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My Bedroom Homeware Favourites

Bedroom Homeware Favourites

Nowadays if I am out on a shopping trip I make it my mission to go into nearly every store that sells home decorations. My love for homeware definitely happened as I got older, I think it was mainly when I got my first flat and I loved the fact I had my own space to create my individual style. Personally in my bedroom at the moment I don't have one style or theme, like some people have a really minimalistic look or a Moroccan theme. I tend to have many different decorations that I just like which blend in looking quite good together. I probably would say I like the colour white a lot but mainly because my bedroom does not get an awful lot of natural light so having a room with white decorations makes the room a little brighter. These are just a few of my favourite homeware pieces I currently have in my bedroom.

I picked this up in a sale at Urban Outfitters about 2 years ago and just adored it. What I love about the piece is the design but the practicality that you can actually display things in it. Currently I put some perfumes and eye shadow palettes that I cannot fit in my other storage. I keep it on a shelf and like that it displays items but doesn't make my room look cluttered with things. 

White Birdcage

Glassware and Lights
I love finding old perfume bottles or glass trinkets at market stalls or in little independent shops and now have quite a big collection. Personally I do not use them to store anything they are just ornaments but I think they are really pretty and feminine which just add some old style around my room.
I have a slight obsession with fairy lights or little battery operated lights that can be put up and placed around my room. These purple mushroom lights are more of a decoration feature because they actually change colours, so unless I am having a random disco party in my bedroom (not likely), I tend to just leave them off. But I have numerous fairy lights around my window, bed and bookshelf which are on nearly every night I am in my room.


I foolishly bought this thinking that I would learn to play it and whilst every so often I pick it up and attempt to know what I am doing, I actually just leave it alone and it has become more of a decorative piece in my bedroom. I remember when I got this from ebay and they had ukuleles in all the colours of the rainbow so I was tempted to buy more, but it just seemed silly to buy something which I did not need and clearly would not be playing. The white ukulele fits with the rest of my room, I am tempted to actually put it on my wall as wall art, but I still keep telling myself that one day I might really want to learn how to play it, so for now it just lounges around my room.


Audrey Hepburn Print
How could I resist not having a print of her, I used to have a poster of this image on my wall all throughout university, so when I was in my first flat I bought a framed print of it which I think I picked up from TK Maxx. I just like the image and the pastel pink colour fits in with my room. I have a few other images of Audrey Hepburn which are black and white prints of her not related to films, one of which is her riding a bicycle. This print is currently leaning against a table whilst I am painting one of the walls it usually hangs on.

Audrey Hepburn Print

Storage Drawers
I am quite a tidy person and like things being put somewhere rather than just left on the side. I love storage, I would say I actually have many storage pieces around my room which are decorative, but I love the practicality of it. The fact you can just put it all away, shove it somewhere and your room can look immediately tidier. These coloured drawers I found in TK Maxx whilst I was in there buying one of those Comic Relief t-shirts a few months ago. I just loved it immediately and as I was saying that I have a lot of white decorations I knew that this would break it up a little. Currently this is on my work desk where I like to blog from. Each drawer has a range of things from batteries, to cables, to post it notes and tape. You can't see in the picture but it is quite wide at the back so it means each drawer is really roomy and you can fit a load of those little bits and bobs away in a safe place. 

Coloured Drawers

This is a real decorative piece that I keep in my window sill, it actually is a real life birdhouse which serves no purpose other than just standing there. I was given this as a gift and ended up just leaving it in my window sill but then really just liked it being there. I keep debating whether or not to paint it into a coloured pastel shade but for now I have just left it white. I just like it in my room even though it might seem a little weird to have a birdhouse in my bedroom (even just typing that sounds weird). I have plenty of birdhouses outside in the garden for the birds to nest in, but this one I like too much for it to get ruined.

Bird House

Those are some of my favourite homeware decorations in my bedroom. I have a real mix match of items but they end up coming together and making my room look a lot more interesting rather than plain. 

Do you like buying homeware pieces for your bedroom? What places do you like to shop for home decorations? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you had a great weekend and a good start to the week! ☺

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