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B. Pure Micellar Oil

B. Pure Micellar Oil

Over the years I have tried a lot of different cleansers from high end to drugstore and I definitely have decided that oil cleansers are my favourite to use. Personally I find oil cleansers to be the best at getting my make up off, whether it be a small amount or a full waterproof smokey eye look. They always seem to me to take the less time to completely remove the make up. Whilst in Superdrug I saw that within the B. range they now had there own micellar oil and I was keen to try it out. Here are my thoughts on the product.

Firstly if you are unfamiliar with the brand B. then they are exclusive to Superdrug and have there own skincare & make up range. The B. stands for Beautiful and the one thing that I love specifically with there skincare is that they have products designed for different age groups. Better still they are a cruelty free brand that is suitable for vegans so if you haven't had a look at there range before definitely check it out because they have some great products in this line.

Previous to using this oil I had used there Micellar Water and whilst I did think it did a good job at getting my make up off, it wasn't something I immediately wanted to repurchase. When I saw that they were doing a Micellar Oil I felt more excited about trying it and had high hopes. The packaging was the first thing I noticed with the plastic bottle and the golden oil shining through. I really like the simple packaging, especially in my bathroom cabinet I just like to see immediately what I am looking for without all the fuss. In the bottle you get 150ml of the oil which will last you a long time because you really don't need to use a lot when applying it to your face. 

I use this in the morning and evening, on my damp face I add a little oil and once rubbed in turns into a milky cleanser which is really easy to rub away all of your make up if you are wearing any. I was worried about how it would work on my eye make up, but it does actually work quite well. I probably have to put more work into rubbing it over the eyelid but just be careful to not get the product in your eye. Personally I have combination skin and especially in the colder months my skin tends to be extra sensitive but the product claims to be suitable for all skin types. I fortunately have not had any breakouts from using this product.

One thing I am having mixed feelings about is the scent, I have always been fearful of fragrant skin products, but you are only popping this on for a couple of minutes and then washing it off so it isn't that offensive. It has a herbal floral scent to it which does smell nice but if it was used in a moisturiser staying on my skin then I wouldn't cope with it. I'm very particular with smells though so you might really love the scent. It has different ingredients like Pomegranate Seed Oil and Vitamin E to help your skin, but you can take a look at all of the ingredients used here.

I bought this whilst it was on an introductory price, but it retails now at £6.99 from Superdrug. The B. range often do different offers so I would recommend buying it when it is in one of those if you wanted to give it a try. It is my new favourite oil cleanser and as soon as I have run out I will be repurchasing it.

Are you a fan of oil cleansers? Have you used anything from the B. range before? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you are having a lovely week ☺

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