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B. Prepared Makeup Primer

B. Prepared Makeup Primer

Make up primers are the more recent addition to my collection and are still something I am testing out to see if they actually make any difference to my skin. Primers are used mainly as a base before applying your foundation or concealer, they usually smooth out your skin allowing the make up on top to appear flawless. They also claim to help your make up stay on for longer. I recently purchased the primer from B. and these are my thoughts on it.

I have become a great fan of the B. range which is exclusive to Superdrug, their products are not only vegan but are cruelty free too. I use a few different bits and bobs from both their skincare and make up range which so far have been really good. I was on a search for a new blusher, as I managed to drop and break my last one, and whilst swatching a couple of colours I noticed this make up primer. Like I said primers are still very new to me and most of the time I forget to use them anyway but I was keen to give this one a try. The latest one I was using was the Benefit Porefessional but unfortunately it is not cruelty free so I didn't want to repurchase it.

The packaging is very simple and lightweight, I have said before in previous posts that I personally really like simple packaging. It has a few little details on it but is fairly basic and easy to use. It has a screw on lid with a squeezy tube and also can stand up straight. Sometimes I get really frustrated with products that have to be lying on their side, when I open my little cabinet I like to be able to see exactly what I need. The biggest difference between this primer and Benefit's porefessional if you are familiar with it is that this is a different colour and consistency. The porefessional has a slight nude tone colour to it and feels slightly more thicker, almost bitty. This B. Prepared primer is more like a clear jelly.

B. Prepared Makeup Primer
At first I thought it was going to be really wet and feel tacky, but with the smallest amount it very subtly evens my skin and thickens. I was worried my skin would be greasy or it would leave residue, but it has the complete opposite effect and makes my skin look matte. The primer itself also contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, so with the added good ingredients it cools your skin down and feels very fresh. Adding make up over the top was the real test and my foundation easily glided on and in the areas I had applied the primer it looked perfectly flawless. Now I never wear make up all day long, so in terms of if it helps keep your make up stay on longer, I wouldn't be able to say. I have normal to combination skin so usually my make up tends to sit tight anyway, but I can say it hasn't broken me out and I have really sensitive skin.
Personally I am still undecided on how much of a difference primer does for me, although I do like the flawless finish I also am not too fussed on days when I forget to apply it. But if you really do enjoy using a primer then I would recommend checking this out. This usually retails at £9.99 but I got it on offer at £4.99, they usually have regular offers on in Superdrug, instore and online. I definitely felt a lot happier buying it for the cheaper price and trying it out, but now that I have used it I would happily pay full price. 
Have you tried this primer before? Are there any that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments!
Hope you are having a lovely week ☺
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