly and layer on as much colour as I could, completely unaware that some colours naturally just would not suit me. So for those of you who might be new to wearing make up or even those who want to go down memory lane and might have had similar problems, here are a few tips I wish I had known back in the day.

Use Natural Lighting
School breaks were usually the time girls would go into the bathrooms and crowd around the small mirror hung up on the wall, where we would either apply our make up or add more. The unfortunate thing was that the lighting in the bathrooms was a horrific dull lighting, meaning that we were pretty much doing our make up in the dark. Natural Lighting whether you like it or not shows yourself and everyone else around you what you actually look like. Weirdly I don't think any of my friends ever figured this out until we were much older and looked back on school photographs with embarrassment. The same goes for that fluorescent lighting you get, if you want to see what you are doing properly and if the colour looks right, use natural lighting whenever possible. 

Concealer Needs To Be Blended In
Liquid Concealer was more of something I discovered when I was about 17, but for a good few years I would use a concealer stick that looked a bit like a lipstick. Shamefully I never seemed to realise that concealer had to be blended in. The positive part of this story was that the concealer did match my skin tone so I luckily did not have orange stripes in random places, but I also did not realise it had to be blended into your skin. I never used foundation for most of my teenage years, so concealer was the only thing I used to hide any blemishes that I had, but I literally would just dab the concealer stick on my face and I thought it was sorted. Thinking about it now it all seems incredibly unhygienic but that never crossed my mind. So use a small brush to blend concealer into your skin. 

Less Is More
Young skin is something to be cherished, but also you want to act your age too, you have the rest of your life to be an adult and wear make up. I used to layer eye shadow on like there was never enough colour, full pigmented eye shadows I would be piling on to my poor eye lids. Nowadays when I buy any make up product, I use everything carefully and only need a tiny amount to get colour. But back in the day I would be layering it on like I was some sort of bizarre painting, the thought of me doing this makes me cringe any time I think about it.

Buy Waterproof Mascara
My teenage years were filled with emotions and no doubt if I wasn't having an argument with a friend or feeling heartbroken over some fit older guy in my school (who I had never met) getting a girlfriend, I would have a regular sob every now and then. I always failed to realise waterproof mascara existed, but it became more apparent when we would have any sports lesson and getting out of the swimming pool I suddenly looked like a panda. Waterproof Mascara I recommend for anyone prone to crying or for a rainy day, try not to apply too much however because you will end up with horrible stiff eyelashes that will make you look like a doll.

Just Because It Comes Free With A Magazine, Doesn't Mean It Suits You
I was obsessed with reading magazines when I was a teenager, getting all the latest hairstyle tutorials, dating advice or ripping out pictures of boy band members to put on my wall, I loved them. Magazines like Sugar and Mizz (who else bought those?) would regularly give free gifts away with the magazine. The majority of these free gifts were make up based and I would always end up using them. Shimmery Purple Lipstick, Glitter Eyeshadow, Orange Blusher, I used to wear it all, not understanding that not everything was going to suit me. 

Make Up Has An Expiry Date
That gloopy sticky lipgloss that you have been using for ages has had its day and you need to chuck it away. It never occurred to me that make up had a shelf life, I would just think it was fine to use until it ran out. Now that I am older I understand that using make up out of date can cause problems to your skin, cause allergies and infections. The fact that me and my friends would share make up around too just makes me feel a bit sick. But anything that you have been using for a really long time needs to stop being used.

Those are the main tips I wish I had known, some smaller ones include not wearing any make up with SPF in with flash photography. Prom night, leavers do, house parties, just avoid any SPF make up otherwise your face will be as white as a ghost and all the effort you made on your face will not show. I learned the more difficult way of knowing what looked right and it was only as I got older that I would be more interested in learning about make up and what actually looks good on me. The funny thing is that my Mum would every so often comment that maybe I should consider wearing something other than green eyeshadow when I have blue eyes, but I never did listen, now I kind of wish I had done. 

Are there any make up tips you wish you had known when you were a newbie to wearing make up? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great weekend whatever you have planned ☺
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  1. agree with all of these! i didn't really start wearing makeup until college so i'm still learning haha

  2. Great post! I wish I knew about a few of these too when I first started wearing makeup.. Never used to have waterproof mascara and looking back now, I wish I had used it right from the start! I agree and can relate to pretty much all of these tips. :)

    Nice blog you have!

    -Paige x

  3. Haha same, I'm still learning too, especially how to apply the perfect winged eyeliner, that is a daily struggle for me :) Elle x

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment Paige :) Glad you agree with some of the tips I mentioned, I just wish I had been a little more make up savvy back when I first started, some of my old photographs make me cringe haha, Elle x


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