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Lavender Oil: My Experience Using It

Lavender Oil

Ever since I switched to cruelty free make up and skincare I have been really interested in using natural ingredients in products. Essential Oils are something that I had heard of many times but I usually just assumed they were more for aromatherapy and massage. But because of their 100% naturalness they provide so many benefits and I was eager to see if they were that great, so I picked up a teeny tiny bottle of Lavender Oil to start with. Here are my thoughts on the oil and how I used it.

Lavender is known quite commonly to help you sleep, a lot of night creams and general sleep time products use lavender in them, like tea and pillow sprays. I have never struggled too much with sleeping, I am a light sleeper so even the smallest noise can wake me up but I have never had a problem with getting back to sleep. However one thing I do have trouble with is trying to feel sleepy when I am not before bed. In a previous post (Keeping A Sleep Pattern) I wrote about how I like to keep to a sleeping routine because it works best for my lifestyle and I hate wasting half the day with lie ins. I decided to use a tiny drop of this and apply a little amount on my chin, as you breathe in you inhale the scent of the lavender, which goes into your body and did actually make me feel really sleepy. 

It is great for relaxing, so if you personally are not getting a massage (where's the personal masseuse when you need one) then another great way of using lavender oil is by applying some into your hands. If you apply a couple of drops and rub your hands together and breathe it in, it acts as a great relaxation tool. So if you are feeling stressed or are suffering with anxiety this could definitely help at making your body feel stress free. I have done this a couple of times and if I breathe in slow it made a big difference to how I felt.

After looking into Lavender Oil and the benefits it has, I noticed that it is great to use for your skin but in particular for broken skin. I am one of the most clumsiest people and am regularly getting paper cuts, cutting myself with a kitchen knife whilst chopping vegetables or even just falling over. Lavender Oil is great at soothing and healing the wound. I found with myself that it is amazing at hurrying on a wound to heal up, I apply just a little bit and it immediately takes the soreness away. Oddly aswell it is great to apply on bruises, so like I said I am prone to falling over or bumping my knee on a table, once I applied a little bit on a fresh bruise, it took that throbbing sensation away and relaxed the pain.

I bought my Lavender Oil from my local health store and I only got the 10ml version because I wanted to see if it worked at all, it cost £3.00 but I know that different brands all differ in prices. You can pick the oil up from places like Boots or Holland & Barrett if you don't have a health store near you.

If you do want to try Lavender Oil I would advise first of all smelling it, because even if you have used it in a product before it is somewhat diluted with other ingredients. Lavender Oil by itself is a very strong scent which some people just might not like. I personally am not a fan of floral scents at all, so this was certainly something I found difficult at first (I remember my eyes watered it was so strong), but I soon got used to it on the occasions I did use it. Secondly would be to make sure you are not allergic to it, sometimes stores provide you with samples, but if not just go for the smallest bottle if you are keen to try it. Therefore it will not be a big loss if you end up not being able to use it. 

Overall my experience with using Lavender Oil was impressive, I found it really helped me with sleep and wounds, so I will definitely be repurchasing it again. If you research it more it has great benefits for your skin and certain skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis but this is something you should look more into yourself if you suffer with those or ask a doctor.

Have you tried Lavender Oil before? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you are having a lovely week so far ☺

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