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Romantic Comedies From The 90's

Romantic Comedies From The 90's

Romance films can easily be regarded as being a bit mushy and almost sickly if you are not a big fan of PDA. But a good romcom adds the laughs inbetween all that so it becomes more enjoyable for both men and women to watch. During the 90's when I was just a child I used to frequently spend hours watching romcoms. Being able to laugh my head off, enjoy a happy ending but also realising that not every relationship or love story has to be perfect to be real. There were some absolute classic romantic comedies that came out in the 90's and here are some of my favourites.

Never Been Kissed
Following the twenty something Josie Geller, she works for a newspaper and gets an undercover job as a high school student. Going back to school proves difficult for Josie as she was always very unpopular back in her day, styling a very geeky persona. You immediately see the insecurities she has about being back as she is not sure how to act and ends up trying too hard to fit in. As well as this she has never had a relationship with a guy and dreams of finding the right man for her. Played by Drew Barrymore (who is awesome), Josie tries to get the story she wants but also starts falling for her teacher (who in reality is the same age as her). With her wanting to fit in with the popular kids at school, it ultimately becomes a story of learning and being happy with yourself whilst surrounding yourself with the right people. It is one of those typical school films where being a bit of a geek or clever is considered not cool, so it does feel very 90's in that respect. But I find it hilarious and one of my favourite scenes is when she eats some obviously drugged brownies and starts dancing on stage using her bum as a bongo drum. 

One Fine Day
Set in New York two single parents both end up missing the bus for there children's school field trip. For the whole day they both try to babysit each others children and try and get on with there usual day jobs. Played by George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer they spend the day juggling there work and supervising each others children. It all becomes one really chaotic day for both of them, they end up arguing a lot and then as they do in romances start to fall for each other. This has always been one of my favourite films mainly because it is a simple romcom, no excessive gestures or loads of story lines to follow, just one day and consisting mainly of 4 characters, a man, woman, boy and a girl. I have never really seen many George Clooney films, I always remember him from the Ocean's Eleven films but in this he looks really young and very handsome. 

My Best Friend's Wedding
Following Julianne (Julia Roberts) she gets a call from her best friend saying he is getting married to a young woman and invites her to the wedding. Realising that she actually is in love with her friend she goes to the wedding in order to sabotage it and make the groom (her best friend) fall for her. Its kind of like a friends with benefits thing that these two had in the past but ultimately Julianne seems to think they have something more. The story is the lead up to the wedding day and Julianne furiously trying to break up the happy couple Michael and Kimmy (Dermot Mulroney and a very young Cameron Diaz), by telling lies, sending a hurtful email and getting involved in family affairs. Ultimately it puts the bride and groom through sticky situations and through Julianne's manipulation brings Michael closer to her. I was about 9 when I saw this film and loved it, but even to this day it is just a wonderful romcom. Special shout out to Rupert Everett who plays George, Julianne's gay best friend, he is hysterical and the part where he is pretending to be Julianne's fiancĂ©e is my favourite, especially the sing along to 'I Say A Little Prayer For You' in a restaurant. 

There's Something About Mary
This is more of a comedy film, but it does have an underlying romance theme to it. From a young age Ted (Ben Stiller) is madly in love with Mary (Cameron Diaz) but loses contact with her. Now older he still cannot get Mary out of his head and decides to hire a private detective to find her. Basically there are many different men who are in Mary's life and all equally are in love with her. It turns into a bit of a competition of who will win her. But there are some really funny scenes, like when Mary thinks she is using Ted's hair gel in her hair (so gross but hysterical) and when Ted gets his penis caught in his trouser zip, which is both funny and painful to look at all at the same time. It has more of crude american comedy throughout but still has a happy ending with the guy getting the girl.

You've Got Mail
This is usually a film I love to watch in wintertime, it is not necessarily a Christmas film or anything but it just feels like a snuggle up warm in your pyjamas, hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream kind of film. Kathleen and Joe (Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks) talk online via a chatroom but never give any details about who they are and are unaware in real life they are actually business rivals. Despite having other partners they email each other and form a strong bond starting with a friendship. Kathleen owns a small bookshop, whilst Joe is preparing to build a big superstore bookshop which will end up leaving Kathleen out of business. Under the screen names of "Shopgirl" and "NY152" they both help each other and are completely in the dark that they are actually Kathleen and Joe. I really love this story because they slowly fall in love with each other over the internet not knowing anything about the personal details of who they really are. I remember when we first had the internet we used to use a dial up connection like they do in this film. 

Notting Hill
Hugh Grant is a pro at comedies especially romcoms, his overly British and awkward characters just make you smile. In Notting Hill he plays a bookshop owner called Will who encounters the famous movie star Anna Scott as a customer in his store, who is played by the queen of romcoms Julia Roberts. It basically is a story of having a relationship with somebody who is famous and the pressures of the media it has on them. There are so many laugh out loud moments in this film for me, my favourites have to be when Will says "Whoopsie Daisy", pretends to be staff at Anna Scott's hotel and calls himself Bernie and when one customer asks for Winnie The Pooh books knowing it is a travel bookshop. Also a special shout out to Will's flatmate Spike who is so eccentric you cannot help but laugh at him. It is a lovely story about two people from different worlds falling in love and trying to adapt to each others lifestyles. The music on the film fits in perfectly too.  

Those are just a few of my favourite romcoms from the 90's. Have you seen any of the films I mentioned? 

What was your favourite romcom from the 90's? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you have a great day ☺
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