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The July Playlist

The July Playlist

Freedom // Pharrell Williams
I love Pharrell, even from the days of N*E*R*D, he has a great talent for music and I think creates songs which are easily memorable, Happy is still really popular. Freedom is a great song about unity and regardless of your background you deserve freedom. Typically a feel good song for the summer which is easy to sing along to.

Circle of Life // The Lion King- Carmen Twillie & Lebo M
Recently I was in one of those moods where you just want to listen to Disney Songs on repeat and before I knew it I had an afternoon of singing along to some Disney Classics. In my opinion forget the Elton John version of this song because it doesn't cut it for me as much as this version. It is such a great song and reminds me of the beginning of the Lion King where all the animals are coming to look at Simba and Rafiki holds him up. Just listen to it whenever you feel down and it will make you feel really empowered.

Cool For The Summer // Demi Lovato
I have never listened to Demi Lovato's music before, I think I only could name a couple of her songs but I listened to this a few weeks back and then found myself singing along to it. It is more the music of the song which I prefer rather than the lyrics, but it is annoyingly catchy.

I Put A Spell On You // Screamin' Jay Hawkins
There are a lot of versions for this song, there is even a version in the film Hocus Pocus (who else loves that film?) but this will always be my favourite. Screamin' Jay Hawkins has one of the most incredible voices I have heard. He has a real bluesy rock and roll tone to his voice which I just adore. 

Make Up Your Mind // Florence and the Machine
Oh Florence that voice of yours! If you are a big Florence and the Machine fan like myself then you have probably listened to every song on her new album, but this one has to be one of my favourites. Florence has a great talent to be able to take a song, whether it be a happy or sad one and create such a powerful song. But Make Up Your Mind I just instantly liked because of the music and have been playing it on repeat.

Love Spreads // The Stone Roses
The Stone Roses were a little bit before my time, when I was mainly listening to the Spice Girls than listening to indie rock. A friend of mine is obsessed with The Stone Roses and I decided to give them a listen to. For me I am still trying to work out what the lyrics all mean but Love Spreads has a good tune to it and the guitar playing is pretty ace. 

Bang My Head // David Guetta feat. Sia
I listen to a range of different music but in summertime I tend to listen to a lot more dance/club songs. Most of David Guetta's tracks turn into big mainstream tunes but I don't always like them all. I just came across this song with Sia and its perfect if you feel like having a bit of a party. This is actually one of the songs on my playlist I listen to whilst I'm doing any housework, it all seems to get done much faster if I am listening to dance tracks.

Get Lucky // Daft Punk feat Pharrell Williams
Remember the summer of 2013 when this song was played all the time? well two years later and it still is worth listening to. It is so unbelievably catchy that you cannot help but sing along to it. Recently though I have been listening to the full album version rather than the radio edit, which is definitely worth a listen. 

Good Times // Ella Eyre
Ella Eyre has been an artist I have seen pop up every so often or is featured on tracks, but I have never listened to her own music. As I'm all for listening to songs that make you want to dance around, even if it is just in your bedroom, I came across her latest single Good Times. It just seems to be an upbeat party all summer, "YOLO" kind of track that is just about having fun.

These are my most played songs throughout July, cannot believe it is now August! I have mostly been listening to upbeat songs you can dance to, mainly because I think in summer its time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself a bit more. 

Have you listened to any of the songs I have mentioned? What have your favourites been? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you are having a great start to the week! ☺
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