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Films That Remind Me of Autumn

Films That Remind Me of Autumn

Now that the darker nights are here, it feels like the right time of year to get all cosy with blankets and hot chocolates whilst having a film marathon. Even on days off I tend to love the plan of settling down at home and just watching films, but for me there are certain films that instantly remind me of Autumn. I would say that a lot of Autumn themed films are usually based around Halloween films, and whilst those are perfect to watch at the moment (Hocus Pocus would be highly recommended) there are also some less obvious films that for me kind of feel autumnal. These are some of the films that remind me of Autumn.

I love watching this film all year round really but there is a very autumn feel to it. The story evolves around a divorced couple (Susan Sarandon & Ed Harris) who have two children and are adapting to new lifestyles. The father has a new girlfriend (Julia Roberts) and the children find it difficult to accept her. The story becomes very heart warming due to something that shakes the whole family but there are a lot of funny moments. A lot of the film is based around autumn/fall with the children dressing up for Halloween and there is also a big thanksgiving performance. For me there is just an overall feeling I get with associating this as an autumn film.

Fly Away Home
Does anyone remember this film from when they were a child? So many people I have mentioned it to never seem to remember it but I used to love it. It is based on a young girl who finds some geese eggs and rears them, to then teach them how to migrate using an ultralight aircraft. Mainly because I am such an animal lover I used to love watching this film, but even now it reminds me of autumn. It has a lot of sunset shots which look autumnal and the main bulk of film is based over the autumn months, so it all sort of fits in. Due to pretty much most of the film being filmed in the countryside you get that feeling of it being in the slightly colder weather and all the colours changing. 

Good Will Hunting
A very young Matt Damon plays a janitor who has a brilliant mind for maths, but because of his background it has held him back from being discovered as a genius. It is the famous bench scene that makes me think of autumn with this film, when in character Robin Williams and Matt Damon are talking to each other with a backdrop of all these autumnal golden leafed trees. The scene itself is incredible purely for the script but the backdrop just fits in with the scene. Autumn feels like a surrounding theme throughout the film, I think that might be because of the way it is filmed and also the fashion.

Uncle Buck
Still one of my favourite childhood films, mainly because I loved a young Macaulay Culkin in the Home Alone films that I remember coming across this one and fell in love with it. The whole film is centred on a families Uncle coming to look after the children whilst there parents are away. But Uncle Buck is not very traditional nor used to looking after children so the family feel uneasy about it. Anyway the film is a comedy so there are a lot of funny moments throughout, but it always reminds me of Autumn. The film is based over a small period of time so I think because the characters are always wearing coats and the neighbourhood looks kind of autumnish it just always makes me feel like it should be in that category. I think it makes more sense if you have seen the film, but it is mainly down to the clothing and surroundings that make it feel like a great autumn film.

American Beauty
This is the most random out of the bunch because there is only really one scene in this film that automatically makes me think of autumn. If I were to make a favourite films list then this would end up on it because I think it feels really simple but is beautifully acted. There is a lot going on in this film but it basically is about a guy having a midlife crisis played by Kevin Spacey. The main part of the film that makes me think of autumn is the famous scene of the plastic bag blowing in the wind, it is surrounded by dead leaves on the floor and there is something really satisfying about watching it. Other than that there is not really anything else I can pinpoint, it just feels like an autumn film to me. Despite this I would recommend watching this film because it feels very artsy and a good film to watch on a cold evening.

Like I said they are not your typical Halloween themed films, but there is something about each of these films that reminds me of Autumn and for that reason are the ones I tend to sway towards if I feel like watching something. 

Are there any films that remind you of Autumn? Or maybe one of the films I mentioned do? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you are having a lovely start to the week ☺
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