Thursday, 3 September 2015

My Perfect Sandwich

My Perfect Sandwich

Whether it is for my lunch break, day trips or picnics, I love a good sandwich. I think it is a very personal taste about what favourite sandwich filling you have, and so I thought I would share mine. As of yet I have never been able to buy something like this in the shop with the same combinations so my sandwich tends to be something I make at home. As I am a vegetarian I like to have a tasty sandwich but also something that will fill me up. I actually am really funny about sandwich fillings, I like something that tastes refreshing but yummy and not something that is rich and processed. So here is how I make my perfect sandwich.

For my sandwich I have:

Seeded Wholemeal Bread
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Baby Spinach
Lemon & Mustard Dressing

Sandwich Ingredients

So for bread I am always a wholemeal girl, but I like the kind that has seeds mixed in it, so I usually buy mine from a brand called Food Doctor, they basically do what I would assume is healthy bread. I like to toast my bread for this sandwich because I find that soft bread is harder to keep fillings in and falls out easily. I lightly toast my bread and then give a good layer of roasted red pepper hummus on both sides. Sometimes I make my own hummus, but usually I find it a lot easier to buy it from Waitrose because it tastes delicious.

Toast and Hummus

I absolutely love beetroot, it has such a sweet taste if cooked properly and is really good for you. I spread a few thin layers on one side. Then I put some baby spinach on top, which I usually just mix around in a quick lemon and mustard dressing. Spinach again is something that is really good for you, but I actually dislike it when it is cooked because it has such a strong flavour. But baby spinach is easy to use in salads and basically is the equivalent of having lettuce in a sandwich.

Beetroot and Spinach

Lastly I put some cucumber on top because I like a bit of crunch in my sandwich and then I'm finished. The great thing personally I find is that because I toast my bread slightly, you can fit a lot of layers in the sandwich without it all falling apart or being soggy. 


All done! It is super easy to make and really good for you. I could eat hummus all day long, so I have tried different combinations of salad in this sandwich, but these ingredients just go really well. It is sweet from the hummus and beetroot, then tangy from the lemon dressed spinach and has a cool freshness from the cucumber. 

Hummus and Salad Sandwich

That is my favourite sandwich to eat, so easy to make and healthy. I love sandwiches because they are so adaptable and you can basically put loads of different ingredients and make something delicious.

I would love to know what your favourite sandwich is? Maybe you have a favourite filling? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you are having a lovely week ☺

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