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Recent Reads #2

Recent Reads #2

Reading has taken a bit of a back seat this past month and instead of being up late reading a book, I've been up watching Netflix. However I did manage to read some books despite some of them being ones I had previously read. So I thought I would share them with you.

P.S. I Love You // Cecelia Ahern
I have mentioned the film adaptation of this book in a films that make me cry post and the book isn't any different. The story follows a married couple Holly and Gerry who I would guess like most married couples argue over stupid things but are very much in love with each other. It follows Holly's journey of dealing with the sudden death of her husband Gerry and her making a new life for herself without him. But before he died Gerry created a plan to write letters for Holly to help her along the way for a little while, which she can read each month. Without spoiling anything it is a beautifully written story which kind of hits you hard in the chest as a reader, because you can in some way relate to how lost and alone Holly must be feeling without Gerry in her life.  In terms of how similar the book and film are, they pretty much follow the same storyline, however some characters are added and some taken out. The one difference is in the book Holly receives all of her letters from Gerry in one package which she is to open once a month, but in the film they are delivered to her in numerous ways over a period of time. I love the film but I think throughout reading the book, you can put yourself in Holly's position so it makes it feel a little more like you are going on this journey with her.

Emily Dickinson Poetry
Poetry is really underrated and I say that because you hardly ever see poetry in the book charts or hear of many people releasing a poetry book, but I think its wonderful. When I was younger poetry would be the thing in school I would be yawning over on the sly and just not really participating in class because I never really understood it. Granted there are a lot of poems which don't always make a lot of sense but what I now have come to realise is that it is all about interpretation, what do you think the writer is trying to say. Emily Dickinson is one of my favourite poets, I always whether I am right or wrong understand the point she is trying to make through poem. I've read a lot of her poetry over the years but I decided just to buy a book of her most famous poems and have a look through. Poetry is a bit like when you are reading Shakespeare, you kind of understand what he is trying to say but the language is different and so you can get confused as to what his real meaning was. But like I said it is all based on interpretation, on what you believe the writer/poet is trying to say. If you are a fan of poetry I would definitely recommend reading some of Emily Dickinson's work if you haven't already.

Murder on the Orient Express // Agatha Christie
Despite this being a really famous novel I had never read it, I knew nothing of the storyline but I have read a lot of other Agatha Christie Crime novels so I presumed that this would be similar. The story follows the famous protagonist Hercule Poirot who is travelling on a train back to London on the Orient Express. Poirot is a private detective who encounters a man asking for his help as he fears his life is in danger. In true crime novel style the man is murdered and therefore the search is on as to who the killer is on the train. Obviously I won't say who did it but the book definitely became a page turner where I was eager to know what happened. Due to Christie writing in different characters I always feel like I am playing a game of Cluedo, trying to work out who the killer is and reading into every little detail. If you like crime fiction and that feeling of who dunnit? then this I would say is one you have to read. 

American Psycho // Bret Easton Ellis
Maybe it is because I am getting excited for Halloween and have been watching far too much American Horror Story but I decided to reread this one. I can definitely say if you are not a fan of gory descriptions then you probably won't like a lot of what this story is based on but it is a really good book. This story follows a young man called Patrick Bateman who works on Wall Street and from first impressions he just comes across as a pretentious moron, one of those people who believes they are above others and are very self obsessed. I actually read this for the first time in my university degree and despite being horrified it was strangely amazing to read. Patrick Bateman has this way of speaking to you in the book, you just think he is living this dreamy lifestyle and soon turn the page to realise he is a psychopath. I had never seen the film before reading the book, so it definitely shocked me with what Bateman likes to do in his spare time. But oddly enough throughout the whole psychotic moments with all the graphic descriptions there are elements of comedy and that is why I think it is a great book to read. If you have seen the film then you might never be able to look at Christian Bale the same way but credit to him because I think he played the role really well. There is a lot of vulgarity and sick things that occur throughout the novel but the book portrays this character that you end up wanting to know how far he will go next.

These are my most recent reads and some of my thoughts on them. What books have you been reading recently? Anything you would recommend? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you are having a great start to the week ☺

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