Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Essence Lash Princess False Effect Mascara

Essence Lash Princess False Effect Mascara

Essence is a brand that I had never acknowledged before and I had passed by so often on my visits to Wilkinson to buy bird food or homeware bits. They usually have a small selection of makeup brands on stands and one day after hearing good things about Essence I had a good look at there products. Despite being slightly dazzled by how many different products they had, including an amazing range of nail varnish, I noticed the mascara section. After trying to find a cruelty free mascara for a long time that I liked, I figured down to the affordable price that I would give this one a go. Here are my thoughts on the mascara.

Firstly I must point out that one of the main reasons why I decided on giving this particular mascara a go was because I read Hello Gemma raving about how great it was. You can read her post here, where she shows you what it looks like on the eyes. I regularly read her blog and always trust that she is giving an honest opinion when she says she likes something.

The product itself I find to be easy to control, and I mean that in a sense that one layer gives you great lashes, but if you added another layer it gives you a much more dramatic look with what I regard as the false lash look. Personally I have never worn false lashes and one of the reasons is because I am blessed with having long curved lashes that usually after a couple layers of mascara will lift them up and show them off. 

The brush is bristled and not plastic so I feel like the mascara easily attaches to your lashes and coats them black. The only point I would make about the formula is that I think you need to make sure to wipe off the excess on the brush to be careful of not getting any clumps. Although saying this it is not smudgy and lasts all day on me, however it is not waterproof so I can't say how it survives in rain or from tears.

Essence Lash Princess False Effect Mascara

Being a clumsy person I have often applied mascara and lost grip of the wand, dropping it on my carpet. The end of the wand has a mint green detailing that is like a rubber consistency which stops the mascara from slipping between your fingers. You can get a good grip and really get the wand in to the lashes nearest your nose and not worry about dropping it. 

At £3.30 I find that this mascara is really good at giving my lashes a voluminous look and is a really great price for a product that lasts all day and manages to apply colour to all of my lashes. I think it is easily buildable if you wanted a more false lash effect, so this would be perfect for a day to night look.

Have you tried anything from the brand Essence before? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you have been having a lovely week ☺

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