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February Playlist

February Playlist
Here // Alessia Cara
Basically the perfect song for introverts and anti-party people, probably why I like it so much. I have never heard any of her other music but I think this is the song that got her noticed. It samples the same beat as Portishead Glory Box which is one of my favourite songs and basically is all about her hating parties. I actually really like listening to the lyrics, it is all about being some place because your friends are, but you really hate being there and would prefer to be sat in the corner being anti social. I think it speaks to a lot of people but I genuinely think it is a great song. 
Secret Love Song // Little Mix
Just reading the title of this song in person it wouldn't be something I was keen to listen too. But I was in the car one day listening to the radio and this came on, I knew I recognised the voices but couldn't work out straight away who it was. I think it is great that we have a British UK girl band but usually there music is not something I immediately listen to. However I find this song really catchy and find myself singing it out loud an awful lot.
When Doves Cry // Prince
Bit of an oldie here, although such a great song in my opinion. I tend to put my old iPod on shuffle whilst I am doing housework or whatever and this song came on. This was at the start of February but I have listened to it all month really because I love his voice.  
Can't Hold Us Down // Christina Aguilera
So if you ever want some empowerment as a woman and feel a little bit like sticking your middle finger up to a man who is annoying you, then this is the right song for you. What amazes me but also disappoints me is that this song is so relevant to today's world even though it was released in 2003. It brings up the difference between genders and how basically there are double standards. One of my favourite lines is "The guy gets all the glory the more he can score, While the girl can do the same and yet you call her a whore". Lyrically it is genius and still so frustratingly accurate in today's societies. 
One Strike // One Strike
Apart from the Spice Girls, All Saints were one of my favourite groups when I was younger. I loved that they were a little more edgier and had a different sound of music. When I heard they were getting back together I was really happy about it because I genuinely loved them back in the day. They came out with this comeback song recently and I have been listening to it non stop. 
Pillowtalk // Zayn
I can never call myself a One Direction fan, it wasn't until recently that I really listened to there music and it was mainly because I just liked one of there songs. When I first listened to this song, I was a bit like meh, and was more interested in watching the video. However I feel like it has slowly grown on me over the past month and now I actually really like it. I guess that Zayn is taking a very different approach to the One Direction music, firstly he can clearly say the F word as many times as he likes and sing about sex. 
Stone Cold // Demi Lovato
My heart broke a little when I listened to this song and I think it is a great song if you want to appreciate Demi's singing capabilities. It sounds very emotional and I think it is based on something a lot of us can relate to, when an ex moves on and is happy in a new relationship. Personally I think it is one of her best songs and is one I cannot stop listening to at the moment.
Formation // Beyonce
The line "Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper" I see becoming a new quote that everyone will want to put up on there wall. I just think this song is incredibly catchy and also powerful to her own personal background and beliefs. 
Do you like any of the songs I have mentioned? Are there any particular favourites you have had this month? Let me know in the comments! 
Happy Listening ☺
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