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The Best of 2015

The Best of 2015

Favourite Book // The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
I remember this came out early 2015 and soon after hearing multiple reviews of how good it was I bought it and read it all in less than a day. From start to finish I was hooked. It was gripping and a perfect thriller that was easy to follow, but left you wanting to learn more about the characters involved. The story felt very realistic to me in terms of the surroundings and the fact that I regularly travel by train I kind of felt even more connected to the story. It was a no brainer for me that this was most definitely my favourite book of 2015, a real page turner.

The Girl On The Train

Favourite Make Up Product // Jeffree Star Lipsticks
I have always had a love hate relationship with lipstick, most of the time I want to add it to my make up look but the thought of applying it fills me with a sense of dread I just pop some lipbalm on instead. Due to my lack of having a steady hand, me applying lipstick can end up with me looking like I applied it in the pitch black. But when I discovered Jeffree Star Cosmetics I was so happily blown away by them that all of a sudden I wanted to spend all my money on buying more. For now I have a small collection but they are just the perfect lipstick for someone like myself. They are liquid lipsticks which have a little wand to apply but it softly bends so it is easy to apply the colour. They dry out to a matte shade but last all day long. This was probably my most favourite discovery this year, especially as they are vegan and cruelty free!

Jeffree Star Lipsticks

Favourite Quote // by Edgar Allan Poe
" Years of love have been forgot. In the hatred of a minute."

This is a small quote but I think it is something that everyone should remember and is one that speaks to me. We might all have those down days or get irritated by people we care about, but instead of saying anything that might cause upset just remember that you do care about them. I know sometimes I have said something if I have been angry and then feel terrible for saying it, and I guess that's why this quote means a lot to me because I truly understand what it says. Throughout the year I have reminded myself of this quote in times when I get frustrated with someone I care about.

Favourite Drink //  Alpro Dark Chocolate Almond Milk
Since turning vegan a lot of things had to change but I was surprised by how many alternatives there were for certain products I used to love eating/drinking. Almond milk is my milk of choice, but when I saw this I was gob smacked, mainly because it tastes so good. I rarely drink this cold from the box but as a lazy hot chocolate I just warm this up and it tastes divine. You can add all the extras to it aswell and it tastes like an amazing hot chocolate but vegan.

Alpro Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

Favourite TV Show // The Affair
Now this was a little bit of a tricky decision to claim what my favourite show was of 2015 but I settled on The Affair because I think it was the one that had me the most hooked on it. It was throughout the summer that I had finished catching up on Game of Thrones and really wanted a new TV show to watch. I heard about The Affair and had one season to catch up with before the second season began. Just from the title of the show I presumed there would be some sort of cheating plot line and there certainly is, but the back story is a murder investigation. Throughout The Affair you get the different points of view from the man and the woman, so you see the same scenes but they are acted differently. I think it is really well created and I'm looking forward to the third season. 

Favourite Song // Hotline Bling by Drake
Even though this song came out a lot later in the year I still think it is my favourite. There were definitely some other contenders like the reappearance of Adele, my love with The Weeknd's album and even slightly more astonishing a bit of Justin Bieber. But Hotline Bling is a song that became popular to me all because of the video. The song is so unbelievably catchy that I just find myself singing it all the time, and even though at first I thought it was a bit of a joke, I now absolutely love it. If you are watching the video, fast forward to 4.03, that's my favourite bit.

Favourite Bargain // Rose Gold Mug
It looks more like a beer tankard than a mug and I don't even use it to drink out of, I use it to put my make up brushes in. This is a bit of an odd favourite, but have you ever bought something super cheap in a sale that you know was really expensive to begin with. On one occasion before summer I went into TKMaxx and was looking for a spice jar holder, when my eyes immediately spotted something rose gold. I saw it and knew I could use it for something and bought it for £3. Several times after in different stores I saw items like this being sold from £15 and more, I think even on Urban Outfitters they had one similar. I just couldn't believe I had picked something up that was being sold for more than 4 times the amount I paid for it.

Rose Gold Mug

Favourite Youtuber // BonnyRebecca
Throughout my switch to becoming vegan, I subscribed to a lot of vegan YouTubers to get more inspiration and information. I decided that BonnyRebecca was my favourite YouTuber in 2015 and I think it was because she had a mix of different videos. Vlogs, sit down talks, recipes, advice, were all types of the videos I enjoyed watching. But because she lives in a completely different part of the world to me I find watching her life fascinating and enjoyable. 

Favourite Food // Quinoa Chips & Hummus
I'm going to be very basic and perhaps seem boring to some but my most favourite food this year has been Quinoa chips and hummus. They are just the most perfect snack that you can eat whenever you are feeling a bit peckish. Quinoa chips (crisps) come in different flavours from the Eat Real brand and I just think they taste amazing. Hummus is such a great food you can add to lots of different meals to make it more tasty.

Quinoa Chips and Hummus

Favourite Instagram // TheVeganKind
I look at a lot of Instagram photos and can end up scrolling for ages liking different pictures but I think overall The VeganKind is a profile I just like to see. They post food pictures, clothing pictures, animal pictures, vegan message pictures and funny joke pictures, they have a great range of photos which individually connect to my lifestyle. They do have there own subscription service in which each month you can receive a box full of different vegan products/food to try, similar to a beauty box. I think this year they are my favourite profile and even if I haven't checked Instagram for a while, they are the first profile I catch up with.

Favourite Skincare Product // Pixi Glow Tonic
I was really sceptical when everyone was raving about this product but at the beginning of the year I caved and bought it. I never had come across an orange liquid toner before and I was bracing myself for my face to breakout, but luckily it did not. Toners I had bought in the past I never noticed any difference with how they were working, but with Glow Tonic my face feels a lot smoother and generally looks brighter. My first bottle has only just come to an end and I have been using it nearly 10 months, twice daily, so I am really impressed with how long it has lasted.

Pixi Glow Tonic

These are my most favourite things (raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens) of 2015. Even though some topics had some competition, the ones I have chosen were the ultimate favourites that I enjoyed throughout 2015. 

What were your favourites in 2015?

Here's to 2016! ☺
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  1. I loved this post so much! :D I'll have to get round to trying the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks & the Pixi Glow tonic this year. They both sound like they'll be fab! And yessss, Hotline Bling will be a good song forever :')

  2. I loved this post so much! :D I'll have to get round to trying the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks & the Pixi Glow tonic this year. They both sound like they'll be fab! And yessss, Hotline Bling will be a good song forever :')


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