Thursday, 3 September 2015

My Perfect Sandwich

My Perfect Sandwich

Whether it is for my lunch break, day trips or picnics, I love a good sandwich. I think it is a very personal taste about what favourite sandwich filling you have, and so I thought I would share mine. As of yet I have never been able to buy something like this in the shop with the same combinations so my sandwich tends to be something I make at home. As I am a vegetarian I like to have a tasty sandwich but also something that will fill me up. I actually am really funny about sandwich fillings, I like something that tastes refreshing but yummy and not something that is rich and processed. So here is how I make my perfect sandwich.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The August Playlist

August Playlist

Say Love // JoJo
JoJo recently released an EP with 3 songs of her current music and this one stood out for me. Back when I was 14, JoJo used to be in the music charts all the time, mainly with her song Leave (Get Out). I liked her but I was not overly blown away by her, she only stood out for me because of that one song. But in this new EP you can hear that her voice has grown up and is now singing music that I would listen to. Say Love is a strong song with a lot of emotion behind it which I have just really enjoyed listening to this month. It feels like one of those songs you kind of wish you could belt out if you can sing (I can't at all so I just mime along).

Drag Me Down // One Direction
I would never have believed that I would be putting a One Direction song into any sort of music post, but your mind can change, so here I am. Ever since One Direction were a thing, for the past however many years of success, there music is just hands down not something I wanted to listen to. I can't lie and say I am now a fan of them because I am not (sorry to those who love them), but I do like this song. The problem I find is that sometimes when I listen to the lyrics of songs I find myself cringing. Anyway what I am trying to say is that I think some of the lyrics are still a bit meh, but the tune of the song is so damn catchy that I do kind of like it. 

On My Own // Les Misérables
As you might have seen on the TV Les Misérables was on this month and I was watching it intently. I really love the film, I think it was a really good idea to adapt it from a play into a film because the storyline is so interesting and emotional. Most of the soundtrack I love, but I just simply adore On My Own, which the character Eponine sings. Oh lord it is so emotional, I just feel so sorry for the poor girl and to be really honest I still don't understand why the character Marius wouldn't be in love with her. I had the soundtrack on repeat throughout the month, but this song has definitely turned into my "yes I think I can sing, but I really can't" song. 

Dark Times // The Weeknd & Ed Sheeran
The Weeknd has been mentioned on my blog many times in music posts because I have loved his music for years but this last week he released his new album. As a fan already I am going to be biased and say it is amazing, but I understand that some of the songs (and lyrics) might not be to everyone's taste. But this song that he has done with Ed Sheeran I think is beautiful, you can hear both there voices and how amazing they are. They pretty much have equal measures of singing through the song, so it sounds more enjoyable, rather than when you are listening to a song that features somebody and they just sing a couple of lines. Definitely give this one a listen to if you are an Ed Sheeran fan!
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