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10 Foods I Love To Snack On

10 Foods I Love To Snack On

Long gone are the days where I snack on crisps or chocolate bars if I am feeling hungry, I find myself feeling a lot more energised and awake if I eat more healthier snacks. One of my biggest mistakes was to snack throughout the day because it meant at meal times I would not feel very hungry, but if you eat the right things then you can make your stomach satisfied and still eat as much as you want at dinnertime. Here are my favourite top 10 snacks.

1 - Blueberries
I add these little blue balls of goodness to a lot of things, porridge, pancakes and even made into jam. But having them all alone is really great too. Sometimes when you buy one of those punnets from the supermarket I could happily find myself eating the whole thing filled with blueberries because I think they taste really good. They have what I think a balance of flavour, so they kind of waver on the sweet and sour border. I usually just have a good handful and feel much more energised after eating them.

2 - Almonds
If I had to pick a favourite nut of all time I would say it has to be almonds, I just love them. They have so many great nutritional values so I always tend to keep a small bag with me to snack on. They are high in iron and calcium but really maintain a healthy brain, so sometimes if I am not thinking properly or am being clumsy, after eating these I tend to feel a bit more awake in the brain department.

3 - Nakd Bars
Yes another time I am mentioning Nakd bars because I just love the things so much. What I adore about these bars is that they are packed with natural ingredients and are completely vegan, I don't find myself scrolling through the ingredients to check if they are okay to eat. These are my super quick need energy or food snacks where I am having a busy day and might not have time to grab lunch or am in a hurry. I keep one of these in my bag at all times because you can never know what situation you might end up in where you need some food. They have so many different flavours to choose from too.

4 - Hummus
The inventor of hummus is a bloody genius because I adore the stuff, seriously I could eat it all the time. If you are vegan the dreaded "where do you get your protein?" question pops up frequently and hummus is one of those great foods that provide you with that protein answer. I eat this when I am at home usually if I just want a quick snack or am waiting for dinner to cook. The way I like to eat it is with a bit of pitta bread to dip in, plain and simple but tastes really good.

5 - Pumpkin Seeds
Seeds can be underrated sometimes with being enjoyed as a snack, because we usually think of fruit or nuts, or some people just see them as bird food (lol) but seeds are an amazing snack. My personal favourite are pumpkin seeds, I love the flavour of them and find them to have a real savoury taste. They do a great job at maintaining a healthy heart too which is another good reason I snack on them. 

6 - Alpro Yoghurt Pots
Since going vegan obviously it meant cutting out dairy and I was sceptical about how dairy free items would taste. The yoghurt's from Alpro I don't think you can tell the difference that they have no dairy in because they are packed with flavour. The little yoghurt pots come in lots of different flavours now, as a treat I love the chocolate ones but my favourite fruity one is blackcurrant with elderflower, it tastes amazing. 

7 - Celery
I notice with celery that people seem to love it or hate it, especially when eaten raw because it has a very powerful taste. If I am not using celery to dip into hummus then I will eat it by itself but it is packed with water so is lovely if you are feeling dehydrated. Again really good source of vitamins too.

8 - Dried Apricots
Now I love eating dried apricots if I want something really sweet and almost sugary, they give me a healthier sugar rush. Apricots are a great source of fibre and I always find them really filling too. I personally try to find the unsulphured dried apricots which are dark in colour rather than the orangey colour they naturally have. This is because the sulphured version have preservatives on to keep them that orange colour, so I prefer to eat the darker ones. 

9 - Quinoa Crisps
Like a lot of people I do now and again crave a bag of crisps as a snack but I tend to prefer the more less well known brands with more nutrition. My favourite crisps are from the brand Eat Real and they make these really great Quinoa Chips which I can happily scoff down. They are not the most healthiest snack but they have no additives and taste divine.

10 - Edamame Beans
Ending with one of my most favourite snacks of all time and that is these delicious green beans. If you are a Wagamama's fan then you might have had these plenty of times. This is the one snack that I often pick up from my fridge if I want a quick snack. I have some of these with a pinch of salt on, sometimes chilli salt which is divine and it is such a tasty filling snack, but not really heavy.

So there we have my top 10 favourite snacks that I like to eat if I am feeling hungry or want some energy. They differ with nutritional value and also health benefits but I definitely prefer the way I snack now than when I was younger only craving biscuits and Peanut M&Ms.

What are your favourite foods you like to snack on? Do you eat any of the ones I have mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Snacking ☺ 

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