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Food I Used To Hate But Now Love

Food I Used To Hate But Now Love

They often say that as you get older your taste changes and foods that you used to dislike are now something you either love or tolerate. I wondered if this was true for myself and I discovered that there were definitely some food items that I really disliked but now eat/drink on a regular basis. These are the items that I now love to eat.

Sweet Potato
It's funny to think now that I ever hated Sweet Potatoes because I can eat them nearly every day because they taste so nice. Back in the day when I first used to have sweet potatoes on the odd occasion I hated the sweetness of them. The mix of savoury and sweet when I had these was difficult for my brain to process that it actually was a vegetable. Nowadays I use sweet potatoes in a lot of recipes, but they are really nice just as plain fries with some salt. Due to there sweetness they are actually used a lot in dessert recipes I've noticed but I still haven't made my mind up on if I am willing to try that out.

Dark Chocolate
Pretty much all my life before turning vegan I just loved milk chocolate, it was sweet and my favourite go to chocolate choice. I was never a massive chocolate fan anyway and even at Easter I would ask people not to bother getting me chocolate eggs because I only liked eating chocolate now and again. Dark chocolate however was something I knew from a very early age that I didn't like. The bitterness of it was so far from what I thought chocolate tasted like that I would always turn my nose up to it. I personally love eating dark chocolate now, the more bitter the better and it's bizarre to me that I ever hated it. 

I used to think of these little guys as the worst punishment to have to eat one. Any pasta or pizza dish that had these on I would spend a solid five minutes before eating to pick out every piece of olive I could see. They just tasted like bitter salt to me that made my eyes water. Today I do have a preference, I love green olives more than the black ones but I find it funny how much I hated them and would make such a fuss if they were ever put in a meal I was eating. I still find olives really salty but they are really unique in taste that I love eating them.

Technically a drink but I absolutely hated coffee more than anything else on this list when I was younger. Times have changed a lot but I remember when I was a child, coffee was really not aimed for young people to be drinking, whereas nowadays everyone wants to be hanging out at their local Starbucks. On rare occasions I would drink this and it was always so disgusting that I said to stop kidding myself into thinking I would ever like the stuff. It honestly has only been in the last few years that I really have found my love for coffee. I even drink espressos which is so far from my lots of milk and sugar that I used to add so that I couldn't actually end up tasting the coffee. I tend not to have this all the time however, the occasional pick me up in the morning or in the day, but I never have relied on it as a daily occurrence.  

Rice Cakes
I used to think of these circle snacks as eating cardboard or even polystyrene, albeit I guess a lot of people would still say the same but I have learned to love them. The completely plain ones I would never just eat by themselves because they just taste like nothing, but the lightly salted ones are super yummy as a snack. I prefer these ones because they are perfect to add savoury or sweet toppings. If I am having a savoury option I'll add something like hummus or a dip. But if I am having a sweet topping (which I prefer) I like to add a layer of peanut butter and a banana which makes them a really nice healthy snack.

These are the foods that I absolutely used to despise when I was younger but have now grown to love. It is fascinating how much my tastes have changed and to look back at times I used to squint my face up and say yuck over the above foods.

Are there any foods which you used to hate but now love to eat? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Eating ☺

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