Monday, 24 August 2015

My Bedroom Homeware Favourites

Bedroom Homeware Favourites

Nowadays if I am out on a shopping trip I make it my mission to go into nearly every store that sells home decorations. My love for homeware definitely happened as I got older, I think it was mainly when I got my first flat and I loved the fact I had my own space to create my individual style. Personally in my bedroom at the moment I don't have one style or theme, like some people have a really minimalistic look or a Moroccan theme. I tend to have many different decorations that I just like which blend in looking quite good together. I probably would say I like the colour white a lot but mainly because my bedroom does not get an awful lot of natural light so having a room with white decorations makes the room a little brighter. These are just a few of my favourite homeware pieces I currently have in my bedroom.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Romantic Comedies From The 90's

Romantic Comedies From The 90's

Romance films can easily be regarded as being a bit mushy and almost sickly if you are not a big fan of PDA. But a good romcom adds the laughs inbetween all that so it becomes more enjoyable for both men and women to watch. During the 90's when I was just a child I used to frequently spend hours watching romcoms. Being able to laugh my head off, enjoy a happy ending but also realising that not every relationship or love story has to be perfect to be real. There were some absolute classic romantic comedies that came out in the 90's and here are some of my favourites.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

A Day Out To Kentchurch Court

Kentchurch Court

One of my most favourite things to do is visit historical homes. They are usually so well kept and frozen in time so you can admire old architecture and learn more about the history of the house. As there is nothing near to where I live, I always love little day trips out to explore different estates that usually remind me of Jane Austen novels. 

Kentchurch Court is a beautiful estate in Herefordshire and feels wonderfully private whilst you are there. I was surprised at how large the grounds and house were, away from the city and dotted right in the scenic peaceful countryside. Myself and my Mum made an afternoon of it as she had always wanted to make the journey there. On the day we went we decided to just walk around the gardens as the weather was lovely and there are acres of land to walk around. But you are able to make appointments for a guided tour of the house itself, on the day we went it was not open and hence why in the pictures of the house there are white shutters in the windows. The gardens were beautiful and really well kept, plus it was packed with wildlife. Here are some pictures I snapped whilst there.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The July Playlist

The July Playlist

Freedom // Pharrell Williams
I love Pharrell, even from the days of N*E*R*D, he has a great talent for music and I think creates songs which are easily memorable, Happy is still really popular. Freedom is a great song about unity and regardless of your background you deserve freedom. Typically a feel good song for the summer which is easy to sing along to.

Circle of Life // The Lion King- Carmen Twillie & Lebo M
Recently I was in one of those moods where you just want to listen to Disney Songs on repeat and before I knew it I had an afternoon of singing along to some Disney Classics. In my opinion forget the Elton John version of this song because it doesn't cut it for me as much as this version. It is such a great song and reminds me of the beginning of the Lion King where all the animals are coming to look at Simba and Rafiki holds him up. Just listen to it whenever you feel down and it will make you feel really empowered.

Cool For The Summer // Demi Lovato
I have never listened to Demi Lovato's music before, I think I only could name a couple of her songs but I listened to this a few weeks back and then found myself singing along to it. It is more the music of the song which I prefer rather than the lyrics, but it is annoyingly catchy.

I Put A Spell On You // Screamin' Jay Hawkins
There are a lot of versions for this song, there is even a version in the film Hocus Pocus (who else loves that film?) but this will always be my favourite. Screamin' Jay Hawkins has one of the most incredible voices I have heard. He has a real bluesy rock and roll tone to his voice which I just adore. 
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