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My Top 8 Leonardo DiCaprio Films

My Top 8 Leonardo DiCaprio Films
I've always had a little soft spot for Leonardo DiCaprio, but it was only when I got older that I appreciated not only his good looks but his great acting. As the Oscars are happening this weekend and Leonardo being up for the Best Male award (hopefully he will finally win an Oscar) I thought I would do a little fun post about my favourite films of his. 

This film would actually be on my favourite films ever list because I think it is a total mind maze, literally. In this film you kind of need to follow it otherwise you can easily get lost and not understand what is going on but I just adore him in this. I think the creativity of the storyline is fascinating and the soundtrack is amazing. It also has a lot of other actors I love like, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 
This Boy's Life
A baby faced Leonardo in this film which I think is phenomenal but doesn't always get spoken about much. He plays the son of a woman who is in an abusive marriage with an absolute tyrant of a husband who is played by Robert De Niro. I think this was one of the first films that Leo did which made him get noticed in the film industry. It was also De Niro who picked him for the role. Honestly I think he is brilliant in this film and because he is just a young man when he played it you can see how great an actor he is.
How could I not include Titanic? It is one of the most epic films ever that practically everyone will have seen (although it is super long). There are so many great moments in the film and the unfolding romance of Jack and Rose. The bit at the front of the ship when she says she is flying that is a great moment, the dancing scenes below deck and hands up who else wishes they were being drawn by him on a couch.

The Wolf of Wall Street
Probably the most eye opening film of the bunch because there certainly were some scenes I was a bit taken aback by all the nudity. I have to say this is such a funny film, not only because Jonah Hill is in it but because it is so over the top and excessive that I find myself laughing at the absurdity of how the rich lived. The film is based on a real life fraud man of Wall Street but they have turned it into a black comedy which I love. 

What's Eating Gilbert Grape
If you are a Johnny Depp fan like myself then you get a double bonus of both of them being in this film, although it really is Leonardo's acting in this that I think is incredible. He plays a young boy with developmental disability, and I think his performance feels real and also heart wrenching. In fact a lot of the film is very upsetting because it is very family orientated, looking at the lengths you are prepared to go to, in order to support and protect your family. 
Revolutionary Road
The reunion of him and Kate Winslet in this film is perfect, it also has Kathy Bates in so it really does feel like a Titanic reunion. However in this story it follows a couple whose spark has gone out of their marriage and they drift apart. This is what I see as a real story of relationships falling apart, I find it really compelling, honest and heartbreaking. They have these flashbacks of when they were deep in love and then the present where they just want to start a new life away from the mundane life of Revolutionary Road. 
The Departed
Also my favourite Matt Damon film. This is the kind of good cop bad cop film but I think it is fantastic. I've never been a big fan of police crime dramas but this one is really good because there are lots of cover ups, you aren't sure who the 'rat' is within the FBI and I found it really gripping. Plus it is another Martin Scorsese film so you know it is going to be a good one.
Romeo & Juliet
A classic Shakespeare film done good. This was my first "oh hello Leonardo DiCaprio I love you" film when I was growing up. Even now if I watch it I still swoon at him. Obviously this is a modern version of the play with guns, cars and expensive fancy dress parties but it is such a lovely film to watch, despite ending in tragedy. 
Picking my favourite films was actually a much harder decision to make if you are a big Leonardo fan like myself because there are so many other films I could have mentioned. The Beach, Shutter Island, The Great Gatsby, but I just think the ones I mentioned above are personally my most favourite to watch. Of course the film he is nominated Best Actor for in The Revenant is bloody amazing too but it is quite recent so I'm not sure if everyone will have seen it yet, but definitely do.
Are you a Leonardo fan? What would you say is your favourite film? 
All I can end on is a final good luck to Leo on Sunday!
Have a lovely day☺
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