Thursday, 28 January 2016

January Playlist

January Playlist 2016

Save My Soul // JoJo
I have mentioned another song of hers in a previous playlist but I am obsessed with singing this song at the moment. I can't even sing so I definitely don't do the song justice but I have loved JoJo's trilogy she brought out last year and you can hear how much her voice has grown since the Leave (Get Out) days. You can tell that this song is close to her heart and if you watch the video make sure you read the description bar because I find it really moving with her explanation of the song. 

Hotel California // Eagles
So many great people have died this month and in music especially it has been a great loss. Due to Glenn Frey passing away I naturally have been listening to Eagles music and have had this song on repeat in the car. It's such a classic song with the most amazing electric guitar ending, the video is a link to them playing it live in the 70's which I love watching. Funny enough I have never really understood what this song is about but it is one of those great great songs that will continue to be played. 

Chewing Gum // Nina Nesbitt
Not many people I have spoken to seem to know a lot of Nina's music but I think she is quite underrated. The video for this song I think fits really well and is a clever metaphor for being in different relationships with people. I think her new music is taking a different direction to her older stuff but I still love it.

Unstoppable // Sia
Sia has done many collaborations in the last few years and whilst some of them are really good, I usually prefer her solo work. Recently she came out with this song and it is just a good sing out loud feel confident song. I see it as quite an empowering song about feeling down behind closed doors but then in public putting on a brave face so that nobody knows you feel that way. I always seem to connect to a lot of her lyrics in songs and this is the latest one. I'm looking forward to her new album.

Heroes // David Bowie
I'm sure most of us were really feeling down when David Bowie died this month, he was truly one of a kind in the music industry and really pushed creativity. I could write a long list of songs that are my favourites, but Heroes has always been one I could listen to numerous times a day. 

Honestly this month I have spent most of my time listening to David Bowie songs, so there haven't been many new songs to listen to, but these are just a few others that I have been equally loving this month.

Have you listened to any of the songs I have mentioned? Or have you had any particular favourites this month? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Listening ☺

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